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From the Mail Bag

Mail Bag


We thought we would post a little something from the mail bag.

We spent some time yesterday dealing with the apparently irate mother of “Justyn Phateboy Davis”. A photo of him wearing his 40 Boiz gang regalia was featured on a post about the murder of fellow 40 Boiz member Tyquan President. In that post we discussed the relatively new 40 Boiz gang. Some have told us the picture didn’t really apply to the post. While we respect the opinions of those folks, we just have a different take on it.

After that post went up we received some tips from members of Davis’ community who let us know who he was and that he was currently facing charges in the shooting of another juvenile in March.

Ms. Davis contacted us via email. That correspondence is shown below. Her comments in red, ours in purple.

First off, why do you have a picture of my son posted on your site
like he was the one that was killed? Please remove his picture off
of your site ASAP or I will take legal action against this site. He’s
under age and I would appreciate it if you remove all of his

That young man is shown on that post because he is a self-professed
and known member of a gang known as the 40 Boiz. The article you
are referring to deals with the murder of a fellow 40 Boiz gang member
- Tyquan President - and discusses the 40 Boiz in general. That
information was obtained via sources associated with him and via
his *public* postings on his Facebook page.

You can make all the demands you want, but your threats have no
basis in the law. You son proudly and very publicly represents
himself as a member of this gang. Maybe you should talk to him about that.

Next comes the familiar mantra that we shouldn’t publicly expose gangs and gang members, but should instead strive to help the poor souls.

My son is not in a gang.  You should be trying to set the standards and should want to help little boys in stead if trying to help harm them. I’ll tell you what, IF ANYTHING happens to my child because you have his pictures posted on your site, it will be on your hands and you don’t want that. Use your picture. My son isn’t able to use
Facebook or post on Facebook , so you have your facts all wrong,
take his pictures down, I don’t make threats to people at all, you are
interfering with my family and making false accusations against my
minor child, you’re  doing defamation of character against him and
it won’t be tolerated.   All I ask was for you to take his picture
down off of your site and  you want to be a smart ass and then hide
behind this site. Why not show yourself. If you wear the color red or blue
does that make you a self professed gang member? If you wear white
does it make you a member of the Kkk? If I walk around with Jay Z
on my chest, and throw up hand signs, does that make me a member of
the Illuminati? Someone will be in contact with you because I’m not
going to let this ride. Have a good day and May God bless you

Of course her son isn’t on Facebook - at the moment. He is locked up. Later today we will even have video of his fellow gang members hanging out outside the juvenile detention center and giving him a shout out. We decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, however.

Your son isn’t on FB? Sure about that? We assume you are referring
to the photo of the guy wearing the 40 Boiz shirt. Is that correct?
If you prove to us the gang member on the page “Justyn Phateboy
Davis” is not your son we might have something to discuss.

Positive, my son’s not on Facebook, do you know how many people can
open up a Facebook page and it’s not them?  Yes, I’m referring to
that child. . I can’t prove to you that he’s not my child, he is my

When and what was his last posts on Facebook?

Visit the page and research it yourself. When you do, let us know if someone else
opened that page under his name and posted references to his gang membership and photos of him wearing the gang’s clothes.

Too many inflammatory statements from you and your site against my

Alright, so Justyn Phateboy Davis is your child. He is on Facebook. While on Facebook he publicly proclaims his membership in a gang known as the 40 Boiz, which is associated with a number of other gangs in the Lowcountry known as the Young Gunnas, the Island Goonz and YCOR. He is currently charged with shooting another young fella in the buttocks as a result of his gang involvement.

We notify the community of the existence of the gang and report on their activities
and you deem us the bad guys.


He’s not charged with anything.  If you guys do your research and do it right, then you should have know that the shooter is still at large. You guys(the police), had the person that shot that little boy, but in stead, you let him go, and he’s walking around free. After all of this comes to light, I’m taking legal action against you, your site and others. I bid you good day.

Ah, the old “you guys are the police” refrain. Not even close. And we all know the authorities just throw people in jail with no charges all the time.

Again, do you realize how freaking easy it is to open up a Facebook page? I don’t need to do research, however, you and the rest of the police force does.”

Hmm….if more parents stepped up and did the research they might know their kids were in a gang before the feces hits the fan and someone ends up in jail or dead.





