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Murder in North Charleston

Thugbook is letting us know the reported shooting on Sorentrue in North Charleston has resulted in one fatality. 15 year old Tyquan President, a known member of a newer gang known as “The 40 Boiz”, assumed Dead Right There status as a result of his wounds.

We thought we would go ahead and write this up tonight because the “news” media won’t bother to research the obvious gang connections.

Wounded in the shooting was 22 year old Charles M. James, aka “Charles James Cutthroaters CEO“. Well, the DOB on his page says he’s 22. James is a member of the Young Gunnas who have been written about extensively in these pages.


ScreenHunter_5149 Apr. 21 22.55ScreenHunter_5149 Apr. 21 22.52


We saw a death notification from President’s fellow 40 Boiz gang member Davin Aiken, who now goes by the name “Midland Park Savage Aiken“. Aiken is a known shooter who was facing four counts of attempted murder for a shooting on Northwoods Boulevard in January of 2013. We suspect his charges may have been quietly dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor because the General Sessions record for those charges are no longer listed. Only the bond hearing entries are available.

The 40 Boiz are said to be loosely based around the Midland Park Road area of North Charleston. Based on the social media chatter they are affiliated with the Young Gunnas, but not well liked by the Young Goons, another North Charleston gang we have written about extensively.


ScreenHunter_5148 Apr. 21 22.15

ScreenHunter_5142 Apr. 21 21.28 ScreenHunter_5143 Apr. 21 21.28Murder in North Charleston


We must be psychic. Actually, no. We just know the odds. Tyquan was actually in our queue for future posts on the 40 Boiz.

Some more shots from Tyquan President.


ScreenHunter_5144 Apr. 21 21.32 ScreenHunter_5146 Apr. 21 21.33 ScreenHunter_5146 Apr. 21 21.34 ScreenHunter_5146 Apr. 21 21.35 ScreenHunter_5147 Apr. 21 21.35 ScreenHunter_5148 Apr. 21 21.35 ScreenHunter_5148 Apr. 21 21.36 ScreenHunter_5148 Apr. 21 21.37


Everyone seems to know gangs were involved in this.


ScreenHunter_5148 Apr. 21 22.18


Apparently Demetrius Woodard of the Young Goonz (same gang as Carlton Lamont Pringle who got a sweet plea deal from the 9th Circuit Solicitor earlier today) is glad an opposing gang member is now a dead President.


ScreenHunter_5148 Apr. 21 22.25


In fact, we have to wonder if this shooting was instigated by this post about the Young Gunnas (now Young Reckless Gunnas <YRG>) disrespecting the Young Goons. We tried to listen to the accompanying video but we didn’t get past the shrieking Shaniqua in the very beginning.


ScreenHunter_5149 Apr. 21 22.45 ScreenHunter_5149 Apr. 21 22.46


It is probably a safe bet there will be more violence as a result of this incident.



  1. Thanks for filling in the details which no other local “news” will report.

  2. Another one bites the dust. One down, millions more to go. The black community has done more damage to itself that the KKK could have ever dreamed to in a million years. Pathetic.

    • The main picture for the article is the wrong kid…I won’t fall for that other “racist” shit you talking about. I’ll let you have that one. Just be humble & run your website. I’m sure you know how irresponsible it was to put up the wrong picture of a kid who was murdered. If you’re really a journalist..U know you fu#ked that one up. Swallow your pride & keep it real w/ yourself..

    • We actually have a few main photos as we named a few gang members. You will have to be more specific.

    • you racist fuck

    • It’s always racist to expose the truth. Right?

  3. The photo under the title. Murder in N. Charleston is not Tyquan President. U do have plenty of pictures of him inside the article but that main front page pic isn’t him. I love your website & I think it’s absolutely necessary. I just did a little unofficial editing..Just trying to help…Stop getting all butt sore…

    • Only issue we had was with your comment that “you all look alike”.

      If you are referring to the picture of the guy in the 40 Boiz shirt, that was put up because we addressed the issue of the new gang in town.

  4. So you don’t think that it seems as if that kid in that 40 boiz shirt got murdered in N. Charleston? Come on man, stop justifying & change the pic. Do the right thing.

    • A matter of opinion, I’m afraid. The photo is applicable to the story.

