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They Forgot Some


In light of the recent rush to ban certain items we thought we would help out Ebay, Amazon and Walmart by pointing out they forgot some. We are sure they will rush to ban these items, too.





Maybe we have just reached the same stage with symbols that we have with words - only certain people can use them.


  1. Hey, that guy doesn’t happen to sing the negro spiritual “Dixie” does he? Since that tune was outlawed, I haven’t heard it in years….

  2. The president forgot to mention black thugs targeting whites in Charleston. No hymn for whites attacked by the black mob downtown last month? Jamal’s in jail explains why he don’t get called for the job interview.

  3. I like this website but I don’t like the confederate flag, never have even before the hub bub. We all know what it stands for, and it usually has white sheets with eye holes close by to it. Just being honest.

    • LJ It’s people like you who need to learn history. The South was the first to let black men fight as free men. Only 4% of people in the South had slaves and they did not fight in the War. White and Black men fought and died for that flag and this state. That flag is only a symbol of hate because people like you spread it as such.

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