  1. that’s the type of response I hear from that quarter all the time; let the dead rest in peace, keep their dignity, don’t be posting bad shit about the dead, etc..

    fuck that nonsense. a gangsta gets killed doing “real nigga shit”? let it be KNOWN. thugs targeting other thug’s families? shooting each other in the ass? these aren’t CHILDREN; these aren’t little toddlers with boogers hanging out of there noses; these are KILLERS. dyed in the wool, cradle-to-grave MURDERERS. look at the expressions on the faces of every one of them; no regrets; no compassion; no humanity. they are NOT HUMAN. if one of them is your child, you fucked up as a parent. admit it. you gave away every opportunity to make that kid go straight; you gave away every chance that kid had to become a productive citizen and not a tick sucking the blood out of every working man and woman out here.

    you’re the ones who cry on-camera when the ambulance carries off the bloody corpse of your wasted effort at raising chirrun and blame it on the police…. look in the MIRROR if you need someone to BLAME for your kid getting killed.

  2. I agree 100% with Old Reb

  3. Sounds like there a more then a few of us that has had enough of the bullshit. I am going to say there’s NO WAY she didn’t know what her child was into. She can not say that he was an honor student and a boy scout and she was blindsided by any of this. There she was looking at her son on an internet site proudly proclaiming his allegiance to a street gang AND SHE STILL DENIED IT! She is an absolute disgrace to parenting. Her son SHOT another person and she still is in denial. I believe that her son’s attorney advised her to try to get the picture off the site so that it might not have a chance to destroy his choir boy defense. How is the way he was raised working out for you now? The anti-school, anti-work, anti-police, anti-authority attitude is blowing up in your face as we speak.

  4. I am betting that is birthday money her kids are flashing…

  5. I really hope that everything this woman says is true. It’s time to get rid of this site; it’s just a ruse to promote racism. If the creator of this site really stands by what is said why not reveal yourself. Reminds me of another group the KKK; we will stand behind anything that is said as long as we can wear a cloak to not reveal our true identity.

  6. Little off topic but what ever became of County Disabilities worker Shawdai Mariah Cookie Lemon who advocated killing cops and thug life with an AK-47… I wonder if this is her son Ishmel Lemon – Again

  7. I wonder if this is another son

  8. I wonder if Gerard.s.davis is another son. On facebook as friends of Justyn Phateboy Davis

  9. Ruse to promote racism? Pardon me if I’m wrong, but did someone force this kid to pose in the crappy shirt or flash gang signs? Why do so many in the community turn a blind eye to the behavior of ‘kids’ yet lash out against those who dare to report the facts? I applaud Chief for taking the time to browse public forums such as Facebook and Twitter to show what these ‘esteemed choir boys’ of our community are doing. Even more, there have been many examples on this page of ‘white’ trash committing crimes. What, are we overlooking those? A criminal is a criminal, regardless of skin color. As long as there are people out there who attempt to depict these thugs as victims, nothing will ever change. Finally, why isn’t something said about the so-called grammar that is so rampant on these Facebook pages?

  10. That mother is a ridiculous excuse for a parent & her lack of responsibility is criminal in my book.. She swears her son isn’t in a gang, but even his girlfriend knows that he is…

    Ōbey Łashae Nelson

    Yesterday at 10:15am · 

    This wha Justyn Davis letter say . . 


    God damn, that post makes me wonder if they’re even teaching English/Grammar in schools anymore!?!?!?

    • We have a post scheduled to go up first thing in the morning about that gang. It will be very revealing.

  11. The county worker was fired because of her comments.

    • Really? We did not know that. Thanks.

    • You’re welcome

    • I am surprised she was fired since the county is full of similar employees and has been for many years.

  12. racist? there goes THAT word again. every other word I hear in conversations between blacks is “nigga”….. funny; when anybody lighter than a café au lait says it, it’s “racist”.
    get off your pedestal and shut the fuck up. 99% of your problems stem from your inability to integrate into society and be productive, positive citizens.
    Martin Luther King would be absolutely disgusted and ashamed to see what disorder and disarray has been made of his sacrifice to bring the black people up.

    anybody ever investigate one Mr Tisdell of the CCSA for selling/giving away county property right out of the County warehouse? hiring friends and family to basically collect a county paycheck while actual working staff are stretched thin keeping schools in operation? maybe somebody should.

