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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Kangaroo Court


A serial burglar and thief with a criminal history dating back to 1989 and spanning at least three counties was murdered early Sunday morning at a Kangaroo convenience store in Ladson. Luther Woodard Cribb III found himself involved in a physical altercation with one of three black males. When it appeared Cribb was getting the best of his opponent he was shot in the head.



ScreenHunter_5953 Aug. 09 14.57

Luther Woodard Cribb III




Davon Washington has been charged with the murder.



ScreenHunter_5952 Aug. 09 14.39




Washington was charged with Possession of a Stolen Vehicle in 2007. That charge was dismissed.




ScreenHunter_5954 Aug. 09 15.10




In 2009 he was charged with CDV High & Aggravated. The 9th Circuit Solicitor reduced the charge to 2nd Offense CDV. Washington was sentenced to 1 year of probation. In 2012 he was convicted of violating that probation.




ScreenHunter_5955 Aug. 09 15.11 ScreenHunter_5956 Aug. 09 15.11



While he was in jail on the CDV charge Washington was charged with Interfering With an Alarm Box at the jail. No one from CCSO showed up to testify at the preliminary hearing and the charge was dismissed.




ScreenHunter_5957 Aug. 09 15.12



Washington also has a number of prior arrests for CDV and magistrate level drug offenses.


Marquez Jorome (or Jerome) Brown was charged with Accessory After the Fact of Murder. Brown has a prior conviction for Financial Transaction Card Fraud/Theft as well as multiple conviction for driving under suspension, CDV and giving false information to police.




ScreenHunter_5971 Aug. 09 19.00




The third individual present was Ramone Gamble. He hasn’t been charged by BCSO, but is in the Charleston County jail on two counts of failure to pay child support. Gamble has an interesting history as a thrice convicted drug dealer with multiple probation violations who was charged again with drug distribution in 2007. Those charges were dismissed by Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston because Gamble completed drug court. We always thought drug court was a way for first time offenders to take care of their charges and get counseling. Apparently any old drug dealer with multiple convictions can apply.



ScreenHunter_5986 Aug. 09 19.17



Thugs killing thugs. Situation normal. Kangaroo court is usually more effective at removing serial offenders from society than the legal system.





  1. So where ate all the people who scream ‘racist’ now? Ok for 3 NAACP people to assault a Caucasian, but black lives matter right? Eff you! Any of you so called boiz venture into my neck of the woods, you best be running the other way, cuz maybe down south you’re badass,up here you ain’t. That ain’t no threat, it’s a promise. Pos.

    • Well said. Only in the white guilt capital of Charleston do they kiss black thug butt. Anywhere else they keep black thugs where they belong under the jail. Not Charleston. Charleston covers up for black thugs and gives black thugs a pass to terrorize white people.

  2. Apparently more definitive court at the local Kangaroo than in our local Kangaroo Court.

  3. Imagine if a black thug was killed by three white thugs after a fight…we all know how that would go.

    • Yep. Had three white thugs killed a black thug the mayor would order Black Thug Lives Matter marches all over Charleston with the CPD cheering them on.

  4. So since a “thug killed a thug” that makes it right? Yes, the victim was a bad guy but he served time for all his offenses. These other three thugs kept getting off easy on their charges. Shame it took a man dying for their faults to be brought to light. Bet BCSO wishes they would have kept Gamble, Washington & Brown in jail now.

    • What makes it right to the black racist thugs and their white protectors is that a white man was killed. No narch and no rally for the white man killed. But the white liberals will protest outside the jail to free the black thugs who murdered a white man.

    • A thug killing another thug is preferable to them killing a hard working law abiding citizen. The fact that any of them were out on the streets is a shame.

    • Law enforcement doesnt get to choose how people stay in jail. I can promise you if they could, these career criminals wouldn’t get out. That fault lies with judges and prosecutors not the police agencies.

  5. *no march and no rally*

  6. It’s all terribly sad….disregard of human life, crime, drugs, violence - confusion about what is ‘good’ and ‘fun’ and the value of life!!!
    What a waste….

  7. Black lives matter! Maybe someone should explain this to the “thugs” that can’t even hold their own in a 3 against 1 brawl! Gotta pull out a gun and shoot? And the animals living in Ferguson!?!? If you want to be respected act respectable! I’m not a Mensa member but I understand that! The “man” nor the police are keeping black people from success-the majority do it all by their self! I can’t even watch the absolute ignorance I see in people marching and acting like animals again a year later! Maybe if the government checks and EBT cards stop rolling in so easily those lazy ass people would have to work- thus no damn time or energy for proving to the world that a black mans biggest enemy is his own people not the “crackers”! Black lives matter? F*cking act like it does and stop saying it dumbass!

    • One of the truest and best comments on CTL. But as long as the mayor and police department and media see black racist thugs as victims the black racist thugs will terrorize the city and blame white people and a flag for everything they do wrong. The racist blacks and their white sympathizers like black ignorance and black violence because they get government funding to encourage it.

  8. First off the white thug has a worst criminal history than than all three Black’s maybe he should have mind his business and walk the other way like any other white hunky lol n the comment about ebt n etc. Statistics in Charleston shows more whited collect government assistance than blacks ?

  9. They’re all badass when they outnumber you, but one-on-one without a gun they aren’t anything. I agree with the first post by Steve. And I also agree with all the following posts wondering where the bastards who protect all the NAACP animals are now? Time to take back our country. I’m sick of hearing the slavery & race shit all the time. Everyone who was a slave or owned one is long dead. Get over it. My people were legal immigrants & had nothing to do with slavery. I think we should start forcibly sterilizing these people. Wanna live in public housing? You get an implant so toy can’t breed. Got an EBT card? Drug test every week to keep it. Fail & it’s gone. I don’t give a fuck where you & your 5 kids from different fathers live. They’re all dollar - sucking constantly holding their hands out for more. I’m not racist. Your color doesn’t matter, shit is shit. Should be able to shoot them even if they’re running away,because they surely did shit they haven’t been caught for.

