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Did you know when you are charged in the 9th Judicial Circuit of South Carolina with molesting a 14 year old girl, you can get released on a $60,000 bond paid for by your wife who then revokes that bond a few months later, then you can get released again with strict conditions like house arrest, then you can just pick up and move to another state whenever you feel like it and no one bothers to tell the judge who set your bond and the conditions for it? How great is that?!?!

Based on the information we are getting this is exactly what disgraced former Hanahan firefighter/paramedic Justin Rider has been busy doing since his arrest in May of 2013 on a charge of 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor. It seems he is alleged to have had sex multiple times with a then 14 year old girl.

He was first released on a $60,000 bond on May 10th, 2014. Apparently he pissed off his wife sometime in August and she decided she wanted off the bond. Based on the record it looks the bonding company wanted to remain on the bond and Rider was discharged from jail again on October 1st.

Rider abandoned his old Facebook page and started a new one in January of this year. On this new page he tells us he has now moved to Fairhope, Alabama. We can’t help but wonder if he is obeying the house arrest conditions of his bond now that he is living in Alabama. Curiously, his wife also seems to have moved to that state.

We thought this post to his new page was very apropos.

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  1. I think what creeped me out the most about this guys FB.. is a pic he linked/or posted on April 9,2013.. a picture of what appears to be a small girl with the words, “She asked me to whisper 3 sexy words in her ear, so I told her…. “I’m a fireman”… I certainly hope someone is watching this PEDO.. :(


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