  13. On facebook, there is this guy from Charleston, who by all accounts is totally responsible, stays away from the criminal lifestyle, is in college, works for a living, is respectful & uses good grammar. I want to make it clear that this guy is working hard & really seems like he is an awesome son, man & father.

    He is also somewhat of a comedian & for one of his comic characters, he has channeled his inner Charleston ghetto woman & created “Mophesha the Charleston Diva”. This character basically represents, & makes fun of, the trash women/mothers he sees in Charleston on a daily. She is the epitome of all that’s wrong as a woman/mother. However, everyone, both males & females, who are “her” friend on fb, just see it as comedy. Most of them don’t see the truth behind it, & definitely don’t comprehend that she’s just an example of the absolutely WRONG way to live & act. When something is posted on her page, they comment how that’s exactly what they did last weekend.

    The guy doing it is wonderful, the stuff he posts really is funny, but it’s also sad because it shows what is accepted & epitomizes the very reason why these kids in Charleston end up the way they do, yet NOONE sees a problem with it…

    I looked at the pages of some of Justin’s women role models/family in his life & every page I found was basically Mophesha to the fullest. They all had pics of them in clubs dressed like Spruill Ave hookers; posts & comments saying “fuck the police” or “fuck dem crackas”; they have drug dealer, or imprisoned, boyfriends; they talk about weed, molly & alcohol; they curse worse than sailors; they talk about sex on their pages, a public forum, for all the world to see how trashy they are; & some have pics of their kids who, of course, are already posing like hookers, or throwing up gang signs, at age 3.

    These women were his providers, his protectors, his teachers. They are who he learned what was acceptable/unacceptable behaviors in life. THEY set the example that its perfectly fine to hate/disrespect authority & to break the rules/laws. THEY taught him that drugs & clubbin were how you spent both your money & time. THEY taught him that having kids, and depending on the government, was the way of life, & to make sure to start early, the more kids the more benefits. And last but not least, THEY ignored every chance they had to intervene and try to change his behaviors, instead they either completely ignored or denied he was doing these things, or they blamed everyone else, but him, for his actions.

    THESE WOMEN OF CHARLESTON (the mothers, aunts, older sisters, hell even grandmothers) ALL have a responsibility to raise their children in a healthy & productive environment & teach them how to behave like morally responsible & civil citizens. However, the young mothers today don’t know how to parent correctly because her mother (grandma) is 35 herself, & she’s got a boyfriend in jail & she’s “turnin up” in the club every weekend. Now, I would say that every young woman has probably seen, heard, or read, about how to be a responsible, good mother, but that’s not really the “norm” in her life. Therefore, she does what’s acceptable, which is what her mother/aunt/grandmother, is doing… turnin up in the clubs & being a ride or die, down ass bitch for her drug dealer boyfriend.

    It’s just a plain fact that WOMEN are essentially the root of the problem. But that being said, they could very well be the solution. But 1st they would have to admit their responsibility & then make real efforts to change their actions in a way that ends the acceptability of this lifestyle.

    More of the “good women” of the community need to stand up & start mentoring the younger women. They need to be a strong, & very vocal, force of the community & constantly call out & admonish the current accepted behaviors. They need to stand against the behaviors of their sons & partners. They need to have “the balls” to NOT SUPPORT, & UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE, their friends & family, both male & female, who choose to live that way. And they need to teach others how to do the same.

    Essentially, when it comes to men, women really do have a lot of power. The power of whether he can obtain you or not. With that power, they teach the men what’s acceptable.
    For example, I see a lot of women being extremely sexually promiscuous & very vocal about what all they can do in the bedroom.(twerking is just one example of that). I also see plenty of women speaking openly about being the “other woman”. The women are basically competing with each other on who can be the sluttiest to get the man. And then they wonder why that man treats her like garbage & then cheats on her with another slut. Well, because women put it out there for the men to have as they please. They don’t have to work to get you, so why would a man start working to keep you when he can just go get what he wants elsewhere without the hassle.

    And that’s another funny conundrum, the women are sluts when they’re trying to get a man, but then they change up when they get in a relationship & now they wanna place all these rules & demands on the man. They are basically guilty of false advertisement. They advertised a fun loving, slutty, rule free woman, when in reality they aren’t that at all. They do want to be treated right. And so the demise of the new relationship begins as soon as it starts. And guess what, right around the corner is another false advertiser ready to hand out free goodies to your man, and just like that, he’s gone. There used to be a time when men had to respect a woman, had to court her, had to do whatever it took to even get a woman, and they did it. Now men just have to text a woman & in 30 minutes, she’s sucking his dick in an alley. Used to be that there were very few sluts for a man to find & they were hidden, not so easily found. Used to be that men had to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Now men do whatever they want because women allow it.

