Ruminations? Yeah, we’ve been having some.

While dealing with breaking news and problems with the site being overwhelmed with visitors we realized we missed a possible clue. Somewhere in all those comments on our Myrtle Beach articles was one that pointed something out. Translated to English, it basically said, “These two groups have had problems in the past.”

That leads us to believe the Town of Lincolnville and Summatown Bound gang members did not just randomly happen upon someone who kicked their asses and shot them down. We take that to mean it is highly likely they ran into a rival group from the Charleston area. Probably one previously profiled in these pages. Don’t forget, Summatown Bound gang member Don’ta Pringle was murdered by some gang members from the Charleston/West Ashley area last year.

We are also getting weary of those who want to hide the activities of those involved in criminal behavior and the results of those activities. Apparently, a large part of the population believes when your criminal behavior and gang associations get you killed a cloak of invisibility should be thrown over your activities. We don’t believe that. If you want a way to keep your kids away from gangs and drugs, show them CTL. We have a lot of examples of what that type of behavior will get you.

We get a lot of those “You shouldn’t show this” type comments. In recent days those comments have been directed at photos and videos from the Myrtle Beach crime scene. And what is the reason given why we should not show those? “Out of respect for the families.” Interesting.

Keith Williams had no respect for anyone’s family when he was firing rounds into the Game Room that night. There was no respect for anyone’s family when some of these folks were roaming the streets slinging dope or engaging in gang violence against rivals. How many Thugbook entries have we seen from family members who either participated, condoned or profited from the illicit activities of these criminals? Now, suddenly, everyone else in the Lowcountry is supposed to show “respect”?

That’s a rather warped view of respect.

In other news, citizens along the Grand Strand have a move afoot to end Atlantic Beach’s hosting of the even known as Black Bike Week. Unfortunately, their Facebook page uses the rather timid title of “Myrtle Beach Against Bikefest“. Come on, folks, even the sponsor of the event doesn’t use that name. They use “Black Bike Week“. Too bad the outraged citizens and the news media of the Myrtle Beach area are too intimidated to use the actual name for the event in their efforts to shut it down.

While the Mayor of Myrtle Beach expressed his outrage at the violence in his community, the dullard who was elected mayor of Atlantic Beach responded to it with a statement to the effect of (paraphrasing here), “Duhhh…..they didn’t have no bikes. They weren’t no part of it.” Trying to escape responsibility on a technicality. But then, what do you expect from a corrupt small town. If you want to have some fun just search the web for Atlantic Beach and corruption.

Now we have been made aware of yet another shooting during Black Bike Week. This time at the Fountain Bleu Motel. Looks like a robbery gone bad to us. We can’t help but wonder if every shooter in Myrtle Beach was wearing a white shirt and black pants/shorts this past weekend.




Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • SomeTruthPlease

    What was happening in that video? Did somebody need toilet paper?

  • Anonymous

    I am not 100% percent sure if this was a robbery, a shooting, or if those morons just can’t find the right room due to being illiterate.

    (I assume a combination of all three)

  • chika loca

    lol i didnt see anything.

    • ddean62

      Of course.

  • Unreal

    Where the hell do you round up all of these videos so fast? I’m literally speechless. These young people are walking targets everyday of their lives. How can they live like that? What a shame.

  • Styles IsDaName

    To be fair to Atlantic Beach, they always had an older Bike Week crowd than Myrtle Beach.