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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Crime Continues

If you have been watching the local media you would think crime in the Lowcountry has come to a halt in recent weeks. Granted, news of the murder of nine innocents has filled the ether and the airwaves. Before those victims were even properly mourned the political agendas began to spew forth. Watching the local news now one would think the only problem the Lowcountry and South Carolina has is that damn flag.

Having Roman Bennett, of 2551 Midland Park Road, charged with six counts of 2nd Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor and one count of 3rd Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor is not even worthy of a mention. Bringing down that flag is definitely more important than alerting the public to someone who appears to be very involved in child porn.

We found no previous arrests for Bennett.








Johnathan Jerome Benson of Johns Island was in a stolen car when he engaged police in a vehicle pursuit.






Benson, who is a well know burglar and thief on Johns Island, has a criminal history dating back to 1992. He has been convicted of multiple burglary and theft charges. He has also been charged with armed robbery and pointing and presenting a firearm in that past. As usual, the majority of his charges have ultimately been dismissed. He likes to get into car chases with the cops. He had done that twice since 2008. Benson was sentenced to 10 years for burglary in 1994. He was sentenced to 3 years in 2013 after pleading guilty to multiple counts of property crime enhancement charges related to grand larceny. He didn’t actually do much time.  This latest arrest makes the thirty-third (33rd) criminal charge for Benson since 1992. When criminals usually end up with probation they have no fear of the consequences of their criminal acts.


Jourdyn Dontell Kelly of Olivia Drive has been charged with Attempted Murder and Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime.








Kelly was convicted on a charge of 3rd Degree Burglary (reduced from 2nd Degree by the 9th Circuit Solicitor) in October of 2014. He was sentenced to a YOA term of 1 to 5 years, suspended in favor of 2 years of probation. Didn’t take him long to violate that probation, did it?









CTL alumni Bryan Charlebois is back in jail on new charges of 2nd Degree Burglary and Grand Larceny.






Charlebois still has pending burglary and theft charges in Charleston County from 2014. He was out on bond on those charges when he was arrested in Berkeley County on June 8th on two drug charges. A Berkeley County magistrate gave him a personal recognizance bond on those charges. A motion to revoke his bonds on the pending charges from 2014 has also been filed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.


We found it rather interesting when we observed only 15 people had been arrested in the whole of Charleston County this past Friday. That goes to show you just how much of your law enforcement resources are used when the President comes to town. Or maybe it had nothing to do with that visit. This past Saturday only 25 people were arrested in Charleston County and the bulk of those were for relatively minor offenses. The law enforcement slow down apparently continues. Can’t say we blame them.


In other news, Ronnie Vanzant, previously presumed dead in a plane crash, has been discovered living in Charleston and is currently housed in the SACDC on charges of Armed Robbery, ABHAN and 1s Degree Burglary. Based on his booking photo it looks like he may received a well deserved tune up from his victim.







Yeah, we know this thief is not the Ronnie Vanzant of Lynyrd Skynyrd, but what the hell. This Vanzant was also arrested last year on charges of Property Crime Enhancement and Financial Transaction Card Fraud. The enhancement charge means he has a criminal history of property crime convictions somewhere. We really didn’t feel like checking every county in the state this morning, however.




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  2. What is a normal or average number of arrests booked in the Charleston Country Jail per day?

    • Usually between 50 and 80.

    • Thx!

  3. Sweet Home South Carolina.. when’s the next time my Govr’nes is gwine to betray me?

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