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Wanted - Thomas Shewtzuk


Thomas Shewtzuk of Summerville is wanted for the weekend murder of Travis Gordon at a BP gas station near Summerville. Shewtzuk is said to have shot Gordon in the head. Gordon was said to be a young man who was going places. His life was cut short in a convenience store. Some are saying on social media the murder was the result of a dispute over a female.

Shewztuk has two charges pending in magistrate’s court in Dorchester County for Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.






You know what to do if you see him.



  1. 2 shots of hot lead to the chest??

  2. Hopefully his dog has not been left alone without being cared for while he is in hiding.

    • Really, the dog. I believe the focus needs to be on finding the murder in this case and pretty sure someone taking care of the dog. But if you still worry about the dog; talk to the ex girlfriend. I’m sure she can answer questions about pooch.

  3. Just a thought but he totally matches the description being given out of the suspect in the shooting at Emanuel AME church…….

    • The guy here looks to have markings on both hands. The thug from the church does not appear to have them…

    • Yes, if only we could see the church shooter’s left hand to see if the tattoo was on there. The sweatshirt is covering it as well as the angle of the camera.

    • Curious George. The only thing that matches is white! And the picture looks nothing like Thomas. JS

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