    Basically, if women stopped allowing men to treat them like shit, then men would have to change & start doing what it takes to get the girl.

    This concept also applies to all things in life that men do. Every time a mother denies, or places blame of her son’s actions on someone else; every time a girlfriend, mother, aunt or friend screams “free him” and doesn’t turn their backs when he gets in trouble at school or with the law; every time they post bond or put money in canteen; every time they write & visit him in jail, they teach him that he’s allowed to do whatever he wants & he will still be accepted & supported.

    The community sets the standard for what is accepted within, & the women set that standard of what’s acceptable in the community.

    • great post

  14. Young Mr. President does not even have an obituary or one condolence on the Murphy Mortuary Web site… guess no one gave a shit about him…

  15. Can she be anymore delusional? Or is she just desperate to get this stuff out of site before he’s due in court again? For those of you that harp on us for blaming parents, here’s written proof why, in most cases, the parents need to shoulder the blame when their sweet little choir boys achieve DRT status.

  16. To the mother of the boy bitching about her child being on this website. DO YOUR JOB AS A PARENT, TAKE CORRECTIVE ACTION, DISCIPLINE YOUR LITTLE BRAT. TELL HIM TO PULL HIS PANTS UP, ETC…….

    You need a good slap to the mouth as well lady. You are a drain on our society as a whole, and your failures in life reflect in YOUR child with every past and future facebook post he will CONTINUE to do, BECAUSE YOU FAIL AT BEING A PARENT.

    You want to meet in person and discuss this? Name the time and the place lady. I’ll meet you there and we will have a nice chat about this so called CHILD of yours that thinks HIS actions are proper.

    He needs a kick in the ass and you need to be turned over to social services.

  17. ^^^^This. Exactly. I wish there was a “like” button.

  18. your a idiot

  19. you don’t know what she is doing in life she good be doing something good for her self you cant stop everything your child does there going to do what they want regardless that like u telling your daughter or son not to have sex there going to go behind your back anyways

  20. F12: Huh? It is her job to care for her child and to discipline her child, when needed. All she is doing in her back-n-forth with CTL is turning a blind eye to thug that she raised. And by ignoring the facts (such as the Facebook posts by her son), she is, in essence, condoning his behavior.

    Like the person above said, she should be turned over to social services and her child should be sent to trial as an adult.

  21. Someone should do a background check on the mother and expose her bullshit too.

  22. *you’re

  23. Hahaha the post by this person proves the websites point further. The lack of vocabulary and grammatical skills proves the pot should not call the kettle black.

  24. Ok. I’ll just assume your computer is stuck in ebonics for the default language as nothing you said made any sense and there is no punctuation.

  25. Typical thug community mindset. Kudos to you for being a dumbass.

  26. fuck 12,

    I know what she’s not doing in life: Being a parent.

    Sex? Really? We’re talking about serious crimes and you want to use the weak ass example of sex? Okay, I’ll go there just for you. You are right, I can’t stop my child from having sex; but I can take corrective actions to ensure there are severe consequences if I catch it happening again. I can place strict rules and regulations in my house on where and when my child is allowed out.

    I think a better example revolving around the situation at hand, would be that of: Rob, Kill, Steal, Sell Drugs, etc…

    If I caught my child doing the above, do you know what I would do? I would give them a chance to turn themselves in and face the consequences like a “Man”, or if they failed to do so, I would turn them in myself.

    Would I be there at their court dates? Yes.
    Would I stand up for my child to the Judge and Jury? Yes.
    Would I expect sympathy from the community because of MY failed actions? No.

  27. website’s***

  28. If I was calling them a dumbass, it would’ve been in a sentence, dipshit. The asterisks are an indicator that I was correcting them/it.

    Nice try though.

  29. @ Sweetest Nightmare - what’s up, kettle?

    @Anonymous - hilarious! Good catch.

  30. Hey Bob White I’m Sweetest Nightmare, and Anonymous. I forgot to put my name when I caught my typo, and corrected it. So, you insulted me and complimented me. Thank you:)

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