  5. Must be related, or a neighbor. Possibly another member of the same social gathering group. Concerned Jones must have some more information they aren’t wanting to share. Do share, our friend, do share.

  6. Up until now, you’ve been a responsible journalists..UP UNTIL NOW…Now you just acting like a lil brat that can’t admit when you made one lil mistake…It happens man…It’s how u correct your mistakes that shows your character..Don’t let this shit turn you into a robot kid!!! Imagine you open a newspaper & your moms pic is under a caption that says “Murder”…….EXACTLY

    • Once again, the 40 Boiz are a subject of the post, thus the photo is appropriately included. That photo was on the dead kid’s page. Once again, relevant to the article.

  7. Seems Concerned Jones is the butt hurt one.

  8. OK whatever u got it….But riddle me this. When is the last time you had this happen? I’ll wait……….

  9. CJ… be a part of the solution not the problem. Throwing out words like “kid” and “whatever”…. whenever you don’t get your way and wait for what exactly? If you like the website, we encourage you to read it. Do not fret on the way something is worded, pictures are posted, etc. If you are THAT concerned about it, create your own website, simple as that. CTL will be loyal followers to see what kind of racism we can see disembark.

  10. Irresponsible Journalism & denial at it’s highest level. STFU with all that rhetoric & do what you know is the right thing & change that pic. It’ll show your readers a more human side to you. Right now y’all just looking childish & unreasonable. Now if you haven’t figured out how to maneuver a quick edit on this “New & Improved” site, then just admit that.

    • The most interesting thing about all of this is the transformation you went through - from implying we were racists, to being nice to us, to flying off the handle when you didn’t get your way.

  11. An arrest has been made according to Live 5. - Samuel Bolger is the alleged shooter.

  12. I agree with you CJit makes it look like that is the kid who got murdered

  13. I agree with CJ, it does make it seen like that is the kid who got murdered, even in reality it is not

  14. P&C names him as a Bicyclist…what a joke

  15. Name Party Type Case Number Filed Date Case Status Disposition Date Type Subtype Judgment # Court Agency
    Bolger, Samuel Defendant 2013A1021001534 07/25/2013 Pending Criminal-Clerk General Sessions
    Bolger, Samuel Defendant 2013A1021001534 07/25/2013 Transferred 07/25/2013 Criminal-Clerk Bond Court
    Bolger, Samuel Eugene Defendant 2012A1010201545 09/27/2012 Dismissed 10/03/2012 Criminal-Clerk General Sessions
    Bolger, Samuel Eugene Defendant 2012A1010201545 09/27/2012 Transferred 09/27/2012 Criminal-Clerk Bond Court
    Bolger, Samuel Eugene Defendant 2012A1010201546 09/27/2012 Dismissed 10/03/2012 Criminal-Clerk General Sessions
    Bolger, Samuel Eugene Defendant 2012A1010201546 09/27/2012 Transferred 09/27/2012 Criminal-Clerk Bond Court
    Bolger, Samuel Eugene Defendant 2013A1021001579 08/03/2013 Pending Criminal-Clerk General Sessions
    Bolger, Samuel Eugene Defendant 2013A1021001579 08/03/2013 Transferred 08/03/2013 Criminal-Clerk Bond Court
    Bolger, Samuel Eugene Defendant M998683 06/20/2012 Disposed 09/19/2012 Criminal-Clerk General Sessions
    Bolger, Samuel Eugene Defendant M998683 06/20/2012 Transferred 06/20/2012 Criminal-Clerk Bond Court
    Bolger, Samuel Eugene Defendant M998726 06/23/2012 Dismissed 09/19/2012 Criminal-Clerk General Sessions
    Bolger, Samuel Eugene Defendant M998726 06/23/2012 Transferred 06/23/2012 Criminal-Clerk Bond Court
    Bolger, Samuel Eugene Defendant W10130296 07/31/2013 Disposed 09/18/2013 Criminal-Acctng General Sessions
    Bolger, Samuel Eugene Defendant W10130296 07/31/2013 Transferred 07/31/2013 Criminal-Clerk Bond Court

  16. Fuck y’all crackers need a life that boy didn’t do nothing to anyone who died.. Before y’all start posting pictures of these “Young” black boys how bout y’all go find a new hobby instead of looking on these young boys Facebook. Y’all don’t even live In the areas they are from so why speak on it??? Y’all putting up false info go worry about your little Jane and billy before they come in YOUR neighborhood and start killing YOUR Children.

