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Never Quit


One thing we can say about our local law enforcement is they never quit. Recent developments in the October 25th, 2011 murder of five year old Allison Griffor have brought the suspects back into the public view. Sheriff Al Cannon indicates the recent arrest of Shyrome Johnson on a charge of Obstruction of Justice has breathed new life into the investigation. Johnson admitted to lying to investigators in 2011.

The suspects in the Griffor murder have been known since shortly after she was killed, but you know how it is out there in the world of thugs and thug supporters. Look how long it took for someone to give up the shooter of Tyreik Gadsden, and he was an innocent black child shot by a black thug. Allison Griffor was a white child shot by black thugs. No, we are not implying the shooting of Allison Griffor was racially motivated, but the unwillingness to help investigators put the perpetrators in jail may have been.

On October 22nd, 2011 there was another home invasion in the area. The suspects in that crime used a shotgun, the same type of weapon fired into the Griffor home. The victim of that home invasion did not come forward until after hearing about the murder of little Allison days later. As we have previously pointed out, the vast majority of home invasion robberies in the Lowcountry turn out to be drug dealer rip-offs. Thug on thug violence. Occasionally the thugs perpetrating the home invasion makes mistakes or operate based on bad intel. That is why the Griffor home was targeted three days after the first home invasion.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office has named the suspects in the Griffor murder. Philip Moses, Franklin Glover and Levell Grant. There is another suspect who is currently incarcerated at Broad River Correctional Institution. His name is Devoun Bennett.

Philip Moses was charged in the home invasion from October 22nd, 2011. He was charged with 1st Degree Burglary, Armed Robbery and Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime. Even while knowing Moses was a suspect in the murder of Allison Griffor, the 9th Circuit Solicitor reduced the 1st Degree Burglary charge to 2nd Degree Burglary, reduced the Armed Robbery charge to Strong Arm Robbery and dismissed the weapons charge. Moses was sentenced by Judge Stephanie McDonald in September of 2013 to 6 years on the burglary and strong arm robbery charges, concurrent, of course.



Philip Moses


Levell Grant


Franklin Glover





Moses is no longer in prison. He has had no other major arrests since he was released and had no prior major criminal history before committing these offenses.







Levell Grant has been in the SACDC since March 2015 on charges of Armed Robbery and 1st Degree Assault & Battery. He has a total bond of $100,000 on those charges.







Grant was also charged in the October 22nd, 2011 home invasion. He was charged with the same offenses as Philip Moses, with the addition of one count of Financial Transaction Card Theft. The 9th Circuit Solicitor, knowing Grant to be a suspect in the Alllison Griffor murder gave him the same sweet plea deal she gave Moses with the additional dismissed charge of FTC Theft. Judge Stephanie McDonald gave Grant the same concurrent 6 year sentences.








Let’s see what Grant was doing before and after the 2011 murder.


2007 Charges:

Possession of Crack - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

Possession of Cocaine - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.







2009 Charges:

Prescription Fraud - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge Deadra Jefferson to 2 years, suspended in favor of time served.

Distribution of Ecstasy and Distribution of Ecstasy Near a School - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor with the notation “will be directly indicted”. Indictment numbers are listed on the record. No additional instances of those two charges were found. In other words, the docket was cleared, cases dismissed.







As you can see, several chances were missed to put Grant down and possibly prevent the murder of a child.


Franklin Glover was charged with 2nd Degree Burglary in 2009. There is no record of this charge in the public database at the clerk of court website so we can only assume the charge was dismissed and removed from public record.








Glover was charged with Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol in 2014. The 9th Circuit Solicitor dismissed that charge in April of 2015.







Of the three who plead guilty to the October 22nd, 2011 home invasion, Devoun Bennett caught the worst of it. While Moses and Grant was given light sentences Bennett, who was 17 at the time of the home invasion, did not get the same deal. Bennett plead guilty in April of 2013, five months before Moses and Grant. The 9th Circuit Solicitor did reduce the 1st Degree Burglary to 2nd Degree Burglary and dismissed the weapons charge. Judge Roger Young sentenced Bennett to 20 years on the Armed Robbery and 15 years on the 2nd Degree Burglary, concurrent, of course. Bennett is due for release in 2028 and has filed a number of post conviction relief petitions.









As you can see from his disciplinary history while in prison, Bennett is just another thug who can’t live by the law on the outside or by the rules and regulations on the inside. He likes to have weapons, assault prison staff and masturbate in public.







We get the distinct impression more charges will be forthcoming in the murder of Allison Griffor. We also get the impression the re-release of this suspect information is a subtle message to those who have been named. That message is this - the first one who steps up and points the finger at the trigger-puller who fired that shotgun and killed little Allison Griffor will get the sweet deal. Our suggestion is, you had better hurry. Next year is an election year for 9th Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson and those deals thugs have come to expect might be in short supply while that campaign is underway and she suddenly gets tough on crime. Something to think about.




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