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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Human Garbage


Duane Lewis hasn’t been elected Berkeley County Sheriff yet, but he has already put together a “citizens” advisory council. Heck, he can’t even attend a forum with his Democrat opponent and the people of Berkeley County. You citizens can already see how the next four years will go if Lewis actually wins. Even as a candidate he lets you know he is not responsible to you and doesn’t give a damn what you think or what questions you might have for him. Honesty and integrity - yeah, right! He learned well from his mentor DeWitt, didn’t he?

A concerned voter has been doing research into the members he “appointed” to the council to advise him. Let’s take a look at what has been reported to us so far.


Michael Ramsey (Hanahan) - Ramsey is on the Hanahan Board of Zoning Appeals and is a private appraiser.

Update: Ramsey is an appraiser for Berkeley County.

Charlie Cox (Hanahan) - Former member of Hanahan Town Council and father of Kevin Cox, current member of Hanahan Town Council. Kevin is married to Janet Watson Cox, daughter of……

Ralph “Butch” Watson - Former Hanahan Town Council member.

David Shuler - Runs the fire department there in Shulerville and has a number of relatives employed by BCSO.

Walter Early - Pretty much runs Pringletown

Hercules Brown - Pretty much runs Alvin.Also works for Berkeley County government.

Jamie Gibson - runs the neighborhood watch in Cane Bay.

Shelly Green - District employment coordinator at the Berkeley County School District.


It seems that Lewis is making a merry band of some of the power players who control the direction of the Republican Party in Berkeley County. We already know Chairman Tim Callanan, who squired Lewis around during the campaign, spent a lot of time introducing him to some folks with power, specifically some Daniel Island people with deep pockets. Considering most of our readers are quite familiar with the dirty dealings of the previous three or four sheriff’s, we can’t help but envision how this pay to play term will turn out if Lewis actually wins. There are some other interesting connections to judges and such. We should have some interesting stories to write over the next three to four years if Lewis is actually elected.

Oh, Tim Callanan has a message for you trashy folks who question him and his boy Lewis.







He did, in fact, address those supporters as sore losers. Several times.

Callanan made a whoopsie and enraged a few additional voters who have now been convinced to pull their support for Lewis. Callanan tries to make the issue about a high school diploma (which has allegedly been produced now) and ignores the litany of falsehoods and a possible outright criminal act involving Lewis’ current employment with the state and his “college degree”.







Curiously, Callanan seems to be willing to overlook the obvious lies of his boy Duane Lewis. As chairman of the Berkeley County Republican Party we suppose Callanan can selectively apply whatever criteria he uses to establish which liars of pieces of human garbage and which are not. Those asking questions as a result of the lies of Duane Lewis - human garbage. The liar Duane Lewis himself - a perfectly acceptable human being according to Callanan. In his response above we see Callanan resorting to the same biblical references used by many of the other criminals and criminal supporters featured in these pages. Why do the dirty and the guilty always fall back on God? As if God would condone actions. And you wonder why the Republican Party is in the crapper and losing support on a daily basis.


We discussed the current situation in Berkeley County amongst the group earlier this week. None of us could actually recall a write-in effort being successful, but there is a first time for everything. The fact that Lewis, Callanan and the Republican Party continue to attack their own voters and drive off a lot of those who initially supported Lewis does not bode well. If any of the three write-in efforts actually succeed things will get very interesting in that county. Any sheriff who is NOT Duane Lewis will get very little cooperation or support from County Council or the Berkeley County Republican Party. The best analogy we could come up with on short notice is a lone member of the armed forces being dropped alone smack into the middle of a Taliban village. It doesn’t matter whether that candidate is Adams, Bellew or Burbage - the powers that be in Berkeley County will first try to remove him via legal maneuvers using some of those connections with judges we mentioned earlier. If that effort fails they will lean heavily on back-stabbing and undermining that person as much as possible throughout his entire term.They will use their minions (like they did with Merrithew) and their political connections to certain state politicians and news websites in their efforts to destroy.