    • If they come into my neighborhood to start killing my children, they will leave in a body bag(s). I assure you that I will have a lethal (yet legal) response to any threat against me or my family.

      You & yours wouldn’t make it in my neighborhood Johnny. We don’t tolerate scum like you and yours.

  17. Jones….. did you ever notice news agency’s will post a file photo of lets say a ship… plane… car.. even if it is not the ship.. plane.. or car… in this case a thug is a thug…. get it

  18. What false info Doe???? What is false about his facebook page??


  20. @ Chief….It ain’t about getting my way or your way. It’s about responsible journalism, right & wrong. There’s no way possible that you can convince anyone that you’re not intelligent enough to see where I’m coming from…So therefore it’s stubbornness, pride in your way. Take this advice….U can’t fast talk & bullshit your way through life. One day u gonna have to except responsibility.

  21. I got the FUCK CHARLESTON THUG LIFE Y’ALL BITCHES…after that you lost me….. Guess I need to get a Urban English / English Urban dictionary

  22. Dang. Is Joe Doe related to Some White Cracker?

  23. Fuck Charleston thug life all y’all wan do is judge people. Y’all some PUSSIES & ALWAYS got something to say. Let that boy s.I.p. stupid ass crackers

    • Personally I’d rather have people judge me than kill me. Killing each other is all you seem to do.

    • I think your proverbial “let God judge” is happening now. I don’t see how CTL is judging anyone. All I read are facts.

      I think you’re just confused. Let me help. The following would be examples of “judging” someone:
      “Y’all some PUSSIES”
      “stupid ass crackers”

      You’re welcome.

  24. When will people learn that they won’t be taken seriously until they can speak properly? Get an education. Get a job. Be productive members of society. Stop all the BS already. Kids don’t just get shot for no apparent reason.

    • I agree with the picture removed from the main pict! It actually does look like he was the one murdered. If a family member of the boy wearing that shirt saw this they would be devastated. I understand your trying to prove a point about the new gang but that pict is inappropriate!

    • “If a family member of the boy wearing that shirt saw this they would be devastated.”

      What would lead you to believe a “family member” would be interested in their child now? The time for the “family member” to be concerned about their child has, unfortunately, passed.

      Obviously they weren’t concerned about their child when he was alive or he still would be. I think the first flag would’ve been his facebook page. Why would they start now?

  25. It appears Samuel Bolger cast his vote for for President…. guess he judged him….

  26. Since CJ is SOOOO adamant that the picture of the thug with the 40BOIZ shirt needs to come down, that right there says they have something to do with that person. I hate to tell “John Doe”, but you don’t know who is running this site. That means you DON’T know what race they are or what neighborhoods they live in. I don’t understand why John Doe is okay with living in a neighborhood with these things happening. Are you okay with your friends and family dying like this? It seems as though you feel it’s just a part of life. Shameful.

  27. Sure want a 40BOIZ t-shirt to send to madam solicitor oh wait they provide her with get out of the hood free protection

  28. Id have to say that I don’t necessarily think CJ wants the picture taken down, but rather moved from being the main pic to one below. He’s just saying that the pic being under the main title makes it kinda look like that’s the kid that was killed. I have to agree cuz I thought that was him too until I noticed someone different in most of the other pics. And to the person saying that we need to mind our own neighborhoods, well when you can keep all thugs & juvenile murderers & robbers in your neighborhood & we never again have to hear about any one of them killing or robbing someone innocent, then we’ll stop worrying about it… until then, fuck you, you pussy ass bitch that cant use your fists, much less your own mind, to solve a problem.

    • who knows who runs this site. stop and think, they may be in your neighborhood. until you gang members decided to help law enforcement instead of hindering them, you will be the animals and lowlifes we see hear. Where are the parents of a 13 year old who posts pictures and wears the clothes of a gang. oh, i forgot it’s just a social club. take the blinders off

  29. Bob White, I am his mother and if you have any questions about what goes on in my house or my child’s life then I suggest you have that discussion with myself, I’m the only one that can tell you what it is you need to know. This site can’t tell you anything, except what they want you to believe. So if you have ANY questions about my child, it’s best to come to the source and that would be me. Got it? Good

    • Sorry for your loss.

      I don’t have any questions. It wouldn’t be relevant if I did.

