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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Abysmal Berkeley


The voters of Berkeley County have spoken and it looks like this guy was right. Although the meme should more accurately state, “What difference does it make if I lied to you?”







Approximately 12,500 voters out of 106,000 registered bothered to show up at the polls for the hotly contested race for sheriff in Berkeley County. Abysmal. Just goes to show people are content to let the tainted leadership of the parties run things with minimal input. Of those 12,500 only 5,898 voted to continue the lies and corruption of the leaders of the sheriffs office. The rest voted against Lewis, either by voting for the Democrat or a write-in candidate.

Now that the citizens in Berkeley County have repeatedly shown they are content with corruption and questionable ethics in their county law enforcement administration they seem to expect everyone to simply forget it. We have a feeling that is not going to happen. Most of those write-in votes, accounting for a third of all the votes, were from the group Concerned Voters of Berkeley County. The group was formed after the lies of Duane Lewis were exposed. The next targets for that group are the “leadership” in the Republican Party who shut voters out of the party’s social media pages, called them “human garbage” and told them to “f*** off” in personal phone calls after those voters began asking pointed questions about the party’s chosen corruptocrat. Rumor has it one member of the party administration was removed from a polling place for haranguing voters. We are working to confirm that at this time. Be careful going going after folks like Callanan and Hardesty, though. Now that they have their boy in as the county’s top law enforcer we can see some of you folks being forcibly removed from Republican Party meetings in cuffs and being frog-marched to Hill-Finklea.

For those deputies who supported other candidates and those candidates did not participate in the “endorsement for hire” scheme - get ready apply elsewhere. We have already heard rumblings you won’t last long at BCSO. To those citizens who took on the party and fought for honesty and integrity - be prepared to have your deputies used against you. It has been common practice at BCSO in the past. Remember the narc unit surveillance of those folks protesting and demanding drunken DeWitt’s resignation or deputies standing on street corners campaigning for a solicitor candidate while you paid their salary?

Yeah, those people you saw photographing your vehicles were doing that for a reason. Now you see why the Republican Party twisted itself into knots and began to eat their own in order to maintain control over that crucial tool of retribution. We would suggest you invest in a dashcam or record any interaction with BCSO personnel on your phone. Just to be safe. Unfortunately, the decent deputies you do have will have to do what they are told or face losing their low paying jobs. Since the BCSO is noted by other law enforcement agencies for it’s corruption and can’t even participate in regional task forces as a result, even the decent deputies can’t get jobs elsewhere.

You get what you vote (or don’t vote) for, folks. Enjoy the next three years. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.



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