You folks in Berkeley County elected the people who will do this. You continue to elect those who view themselves as the elite and you, the voters, as human garbage who should never dare to question them. The future of BCSO does not look bright. Not only are some of those folks financially bankrupt, they are also morally bankrupt. No, Tim, invoking Jesus and referencing Commandments does not absolve you.

To the decent law enforcement officers employed there, we urge you to begin the process of moving to more reputable agencies who actually support their employees rather than subject them to political whims or sacrifice them to save the careers of administrators.







  1. smh Human Gargage? That’s how most of us look at politics now…I think he has that mixed up! Arrogant and seriously out of touch. AND since he’s quoting scriptures here’s one for him. Matthew 7:23 - And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’

  2. Trust me when I say.. once Adams is in, Callahan is next. Berkeley County is in the process of taking out the Garbage one Jackalope at a time!

  3. Shit’s gettin’ deep in Berkeley County. Maybe Lewis’s prior engagement was a bottle of wine and a puke bucket, cowered in some corner or under a rock. County is gonna cave in on itself if this shit keeps piling up. How in the hell can anyone even consider moving to Berkeley County and making it their home with this shitstorm? And new business? They read the headlines and roll their eyes. Out with the administration, all of ’em. This is the biggest mess since Bill bought a cigar and soiled a blue dress.

  4. Timmy Callanan loves to belittle people and talk about trasn about everyone else being big goverment RINO’s. But this is a guy who endorsed the Supervisor and then got hired by the guy after he spent years getting fired from jobs and almost losing his house. What a hypocrite. He cant get a job outside of goverment. Wonder if he has a Obamaphone too.

  5. Yes, we have been called sore losers, human garbage…. Tim also called one of his friends when he found out that she was questioning Lewis… and threw the “F” bomb at her… then speaks out of the other side of his mouth… with religion. He posts scriptures and then has a potty mouth! Amazing huh?… Calls a Veteran a human garbage.. along with the rest of us within the Group named “Concerned Voters of Berkeley County”. The taxpayers pay his 106,000.00 a year salary… only to be called human garbage. I take great offense to that Tim Callanan. His Boss, Bill Peagler needs to address him.. with corrective measures…. He should not be holding the position that he has within the Berkeley County Government!. This is an outrage! Tim???… why is it only you that opens your potty mouth?.. why doesn’t Duane Lewis come out from under his rock and address the citizens that he expects a vote from.. and come clean on his lies?… Furthermore, I do truly think he needs to step down… and let either Anthony Smalls, Derek Burbage… or the other write in candidate or either Brian Adams take this position…. We have now come into the third week of not hearing from Duane Lewis…. but why should we be surprised?….. Berkeley County has always done this.. for as long as I can remember….

  6. this is the info from the lady who got chewed out by Tim Callanan

  7. TimBo does not like discussions about being qualified for a job because sooner or later, those questions might get asked of his county job. When TimBo drunkenly demands that you tell him who in Berkeley County is more qualified to be sheriff, what he’s really trying to say is that he wants you to bring him the phone book.

  8. I didn’t have a solid opinion on candidates before all this popped up. I was a Lewis supporter at first even. But when he shut down any info the second he was questioned he started looking suspicious. When he refused to answer the very people he wants to vote for him, I started watching more closely. When he started naming committee members and his buddy was calling the very people he wants to vote for him names….he lost my vote.

  9. Lewis is losing supporters as each hour passes. If you folks in Berkeley are expecting honesty, transperency and integrity from Duane Lewis, don’t hold your breathe. Duane is not on the list of graduates because he went to summer school to complete high school. He never went to college and can’t provide transcripts because THEY DON’T EXIST! Anyone with higher education understands you must take classes to obtain a VALID degree. He has lied about where he was born, that he is a FBI academy graduate and so on. Duane, set an example for your children and quit lying. The Duane Lewis camp is trying to ride out the storm as long as they can….oh which will happen if he is elected btw…Duane doesn’t feel like he should be held accountable to the citizens.

