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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Bits and Pieces - 2 July


For the past two or three days we have been treated to allegations of racists burning black churches across the south by local and national media. Their efforts to associate burned churches with racism fall short when the facts are analyzed. First, some of the media has told the public all of the churches were AME churches. Not true. Some of the media are actually reporting the truth that ATF and FBI investigators have found no evidence of hate crimes in any of the cases. The rest want you to believe black churches are being burned across the South in reference to the Charleston murders and the flag issue. As if that made any sense at all.

Greater Miracle Apostolic Holiness Church - Tallahassee, Fl. - burned due to an electrical fault.

Fruitland Presbyterian Church - Gibson County, TN - burned due to a lightning strike.

Mount Zion AME - Greeleyville, SC - burned due to a lightning strike. The media couldn’t wait to link this fire to the shooting in Charleston and report this church was previously burned by two KKK members in 1995. They know you folks probably won’t bother to do the research to find out the truth.

College Hill Seventh Day Adventist - Knoxville, TN - The church did not burn. A pile of debris outside was set on fire and a van was burned in the parking lot. Investigators are calling it vandalism, not a hate crime. Vandalism is usually the result of the actions of neighborhood arsonists.

God’s Power Church of Christ - Macon, GA - Fire deliberately set, but investigators say there is no evidence of a hate crime. The church had been burglarized recently and the sound system was stolen.

Briar Creek Road Baptist Church - Determined to be arson. No evidence of a hate crime, according to the FBI.

Glover Grove Baptist Church - Warrenville, SC - Cause of the fire is still undetermined and probably won’t be due to inconclusive evidence. “Investigators have found no evidence of criminal intent.”


Of course, insurance fraud is never considered when a black church burns.


A group of racists flying the black liberation flag and calling white folks “crackers” were protesting near the SC Statehouse a few days ago. They were walking into traffic and taunting motorists when one confronted them. That motorist, a white guy, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after a fight broke out. Actually, it was more of a gang attack. The initial video of the incident was unclear as to who threw the first punch. A subsequent video shows the protestors attacked first. The media won’t show you that video. Local police arrested the white guy because it is now politically incorrect to arrest black folks.

Racists protesting what they deem to be racist by attacking others. Nothing new there.


In crime news it seemed our local violent criminal element was in a stand-down phase after the murder of nine innocents in a church. That did not last long. Before the last victim was buried authorities located the body of Gerrod Theopolus Metoyer at the intersection of Ashley Phosphate Road and Dorchester Manor Boulevard. Metoyer’s body was found at about 3:30 Tuesday morning. He had been shot in the back of the head. Metoyer’s criminal history consists mainly of things like failure to stop for blue lights and habitual traffic offender felonies. At the time he was killed Metoyer was free on bond for a Charleston County charge of Forgery from January.

We doubt the murder/s of Gerrod Metoyer were flying a Confederate flag.




ScreenHunter_5424 Jul. 02 07.36

Gerrod Metoyer




Two people were shot in the Ponderosa subdivision on Wednesday. A 15 year old was shot in the leg and a 50 year old was shot in the torso. Suspects are described as two black males in a white Pontiac Grand Am. According to witnesses the suspects were not flying the Confederate flag.

It looks like things are getting back to normal, huh?


We have been told that Matthew Joseph Granger has been charged with Trafficking Methamphetamine and Possession of a Firearm During a Violent Crime. Word is he was caught with a substantial amount of meth.




ScreenHunter_5422 Jul. 01 06.14




Granger was charged in 2012 in Berkeley County with Obtaining Money by False Pretenses. He plead guilty and was sentenced by Judge R. Markley Dennis to 4 years, suspended in favor of 2 years probation and restitution to Charleston Steel and Metal. You can probably guess what that charge stemmed from.





ScreenHunter_5420 Jul. 01 06.10 ScreenHunter_5421 Jul. 01 06.10




This past January, also in Berkeley County, Granger was charged with Possession of Narcotics, Possession of Altered Ephidrine (precursor chemical for manufacturing meth) and 1st Offense Manufacturing Methamphetamine. Judge Prioleau set a total bond of $95,000 and Granger was released the next day.




ScreenHunter_5414 Jul. 01 06.08 ScreenHunter_5415 Jul. 01 06.08 ScreenHunter_5416 Jul. 01 06.09 ScreenHunter_5417 Jul. 01 06.09 ScreenHunter_5418 Jul. 01 06.09 ScreenHunter_5419 Jul. 01 06.09




Meth dealers are the worst of the worst, spreading that chemical poison through our communities. It will be interesting to see the final results of this case.



  1. The racist overtones really add perspective to the article. Great work ctl, exposing yourselves for what u truly are

    • So, the truth is racist. Good to know.

    • Stop pimping white guilt to get insurance pay outs. All of sudden churches are burning down. Right. Tshirts buttons arson insurance fraud. That’s right homies milk tragedy for all it’s worth.

  2. Unpleasant facts are always racist.

  3. What he is saying is there are racial overtones to your article. When all this happened here there is no doubt what I would see on this site. I’ll grant you one thing chief….you’re consistent. You and people like you are also the reason I know this kumbya moment will not last long based on what is in your hearts. In the end we will never squash the petty crap until people like you would stop pissing off white folks and having them believe most of us are the criminals. Always talking about race baiting but evidently you’re not reading what you write. This is a sad article.