      I do have to say I’m a little amazed that you are in a state where you can actually function enough to post on here. I wouldn’t be able to if I lost one of my children. Even if I could, I wouldn’t.

    • Sorry for the loss of your child. It’s a shame that he chose the path he did. I know all I need to know from the news and by then looking at your child’s FB page. I’d like to believe you didn’t know about all his activities. But from reading through, and noticing that you had made a comment or two, I think you did . I also noticed that he associated with a Quez Brown. That right there was a sign to you.

  30. To the mother of the deceased child, I am sorry for your loss. As to your failures and inactions at being a Mother, that judgement rests with God now. Hopefully your son was a Christian.

  31. I believe this sites tells us all we need to know. Along with your sons Facebook pictures.

  32. Fukka da opps
    Gun Gang

    • “Gun Gang”???

      How old are you…6?

      Does the “Gun Gang” know where the Honeycomb Hideout is? Do you have a sweet secret handshake?

      Is it just me or does all this “boi” shit sound really, really…well…”effeminate”?

  33. Reading the article in the P&C I can’t fathom whey the family members apparently didn’t know he was heading in the wrong direction. He was in a “social group” that he claimed wasn’t a gang but yet he was wearing clothing representing a gang and he was throwing around gang signs and pointing his hand/fingers like a gun on his facebook page. Umm, I’m sorry but if I had a teenager I’d check their page constantly and drill them about any suspicious activity. Heck, right now I check my 5 yr old’s bookbag everyday when he comes home from school and I will continue to check it until he moves out of my house! Not only the obvious gang signs on this guys page but one of the relatives even stated that one of his friends had taken something from someone in another “group” (i.e. gang). Hello! That’s called STEALING and it’s criminal behavior! Why was he hanging around with thieves? Everything he was doing with his “social group” points to a life of crime, no matter how minor it seems. Again, I just can’t fathom how they can pretend they didn’t know what he and his “social club” was up to. SMH

  34. First and foremost I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed of all the violence going on in our neighborhoods and also at everyone trying to cover it up…We know what’s happening here and it’s wrong. But to anyone judgingvthe parents of these children who are out there choosing to do the wrong thing I am ashamed of you as well. If you know what its like to be a parent, you know that its a hard and thankless job sometimes. And as much as we all try to lead our children to the straight and narrow sometimes they go astray. Just because these boys are choosing to ruin their lives it doesn’t mean their parents didn’t try…I’m not saying that any parent is better or worse than any other but youcshouldnt ever speak on someone’s parenting that you know nothing about. This page is very imformative…lets not turn it into something it shouldn’t be

    • Quinn, first off I respect your response. It was one of the few responses that I have read that actually makes sense.

      Parenting is something that not everyone is stellar at. Not all children turn out to be straight ‘A’ students, professional athletes, or even doctors/lawyers. However, let’s agree that a large percentage of these individuals featured on this website lacked “parenting” in the sense we use the term.

      Parenting at it’s core, requires nourishment and love. Parents that leave a loaf of bread and peanut butter at the house on a weeknight and tell them they need to be inside before 2am because they have school the next day and that they (the parent) would be home from Bingo or JC Joe’s Night Club around 5am, aren’t parenting. That is called being a friend with your child and not giving any good direction. We all, as people, are rebellious. If you give someone a foot of rope, they want a mile. Use that saying and apply it by at least 2 or 3 generations in most cases and you will understand our current situation.

  35. I understand what you are talking about, Quinn. Unfortunately, we have found quite a few of the mothers’ FB pages when looking through the subjects’ at hand. We have seen the mothers talking about their son’s exploits, flipping off a cop car along side her son, talking about going out to get high, talking about her own sexual exploits, posing at the clubs (in front of the backdrop), etc. In the two years that this page has been in existence, we have only seen a few cases of young criminals that had parents that were actively trying to be parents. We all know people that had been great parents, but their children went in an entirely different direction. The difference is that they tried to parent. They made every effort to raise a child to be a contributing member of society. They weren’t having 6 children by 6 different fathers and living in section 8 all while doing it. They weren’t out clubbing themselves leaving children to fend for themselves. After having to spend some time in juvenile court recently, you’d be surprised at the number of children there with grandparents. What was really eye opening was the lack of dads in the room.