  10. I posted on the public Berkeley County Republican Facebook last night and its amazing this morning it was removed. I’m so glad that someone screen shot it and I have posted it to my Facebook. Wow I feel good being garbage, isn’t it amazing that the Chairman of the Berkeley County Republican Party publicly goes around calling his party members garbage and then denies it. I’ve lived in Berkeley County almost 40 years, when the county was all democrat voters and that was due to the poor leadership of the Republican Party. I believe its like deja vu again. If Mr. Lewis earned his diploma through Adult Education which allows you to walk at graduation, that’s fine, but just be honest, lying takes you into deep shit, also the question to be answered here is “Why did he have to earn it through Adult Education Classes?”. Was there a reason why he may not been able to attend school, hmm maybe like expelled, sick, in jail, who knows. Get pass the piece of paper and start digging deep into his background, you have a problem when you can’t keep a job, unless you are in the Corner Boys Club (Moncks Corner). Anyone apparently can work at Santee Cooper if you know a Corner Boy. Duane, when you don’t answer questions and you evade from public forums and you also have the Republican Party Chairman batting left and right for you, it gives the impression something isn’t right, whether it is or not. Wonder how many employees will lose their jobs at the sheriff’s office who thought they would be protected when and if Lewis wins, because the corner boy will need to repay his favors just like this citizen board, LOL. Well the Tim’s Clan needs to enjoy the mess they have created with the Republican Party. Sounds and looks like a bunch of power hungry, greedy group who need to look in the mirror, especially speaking with a forked tongue. You cannot chair the Party through temper tantrums, dictatorship, favoritism and butt rubbing. You better wake up this isn’t 30 years ago when the party was a circus. If this continues and with the influx of new residents continuing to move to this county, especially from the north, I worry this county will flop back to Democrat. Tim, sometimes we don’t like other people’s views because they are not on the same page as ourselves, it doesn’t give you a right to dictate what is or what’s not appropriate. Tim if you feel the job is to hard, overwhelming, and requires you to have daily temper tantrums, maybe it is time to second think your position. The Republicans in Berkeley County need to overwhelmingly join the Berkeley County Republican Party so they may vote on the next chairman and may the chips fall where they are. As a proud Republican remember to VOTE TUESDAY FOR WHOM YOU BELIEVE IS THE BETTER CANDIDATE (BRIAN)(my opinion) AND NEVER LET ANYONE INCLUDING YOUR CHAIRMAN DICTATE YOUR VOTE! YOU EARNED THE RIGHT TO VOTE FOR WHOM YOU FEEL WILL WORK HONESTLY FOR YOU. Tim, please do not use GOD when you chose to judge others, for GOD throws us in stormy waters every now and then, not to drown us, but to cleanse us!!!!

  11. Good post “Laid Back”…and Ditto… Tim Callanan..we were all part of your Republican Party page on FaceBook….. and most of us were going to back your boy Lewis since he won the runoff… then the dirt started surfacing… we did much research. We would cordially post… but you didn’t like that… you deleted our posts because we tried to inform you of what Lewis did…. and was getting away with… you and yours wouldn’t listen. Then you started calling us sore losers, evil,human garbage… now fanatics……
    Well Damn! we as the taxpayers pay your 106,000 a year salary…. not only did you delete our posts…. but you blocked every one of us. we even went as far as posting nicely and did not “break any of your page laws” just to see what you would do…. and within a minute or so…. they also were deleted….. you just don’t like to play fair do ya?…. Tsk Tsk….. Truly… to save face or whatever it is…. you need to step down from Chairman of the Republican committee. You speak God out of one side of your face…. and call us human garbage out of the other…. most of our group is Veterans of the United States, that you called human garbage… we, the very ones that fought to protect your rights… and enable you to sit in the chairmans seat….. tsk tsk….. and when the election is over..


  1. Keep it Classy, BCRP | Charleston Thug Life - […] their wrong-doing and resort to calling their fellow Republicans with legitimate questions “human garbage“. Hell, they have even managed …

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