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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years



The folks over at the Propaganda & Criminals have been in their liberal version of heaven for the past few weeks. The got to report on an off-duty CCSO deputy who kneed an idiot who photo-bombed a group of women and ended up being charged with simple assault. That made them happy, particularly after they had been able to report on a former (read: fired) police officer who had some sexual contact with a 14 year old boy back in March. As usual the P&C wants you to put the words “police officer” right alongside the word “arrested”.

It isn’t helpful to the P&C at all to stress the fact that Michael Paul Norton was fired from Hanahan P.D. in 2014. The crime he was arrested for occurred sometime in March of 2015 and had no connection to his previous employment or employers. We notice the P&C did not bother to publish the name of the trucking company Norton was driving for at the time of his arrest. Why? Well, because it doesn’t serve their agenda to link a trucking company with an alleged child molester like it does to link law enforcement.




Michael Norton



The P&C and other local media have been no the attack against law enforcement for quite a while now. The P&C continued that attack this weekend with a piece about suicides in the presence of a police officer must somehow be the officer’s fault, particularly if the people who kill themselves happen to be black. They bring up Denzell Curnell in that slanted article yet fail to mention Curnell was given the heave-ho from the U.S. Army for expressing for being suicidal. Why tell you that when they can try to make you believe the thoroughly disproved witness statements that an officer shot Curnell in the back of the head. Forensic evidence be damned.


In other news the Dallas Police Department was attacked by a guy driving an armored vehicle with gun ports. Gee, the militarization of the criminal element is something the President should do something about, huh? Maybe the sale of such items should be banned.





Orange is the new black, huh?





We find it interesting the NAACP is supportive of faux black person Rachel Dolezal,  who listed her her race as “black” or “African American” on job applications and lied her way into a high position in the organization, yet they whine and complain every time some fraternity or sorority disguises themselves as black people for a party. As students at Clemson found out last year, even dressing as gang members is racist, even though gang members come in all colors.



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  1. It’s great that the P & C will write about anyone that is arrested for sexually abusing children, but how about they write about more than the just former law enforcement, these arrests happen everyday and no one ever knows about it. I understand that the arrest doesn’t mean that there is guilt per say, but the media barely reports when a person has been found guilty by a jury (or if took a plea.)

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