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We were getting ready to delve into the McKinney, Texas situation but the excellent folks over at The Conservative Treehouse have already done the work. We recommend you go read Part I. Then read Part II. Then read about the organizer of the pool party trying to clean out her social media accounts in light of the possibility of a lawsuit.

Given that information about a possible civil suit, we have to ask why the family who sponsored the June 7th, 2014 party in Berkeley County have not been sued yet. That is the party where Ariel Morgan was shot and killed in front of 800 witnesses. The family who owned the land held this large party on an annual basis. They charged admission and profited from the party. They held the party even though they allegedly had a plan to have security onsite. That plan supposedly fell through and they decided to hold the party anyway. Sounds like a liability issue to us. There is also a good chance that once a suit is filed and the family faces the threat of losing their property they will encourage witnesses to come forward and give up the killers.

The folks over at the Treehouse have also addressed prosecutorial over-reach as it pertains to situations like the one in Baltimore and the one here in North Charleston. The ultimate fall-out from that over-reach will fall directly on the shoulders of innocent civilians when the rioting starts.

9th Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson took the highly unusual step of calling a press conference to announce an indictment against the now former officer. We all know Wilson is up for re-election in 2016 and this case will figure prominently in that campaign. If you follow crime news at all you will note that Wilson never bothered to call press conferences to announce indictments of any of the black suspects who have shot white police officers in recent years. She has been too busy handing out plea deals.

Wilson will drag through this case on and on throughout 2016, calling press conferences whenever she thinks she needs a boost in support in the black community. She needs to get past the uninformed calling her racist, in spite of the fact that violent repeat offenders (most of whom happen to be black) continue to get the kid glove treatment from her and are roaming our streets killing innocents and each other. Attorney Andy Savage actually supported Wilson in her last run, but we have it on good authority Wilson is a bit fearful of him in the courtroom.

Once Savage brings in his experts and demonstrates how the officer was on the ground fighting with Scott when the video begins things will get hairy for her. That murder charge won’t hold up to the legal standard despite Wilson’s claims at the press conference. Manslaughter, maybe, but the officer did just have his ass kicked and was disarmed by a violent suspect on whom the Taser apparently had no effect prior to pulling the trigger on his firearm. Unfortunately, in her rush to cater to the black vote, Wilson has set the Lowcountry up for future violence when things don’t go the way she hopes they will. She is playing a dangerous game.

Don’t bother trying to Google terms like “Charleston Police Officer Shot”. All you will get is results about the shooting of Walter Scott. Not one article about any of the Charleston area officers shot in recent years.

No matter what you believe about the actual shooting, whether it was justified, partially justified, or way out of bounds, you have to have noticed the political powers in South Carolina have all chosen the side of political correctness. This is evidenced by the habitual drunk driving Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court taking great pains to specifically appoint a black judge to oversee the case. Judge Clifton Newman is generally well respected, but we can all see how the politicians want this case to turn out.

The officer in Texas had no support from his administration. He saw the way things were going and decided to get out. We hate to say it, but we have seen a couple of Lowcountry officers make that decision in recent weeks, too. They were good officers, but chose to get out of law enforcement before their administrators threw them to the wolves. Why sacrifice your physical, financial and mental well-being for an administration, or a population, that refuses to back you?

Now that the mayor of North Charleston seems to be caving into demands and conducting meetings with those who think black people should never, ever, for any reason be approached or confronted by law enforcement the city may end up with a “commission” like the one in Los Angeles. That panel of citizens has no experience in police work, the use of force or the law, yet they were allowed to review a case where a mental patient attacked officers, tried to disarm one and ended up shot and killed. They cleared one officer and determined the other was unjustified in shooting the violent suspect, although they found both guilty of “wrongly approaching” the black male. Once again, we are given the message police should never, ever approach a black suspect. Because, you know, slavery.

