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Trial Results


We have some trial results out of Dorchester County.

In May of 2013 James Lamont Singleton was charged in a Summerville home invasion. The then 18 year old Singleton was charged with 1st Degree Burglary, Possession of a Firearm During a Violent Crime and two counts of Attempted Murder. The home invasion occurred on Pintail Drive. During the home invasion a female was shot twice, once in the leg and once in the hip.






Singleton went to trial earlier this month. A Dorchester County jury found him guilty of 1st Degree Burglary and Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime. The two attempted murder charges were reduced to 1st Degree Assault & Battery and Assault & Battery of a High & Aggravated Nature. Apparently the jury simple decided shooting someone twice did not amount to attempted murder.  Either way, Singleton was found guilty of both assault charges. The jury found him not guilty on the Kidnapping charge. We have no idea how they could possibly come to that conclusion considering Singleton violently forced his way into someone else’s home (granted, it was the home of a fellow thug he was trying to rob), restrained people against their will and ended up shooting one of them twice.








Judge Maite Murphy sentenced Singleton to 40 years on the burglary charge, 5 years on the weapon possession charge, 10 years on the 1st degree assault charge and 20 years on the ABHAN charge. Now, the local media would report to you that Singleton was sentenced to 75 years, but since those sentences were set to run concurrent he was really only sentenced to 40 years. Based on the charges Singleton should have to serve at least 85 percent of that 40 year sentence.


There is still one suspect on the run in this home invasion case. Singleton’s fellow gang member Albert Jamar Bell.





We first wrote about Bell in our series on the gang known as Town of Lincolnville. You can find his criminal history in that post. Bell fled the area with his mother shortly after they discovered there were warrants for him in the home invasion case. Yes, his mother helped him escape. Seems to be a common thing, doesn’t it? In that same post we pointed out to authorities that Bell and his mother had fled to Avon Park, Florida to live with his grandmother for a while. They are believed to be in the Avon Park/Sebring, Florida area although Bell has been known to visit the Lincolnville area a time or two since fleeing.

If you see this maggot, you know what to do.






It sounds like this might be a good case to get the U.S. Marshals involved in so Bell can join his buddy Singleton in prison for a few decades.



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  1. A 40 year sentence @ 85%…? I’ll take it! Please give out more.

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