  36. Master and Slave… I definately agree. This subject just really hits home for me because when I was 12 I lost my older brother to gang violence. THE FIRST THING EVERYONE DID WAS BLAME MY MOTHER. it sent her into depression…My mother worked 2 fulltime jobs and one part time job to try to get us OUT of the “hood” while our father abandoned us when I was 9. My mother still found time to make itcto every conference recital and whatever else we had going on. All three of us were good students in school (I also have a younger brother) no ne even knew what my older brother was doing until one night when my mother came home from work, he was sneaking out. She really got on to him after that but it was too late…a few days after our mother told us she had found us a house in a good neighborhood my brother was dead… now I know this is not the norm. I know most of these young boys aren’t being parented but we should judge not lest we be judged. This mother is hurting now. Her son is gone. The worst thing we can so now is blame her.

    • I understand Quinn. My sister is a lifelong drug addict who has spent most of her life in prison. We were raised in an affluent, supportive, churchgoing family. When she started getting in trouble in her teens, some older relatives blamed it on my mother having gone back to work once we were both in school full time. Made my furious. My parents were wonderful. And I know the mother of one of the guys profiled here last year, and I know she did her best to raise her children responsibly. Awesome lady.
      But some of the tacit (and in some cases even blatant) acceptance of thug lifestyles I see from older relatives on these Facebook pages is truly disturbing. Just beyond comprehension.

  37. CTL if you’re already doing the research on the parents then call them out too. Let’s hold them accountable and put them out there for all to see. The problem does start with them. It’s crazy how acceptable it is to act like a fool in certain cultures.

  38. On facebook, there is this guy from Charleston, who by all accounts is totally responsible, stays away from the criminal lifestyle, is in college, works for a living, is respectful & uses good grammar. I want to make it clear that this guy is working hard & really seems like he is an awesome son, man & father.

    He is also somewhat of a comedian & for one of his comic characters, he has channeled his inner Charleston ghetto woman & created “Mophesha the Charleston Diva”. This character basically represents, & makes fun of, the trash women/mothers he sees in Charleston on a daily. She is the epitome of all that’s wrong as a woman/mother. However, everyone, both males & females, who are “her” friend on fb, just see it as comedy. Most of them don’t see the truth behind it, & definitely don’t comprehend that she’s just an example of the absolutely WRONG way to live & act. When something is posted on her page, they comment how that’s exactly what they did last weekend.

    The guy doing it is wonderful, the stuff he posts really is funny, but it’s also sad because it shows what is accepted & epitomizes the very reason why these kids in Charleston end up the way they do, yet NOONE sees a problem with it…

    I looked at the pages of some of Justin’s women role models/family in his life & every page I found was basically Mophesha to the fullest. They all had pics of them in clubs dressed like Spruill Ave hookers; posts & comments saying “fuck the police” or “fuck dem crackas”; they have drug dealer, or imprisoned, boyfriends; they talk about weed, molly & alcohol; they curse worse than sailors; they talk about sex on their pages, a public forum, for all the world to see how trashy they are; & some have pics of their kids who, of course, are already posing like hookers, or throwing up gang signs, at age 3.

    These women were his providers, his protectors, his teachers. They are who he learned what was acceptable/unacceptable behaviors in life. THEY set the example that its perfectly fine to hate/disrespect authority & to break the rules/laws. THEY taught him that drugs & clubbin were how you spent both your money & time. THEY taught him that having kids, and depending on the government, was the way of life, & to make sure to start early, the more kids the more benefits. And last but not least, THEY ignored every chance they had to intervene and try to change his behaviors, instead they either completely ignored or denied he was doing these things, or they blamed everyone else, but him, for his actions.

    THESE WOMEN OF CHARLESTON (the mothers, aunts, older sisters, hell even grandmothers) ALL have a responsibility to raise their children in a healthy & productive environment & teach them how to behave like morally responsible & civil citizens. However, the young mothers today don’t know how to parent correctly because her mother (grandma) is 35 herself, & she’s got a boyfriend in jail & she’s “turnin up” in the club every weekend. Now, I would say that every young woman has probably seen, heard, or read, about how to be a responsible, good mother, but that’s not really the “norm” in her life. Therefore, she does what’s acceptable, which is what her mother/aunt/grandmother, is doing… turnin up in the clubs & being a ride or die, down ass bitch for her drug dealer boyfriend.

