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The various factions can play with words and debate whether or not Dylann Roof is a terrorist or a racist all they want. One-third of the friends on Roof’s Facebook page were black. Does that mean he can’t possibly be a virulent racist? No. Some are arguing he may have thought he was killing Muslims, which is kind of hard to believe when a surviving witness tells us otherwise. There are those who pick and choose a definition and are arguing terrorism is an act aimed at a government. We disagree. Terrorism is also an act aimed at instilling fear in a populace. Take the killing of Christians by the various Islamic groups in the Middle East, for example. Christians in those countries certainly have no say in how the government is run.

Others are claiming Roof chose Emanuel AME for its historical significance. Maybe the facts will bear that out, but we tend to believe he is too ignorant to know much about that very significant history. For the moment, we choose to believe his only criteria for choosing a place to commit his crime was the number of black folks he might find there.

It may be too early and not enough factual information has been released to attribute a particular social or political motivation to Roof’s decision to kill, but there is no doubt this action was intended to cause terror and strife in the community. Based on witness statements it seems his goal may have been to jump start the racial strife those on the other side of the racial divide have failed to foster here in the Charleston area. When it comes to agitators of  such racial strife, the color of the perpetrator and the methods vary, but the goal is the same.

Is there racism in Charleston? Sure. You can see a good bit of it on display on the Facebook page of the white guy who was taken into custody shortly after the murders were reported. See the comments under his post about his detention and questioning by police. A lot of racists posting there take exception to his “white privilege”, which was obviously demonstrated by the fact he was eventually cleared of any involvement in the murders and released. The fact that nothing untoward happened to him apparently had nothing to do with the fact he cooperated with authorities at a time when information was sparse and things were extremely hectic and a bit overwhelming for first responders. Nope. White privilege is what did it.

The problem these race agitators of various stripes run into is that folks in the Charleston area are generally able to see the common sense side of things. They choose to come together in mutual condemnation of actions taken by race agitators, particularly when those actions involve the murder of innocents. Anyone watching the coverage of prayer vigils, church services and the scene outside of Emanuel AME has seen the true colors of Charleston - all of them - as they came together in prayer and demonstrated their support for the families of the murdered and the community as a whole. Unanimous revulsion was also demonstrated toward the killer and his actions and whatever motivation drove him to execute innocents in a place of worship. This killer may have sought to divide, but for the most part he failed miserably.

No matter what else he is, Roof, like most mass murderers, is most assuredly a despicable coward. You see, he did not choose to demonstrate his alleged racist beliefs by rolling down Line Street, America Street, the Bridgeview housing project or almost any of those neighborhoods in North Charleston we hear so much about. Roof pointedly avoided those areas we constantly see featured in news reports for violence and death. Why did he avoid them? Because his efforts to kill as many people as possible would almost assuredly have been met with return fire. Instead, this piece of crap chose to enter a church where he knew his victims would most likely be unarmed and unable to successfully resist or put an end to his murderous spree by returning fire and putting him down. This is what these twisted individuals do.

And what do politicians do in the midst of dispensing platitudes about the murders? Well, the President, who is never one to let a crisis go to waste, used this one (like he has with others) to push his gun control agenda. Pastor Thomas Dixon beat him to the bunch on that one, however. Once again the liberals want to use an act where unarmed citizens were murdered by an armed criminal to further their goals of completely disarming the law abiding public. They fail to note that if just one of those fine upstanding individuals in that church was armed we would not facing the horror of nine dead. Nope, makes more sense to use this terrible situation to further the agenda of disarming the decent folks. Our wonderfully ignorant and uninformed President claimed these mass killings do not occur in the rest of the world. He is either not that bright or he doesn’t care about the truth. We choose to believe the latter.

Did anyone bother to tell the “Reverend” Al and the NAACP that the people who identified and turned in his fellow fomenter of racial strifle were white folks? Not that it matters as long this maggot was taken into custody, but it feels only right to point that out since the folks mentioned in the previous sentence spend so much time talking about race in situations where it really does not matter.


To the people of the Lowcountry, you just keep doing what you know is right.





  1. Allegedly he asked if the pastor was there, or asked for the pastor, when he first went into the church. Its possible he knew who he was, but possibly not. He did drive to downtown Charleston from outside Columbia and went into the oldest AME church. If he just wanted a church where black people were he could have picked any number of churches in Columbia. So it does seem like he at least had some awareness of the historical symbol of that church. Doesn’t really matter though. He took innocent lives in the most cowardly way possible. They should put a sign on him and have him walk up and down every street in Charleston and North Charleston without any police protection. Or just send him to the state prison and stick him in general population. My guess is he won’t last long. Very unlikely that the Aryan Brotherhood or anyone else will provide protection for him.

    • We have been told he had been in that church before. Not sure if that is accurate or not.

    • Not true Chief it was told to the FBI that a local towing company towed his car last month not far from the church

  2. Why did they let “Judge” Gosnell hold the bond hearing. At least the rest of the world will see that he is not the brightest bulb in the box.

  3. Via Kareem Wall:
    The murder of Brother Clementa Pinckney and 8 others was not simply racially motivated as the media would like you to believe. I am not saying race didn’t play it’s parts but it is not the purpose of this massacre. I truly believe there was a hit, an ASSASSINATION attempt on Bro. Pinckney’s life for his pro-black, pro-working class progressive politics. Look into Bro. Pinckney’s political career and advocacy and you will see his work was, has and is dedicated to removing privilege and creating equality. In a effort to protect Charleston’s “way of life” this brother was ASSASSINATED and the lives of 8 others were taken as well to cover up the work of something greater. Will our next state senator be white? Absolutely and all of Bro. Pinckney’s work will be undone. Pay attention brothers and sisters, they don’t truly believe in equality, they just like the way it sounds.

    • Assassination ? I seriously doubt this kid is anything more than a screwed up individual who wanted to shoot black folks.
      Why he wanted to shoot black folks is anyone’s guess, but this A-hole isn’t smart enough to be an assassin. He sure as hell didn’t have a very intelligent get away plan.
      Of course you’ll say that was all part of the plan by the white supremacists that orchestrated the plot…..(kill the assassin to cover our tracks….right ?) Get real.
      Perhaps you could explain to me why certain people in our society scream about “equality” but want to be treated “special” ? They want to have their own churches, their own colleges , their own beauty pageant, their own business association , their own caucus in our government and so on.
      That segment of society would be the first to scream “racism” if there were such a thing as a “ Miss White America” beauty pageant or a “ White Emanuel Methodist Church”. And what would they call a “White Better Business Bureau “ or an organization called the “National Association for the Advancement of White People” ?
      You scream about equality and yet you embrace separatism.
      There is no conspiracy in this tragic event. No hidden agenda to derail the black community. Just a fucked-up kid with a gun and a very stupid idea about how to change his world.

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