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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Mewling Merrithew


Voters in Berkeley County head to the polls this morning. The last time less than 10 percent showed up to pick a new sheriff and 52 percent of them sent the message they would prefer to continue with corruption and are fine with a liar holding that office.

It also seems one of Lewis and Callanan’s messenger boys is giving up the ghost after being pressured for his previous claims. Jerry Merrithew tried to tell a local reporter one candidate violated the law by offering him a job. When the reporter decided Merrithew was not believable he was sent to a news website with ties to Callanan and some power players in Berkeley County to peddle his story. Now he’s trying to modify that statement with another last minute claim. Strange he didn’t mention all that before, isn’t it?






As you can see Merrithew is now claiming at least four other candidates were promising each other jobs and favors. Want to bet he ends up working for BCSO if Lewis wins?

We don’t hold out much hope voters in Berkeley County will do the right thing. Some are trying valiantly to change the status quo, but they are outnumbered by those who support the powers that be with something to hide. On the bright side, we might have four more years of corruption to write about. That should keep us busy. We are considering starting another site exclusively devoted to Berkeley County and the scheming, scamming and corruption within the Republican Party there.


Oh, by the way, how can an Attorney General conduct an unbiased investigation of Duane Lewis as mentioned in a previous news story, yet turn right around and endorse him a day later?




  1. Past time for change

  2. I hope Tim Callanan has enjoyed his political career. Berkeley residents are tired of him and will be pushing for his removal as GOP president. You are correct Chief, Alan Wilson should be the most unbiased person. Alan Wilson will never get my vote for any office again and I will encourage others not to vote for him either.

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