    • Whites are now enslaved to blacks. We must pay our taxes or else men with guns come and take our stuff, incarcerate us, or kill us.

      And who is the master? The government. The master protects the ruling class and persecutes the slaves, IE those who pay the slavemasters’ salaries and who pay for the sustenance of the privileged or victim classes.

      When the USGOV collapses under its massive debt load, as it surely will, the gloves will come off.

      The current slave class is the majority and outnumbers the masters by a significant margin.

      It is only the slaves’ belief in the lie of their freedom that keeps the current system afloat.

      Again, when the government collapses, old scores will be settled and order will be restored.

      How would our great grandfathers have dealt with the three men caught for shooting this guy in the head?

      That’s how we should deal with them.

    • Slavery is the past but it did happen so u can’t forget it. And yea maybe your ppl didn’t own slaves but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Slavery is only one of the things that got us to where we are today. Just 50 years ago whites and blacks were totally seperate in there everyday lives ie white people ran shit and had it made and treated blacks like total shit. Fast forward to 2015 where the offspring of ppl who were treated like shit and weretold they weren’t shit are now what you have. I’m not making excuses but if you don’t think white people had a major impact on today’s racial tensions then you are dumber than you make yourselves sound. Most the comments on here are so blatantly racist even if there not intended to be. I agree trash is trash but to simply dismiss a person on race and ignore the past is dumb. Instead of saying them and those ppl just be honest with your self and say blacks. Also with the shooting ppl while running thing hopefully no one in your family gets in legal trouble because according to you they should be shot in the back, I’d love to know the avg iq of this blogs visitors. I’m sure it’s under 100

    • Here’s some common sense and knowkedge for you, blacks sold blacks into slavery and blacks made a lot of money off of slavery and blacks still do make a lot of money off of slavery and it’s blacks who oppress and kill more blacks than anyone. The white man didn’t make a black man shoot a five year old black kid in the back. And blacks shoot around (9)00 blacks every year in South Carolina alone. Black Lives Sho Do Matter.

  10. Don’t push black lives matter to me. Make sure they matter to black folk first. I’ve seen em walking across the parking lot, practicing their social media skills, while their two year old, SUV payment dottered along 6 feet behind. I guess black lives matter, once they’re old enough to hold a gun.

    • Two year old SUV payment LOL. Thought I was the only one who noticed this. The black thug babies lagging behind da mama n da auntie ignoring their spawn and texting walking across parking lots filled with moving cars. Or da mama n da auntie using profanity at two year olds with stained dried tears and snot on their faces from verbal abuse. Black Lives Matter? Black Lives Matter should start with their kids. Maybe the white liberals should teach black thug babies how to speak discernible English instead of holding rallies for black racist thugs.

  11. This just isn’t right. Maybe we need to march and rally and protest with white lives matter signs. Then maybe they will understand all lives matter. This man was a good man just got involved w drugs and couldn’t get off of them. I’m not saying it was right or wrong. Just that no one deserves to die this way. And just because it was a “thug killing a thug” it’s still not right. It’s not justice. It’s ridiculous.

    • White liberal sympathizers and protectors of black racist thugs would never let a White Lives Matter rally happen in Charleston. The pro black racism and pro black thugs Post and Courier wouldn’t cover a rally for white lives anyway. There needs to be a White Lives Matter movement in Charleston because black racist terrorism against white people is rampant.

  12. The answer is simple. You just have to shoot them. Dead. Keep firing till the threat stops. Reload as needed.

    Standard capacity magazines in 5.56mm carbine form seems to work the best.

    If a rifle is not available perhaps you shouldn’t go where rifles are not available.

    Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Never relax.

    Answer threats of violence with maximum violence and no hesitation.

    Failure to do so causes the person being accosted to oftentimes end up dead or as a movie star in a world star hip hop video.


  13. I am.sorry if I offended anyone but i I di, truth hurts so deals with it. I hate the word ” nigger” but quit being one and quit saying it in your rap songs. I don’t want to be a loser so I work hard every day so I can wake up and be the man my mother wants me to be! Try it, not easy but better than being one!!

  14. Hey CTL writers, haven’t heard much from y’all but I noticed another example of the P&C skewing their racial numbers in N. Charleston. Sunday August 16th front page article about N Charleston elections. In paragraph 2 says “The city, with a poplar ion that’s 70% black….”
    Cont on A5 sub Immediate action, Para 6 the P&C touts their ongoing investigation and state “blacks were involved in 65% of 167,000 police stops in the city between 2010 and 2014, while the city’s population in 47% black.”
    WTF 70% or 47%…P&C can’t get their own stats right in same article. Figured you guys might enjoy that and keep up the great work y’all do

  15. The black racist thugs are getting younger. Two black kids 12 and 8 rob at gunpoint innocent child walking home from school. Where’s the black lives matter rally for the innocent victim.

  16. It pains me to see my caucasian brothers all out of sorts with this crime. Nah, it really doesn’t. Who gives a care what you say. Butthurt over a commom criminal. No different than the Mike Brown sympathizers. White people only have guns and know how to use them, right? You better stop thinking all Black people live in the ghetto and are ignorant. Dollars to doughnuts, I could probably out manuever, outfox and out shoot most of you caucasian chest thumpers. Talking trash over the internet is for sissies and children. Be men and stop making idle threats. Letting Dylan Roof outdo you. I have more respect for him than you lazy, coward keyboard warriors.

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