    • We report what is in the news, we just go into greater detail. Guess that’s racist, huh? Reporting on black serial criminals shooting up kids, mothers, wives and other innocents is racist, huh? Reporting on hundreds of white criminals is fine, though. Gotcha.

  4. You selectively report what’s in the news. Just don’t ever use the term race baiters. Not until you stop being one of them. I just respectfully wanted to comment. For some reason I keep coming back here to read the comments of your fans. Sad people. I do like to laugh at ignorance. Good talk. We’ll do it again.

    • Just because you can’t live with the fact that the vast majority of violent crime in this area (as well as the rest of the country) is committed by black folks doesn’t mean those who report it are racist. Only a racist would think that way, Matt.

    • I agree with you Matt. I was looking through these articles and all I see is hints at the Confederate flag removal and his opinion on black people. Admit it, “chief,” you can’t write an article that does not admit your hatred of black people or one without race altogether. You are a race baiter.

    • Admit it, you can’t have an original thought that doesn’t consider any opinion but your own, ignores facts and statistics and feeds our inherent bias and racism.

  5. It’s a crying shame that 13% of the population commits 50% of the violent crimes, yet some want to ignore that fact and play the race card. It doesn’t help one bit and nothing changes-the cycle continues. Facts are facts and con not be changed, only the way one wants to engage them. The death toll doesn’t lie and will continue to rise while many are in denial. Chicago and Baltimore have no confederate flags either.

  6. Matt, I understand where you are coming from. I will say this though, most people I know are able to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys, be they white or black.

  7. In CHS country, blacks comprise about 30% of the population. However, I only see black males committing murder. Usually young black males. That’s maybe 5-7% of the population. They commit at least 75% of the murders in Charleston County.

    Facts don’t lie. Facts aren’t biased. Facts just exist. Whether we choose to use them or recognize them of hid them is up to us.

    • These may be the “facts” but did you ever think of how it got this way? I think at the root cause it has more to do with white supremacy and how it’s disenfranchised people of color. A lot more so than the color of someone’s skin. Until people start picturing themselves in someone else’s shoes things will stay the same. Imagine if trayvon Martin was your son. Things would’ve been handled a lot differently. Now just imagine if you dealt with that realization of how little value a black face is in America. Could you honestly say that this was your America? I think not

    • Yeah, whatever. It’s in fashion to be a victim, even when all the same opportunities are there for everyone these days. Keep living in the past.

  8. nice one chief. Way to delete an actual good post yet leave all the racist comments. I heard you or someone who runs this site is a police officer. It closet racist like you who are the worst. I know this is your site but come on. Typical white supremacy shit. Btw I’m white you peice of shit

    • Um…what was deleted you piece of shit?

  9. Chief said:
    Just because you can’t live with the fact that the vast majority of violent crime in this area (as well as the rest of the country) is committed by black folks doesn’t mean those who report it are racist. Only a racist would think that way, Matt.

    Chief, What you said here should be on billboards all over Charleston.

    • Misunderstanding on my part about the deleted post. Guess your not a peice of shit. But how is the trayvon Martin case the past? This Type of stuff happens all the time and it’s overtly racist

    • Yeah, I guess a black kid slamming the head of a “white hispanic” into the pavement can be considered racist. You got me on that one. Mike Brown stealing from a store, assaulting the clerk, then attempting to take a white officer’s gun…yeah, that could be racist. Black kids running through the streets of downtown Charleston screaming, “Fuck white people” can also be construed as racist. We won’t even get into the case in Berkeley County from this weekend where five or six black males almost beat a white guy to death, or the case in Cincinnati. All probably racist. You have a point.

  10. George Zimmerman should have never followed. Mike brown was a whole different story. Walter Scott would still be alive had he been white. Teens screaming fuck white people is unfortunate but kids are dumb. What about when a black person applies for a job gets it only to receive impartial treatment from his employer.thats if there lucky enough to have been hired over a white person. Don’t tell me it doensnt happen I’ve seen it. I’ve been unfortunate enough to be confused as a good ole white boy and I know the things that get said and done. Oddly enough I know all about cincinnati and the racial tensions been at a boiling point there since forever. Im not saying there’s not racist on both sides. Im saying that a lot of the comments and posts have a racial undertone. Otherwise I like hearing about the shit our politicians and judges try to pull. Sorry for the essay

    • No worries, essays and debate are great. We don’t mind them. You might want to rethink this sentence, I don’t think it means what you think it means….”What about when a black person applies for a job gets it only to receive impartial treatment from his employer…..” Isn’t that what everyone wants? Impartial treatment?

      So, it seems we are back to the implication we are racists because we point out the criminality of black folks, however we are A-OK when we point out the criminality of white folks. If you read through the blog, you will find the only time we have used the dreaded N word was when we reported about a black race hustler from the NAACP using that word. We have used the shortened version when referring to some of the criminal element, black and white, because that is how they refer to themselves. But, we are the racists, huh?

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