    It’s just a plain fact that WOMEN are essentially the root of the problem. But that being said, they could very well be the solution. But 1st they would have to admit their responsibility & then make real efforts to change their actions in a way that ends the acceptability of this lifestyle.

    More of the “good women” of the community need to stand up & start mentoring the younger women. They need to be a strong, & very vocal, force of the community & constantly call out & admonish the current accepted behaviors. They need to stand against the behaviors of their sons & partners. They need to have “the balls” to NOT SUPPORT, & UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE, their friends & family, both male & female, who choose to live that way. And they need to teach others how to do the same.

    Essentially, when it comes to men, women really do have a lot of power. The power of whether he can obtain you or not. With that power, they teach the men what’s acceptable.
    For example, I see a lot of women being extremely sexually promiscuous & very vocal about what all they can do in the bedroom.(twerking is just one example of that). I also see plenty of women speaking openly about being the “other woman”. The women are basically competing with each other on who can be the sluttiest to get the man. And then they wonder why that man treats her like garbage & then cheats on her with another slut. Well, because women put it out there for the men to have as they please. They don’t have to work to get you, so why would a man start working to keep you when he can just go get what he wants elsewhere without the hassle.

    And that’s another funny conundrum, the women are sluts when they’re trying to get a man, but then they change up when they get in a relationship & now they wanna place all these rules & demands on the man. They are basically guilty of false advertisement. They advertised a fun loving, slutty, rule free woman, when in reality they aren’t that at all. They do want to be treated right. And so the demise of the new relationship begins as soon as it starts. And guess what, right around the corner is another false advertiser ready to hand out free goodies to your man, and just like that, he’s gone. There used to be a time when men had to respect a woman, had to court her, had to do whatever it took to even get a woman, and they did it. Now men just have to text a woman & in 30 minutes, she’s sucking his dick in an alley. Used to be that there were very few sluts for a man to find & they were hidden, not so easily found. Used to be that men had to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Now men do whatever they want because women allow it.

    Basically, if women stopped allowing men to treat them like shit, then men would have to change & start doing what it takes to get the girl.

    This concept also applies to all things in life that men do. Every time a mother denies, or places blame of her son’s actions on someone else; every time a girlfriend, mother, aunt or friend screams “free him” and doesn’t turn their backs when he gets in trouble at school or with the law; every time they post bond or put money in canteen; every time they write & visit him in jail, they teach him that he’s allowed to do whatever he wants & he will still be accepted & supported.

    The community sets the standard for what is accepted within, & the women set that standard of what’s acceptable in the community.

    • Amazing comment! This is the truth and sometimes it hurts. Jenna you deserve a High 5 for this post.

    • So true, Jenna

  39. Exactly Miss Jenna! Exactly!

  40. I read this article several times and found it the closest thing to the truth and I compared it to the news(which didn’t even get the victim’s right age). And if anyone disagrees and say that I’m just another cracker well they’re wrong, if someone say I’m not even from there “set” they’re wrong, I live in pcp and i know all the so called thugs and bangers and also go to school with them. Yet I still am not a thug or as I call it a dumb fuck, because I have caring parents and if I didn’t I still won’t be as dumb as them. To what point do you fear for you and your families safety, because people aren’t real enough to just use your fist and fight.

  41. I read this article several times and found it the closest thing to the truth and I compared it to the news(which didn’t even get the victim’s right age). And if anyone disagrees and say that I’m just another cracker well they’re wrong, if someone say I’m not even from there “set” they’re wrong, I live in pcp and i know all the so called thugs and bangers and also go to school with them. Yet I still am not a thug or as I call it a dumb fuck, because I have caring parents and if I didn’t I still won’t be as dumb as them. To what point do you fear for you and your families safety, because people aren’t real enough to just use your fist and fight.

  42. Apparently they are cutting some tracks for the neighborhood…

  43. Will be interesting on what “music” comes out from this. Let’s see how much these kids really want justice for their fallen hero and talk to Law Enforcement to get the shooter. Doubt it will happen that way. I have a strong feeling the shooter will brag about it and get caught. Stay tuned for an article on that.

  44. Wrong picture up. I know you probably think we all look alike but that’s a little irresponsible..

  45. Which one is incorrect?

  46. Oh, and thanks for letting us know right off the bat you are a flaming racist :)


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