A representative of the Police Protective League noted the decision was “purely self-serving and political”, and stressed decisions like this would discourage officers from engaging in proactive police work. He is correct in that assessment. We have already noted that reluctance in Lowcountry law enforcement. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

On the bright side, body cameras are now mandatory for all officers in South Carolina. We already know how this is going to turn out since we know the vast majority of police officers actually do their jobs in a professional manner. We can’t wait for those body camera videos to start hitting  the web and the airwaves.

Just like the law enforcement’s adoption the use of Tasers, which was also demanded by the black race hustlers, those body cameras will soon be called another racist tool used by the racist police once they start exposing what your law enforcement officers have to deal with on a daily basis. The videos from those cameras will end up making it harder for certain groups to cry “racism” and misrepresent the facts of a given situation. They won’t like that. Guess they should have thought that through a bit more.

A few liberal politicians have seen that writing on the wall and included caveats in the law making it difficult for those videos to be FOIA’d by the public or the press. Just what politicians do when they know their hot-button issue will end up making them look bad. What good are those body camera videos if the public can’t access them to check up on their police officers. Wasn’t that the whole purpose of passing that law?


Now we pop into Greenville County where Tarece Lamark Cooks was just arrested for murdering another black guy by the name of Dunta Marquis Barber. Cooks posted about the murder on his Facebook page and that information was forwarded to a local news station and police.

Note: The blurs are courtesy of the news folks who don’t want you to read bad words. The post has since been deleted from Cooks’ page.








We found it interesting that between April 2014 and February 2015 Cooks was charged with 84 counts of Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle, Larceny, Criminal Conspiracy and one count of Unlawful Possession of a Stolen Firearm. The 13th Circuit Solicitor gave him a sweet plea and let him plead guilty to three or four charges and dismissed the other 80. Judge Letitia Verdin sentenced Cooks in May to 5 years suspended in favor of 3 years probation.








Less than a month after being put on probation Cooks killed another black guy. Black lives matter? Seems like if someone had done their jobs Tarece wouldn’t have been roaming free in the first place. Cooks has been charged with murder. It looks like cops in Greenville didn’t get that memo about not approaching black suspects.







Cooks’ friends here in Charleston think he is going to get away with murder, though. They didn’t really bother to read the news stories.







Let’s head back to Charleston County.

We first wrote about Reginald Bruce Taylor, Jr. in January of 2013 when he was charged with Inflicting Great Bodily Harm on a Child. It seems Taylor, aka “Webbie“, severely scalded a two year old child who had a toilet training accident.








We found it interesting that the child’s mother refused to cooperate with police, yet DSS ultimately returned that child to the mother. We have to question the rationale behind that. Taylor was initially given a $250,000 bond on the charge. That bond did not last long as Judge James “Rainbows and Unicorns” Gosnell came galloping to Taylor’s rescue, reducing the bond to $25,000 less than a month later and Taylor bonded out. At the time, Taylor had no major criminal convictions because the 9th Circuit Solicitor had dismissed his four previous drug distribution charges.







Taylor was found guilty by a Charleston County jury earlier this week. He took the stand to testify and jurors saw he could not keep his story straight. The stories he told on the stand were different from the stories he told police. He did admit on the stand the child was not transported for medical care until hours after he was burned. Taylor will be sentenced at a later date.

We hope the sentencing judge takes into account his arrest on May 18th on a charge of Distribution of Crack Cocaine. Taylor was free on $80,000 bond on that charge when he went to court this week. Of course, once he is sentenced on the child abuse charge the 9th Circuit Solicitor will probably dismiss the drug charge.







Just like when he was arrested, everyone associated with Taylor is upset he was found guilty of this crime which caused horrific injuries to a two year old. The “system” is the problem, not the fact that Taylor abused a helpless two year old.








Well, that’s it for today folks. As always, more to come later. Another of our CTL alumni is now in prison. We are waiting for the final word on the sentencing in that case.


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  1. Thanks for being on the ball, Chief. Excellent as always.

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