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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

The Gift That Keeps On Giving


Berkeley County truly is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to fraud and corruption. On Monday afternoon WCIV reported that Duane Lewis’ bachelor of science degree (or BS degree, as it were) in fire sciences from Western States University was a fraud.

As it turns out, the “university” was sued and shut down because it was nothing more than a diploma mill. Pay some money, get a degree. Western States was eventually sued out of existence. We even saw information indicating it is illegal in the state of Texas to claim a degree from the “university” on a job application or resume.

A quick Google search reveals quite a bit about the “school”. Here is a very interesting thread about the worthless degrees from 2002 with stories dating back to the late 1990’s, so those of you claiming Lewis might have “done it the right way 23 years ago” can see the “school” has been a fraud from day one. Here is an article from 1987.

A number of public service “professionals” ended up losing their jobs or incentive pay as a result of claiming these fraudulent degrees in the hiring and promotion process. Here is a story containing information about a firefighter who submitted his WSU masters degree to his employer just seven days after he submitted his bachelors degree. He must have studied day and night, huh? What dedication!

We find it interesting that Lewis and his folks made a big deal out of other candidates not having college degrees when in fact he really doesn’t have one, either. Not that a degree in fire sciences would have anything to do with law enforcement in the first place. When these facts were pointed out to the Berkeley County Republican Party on their Facebook page, Chairman Tim Callanan promptly decided to take his ball and go home. He closed the group to any Republicans not approved by him.







An “open forum” that is a closed group. Gotta love the irony in that. This is exactly what politicians do when they lose control of the narrative and their fraud becomes obvious. Nothing like stifling the free exchange of ideas and information among members of your own party, right Tim? You can go to their new “fan page“, but there hasn’t been a post put up there in over a week and you had better not try to post anything the powers that be don’t approve of.

That certainly does not bode well for the folks who are making the point that Lewis is probably guilty of falsifying the paperwork necessary to qualify for this election. The party that made a huge deal out of a clerical error by another candidate will undoubtedly fail to recognize or take action against this latest fraud perpetrate by one of their favored candidates. We haven’t heard about an emergency meeting of the party to address this issue similar to the one they had to address the clerical error.

Also suspect is the fact that WCIV waited until the run-off to release this information. Maybe they think they are helping the Democrat candidate Anthony Smalls. There is just one problem with that. We have scoured the local Berkeley County news sources and social media feeds for information regarding debates or joint meetings with both candidates present. It seems none have been scheduled, yet the election is only a couple of weeks away. Why do you think that is?

Well, you can blame it on typical Berkeley County shenanigans. Anthony Smalls is a great guy, but he also values his job at BCSO. We all know what would happen if he were to actively campaign against Lewis and lose. Smalls would subsequently lose his job. Heck, we wouldn’t be surprised if he has already been offered a promotion to stand down since the results of the election are already a foregone conclusion in the minds of many. We all know the folks in Berkeley County won’t elect a Democrat as sheriff. Especially not a black one.

Duane Lewis keeps saying he wants to restore public trust and integrity at BCSO. He should probably start by addressing this issue of his fraudulent degree and producing transcripts and details of the classes he claims he took. He won’t do that. He will continue to send his spokesman out to deflect attention from the issue by invoking the case of attempted murder against Lt. Will Rogers. Now that’s a dirty bastard, right there.

Of course, once Lewis is sworn in we here at CTL will have at least another four years to expose the corruption and mismanagement at the highest levels of BCSO. Things like the recent payment of $800,000 to the family of an inmate who fell while handcuffed and died from a head injury while waiting for medical attention. Or what about the fellow a few months ago who was injured when some pipes fell out of the ceiling of the jail and injured him. You haven’t heard about that because jail personnel moved him to one of those “unused” portions of the jail after he was treated for his injuries. We suppose they assumed by isolating the inmate the story wouldn’t get out. How much is that one going to cost the taxpayers of the State of South Carolina?

Public trust. Ha!








  1. It’s past time for Duane Lewis to respond personally. I and many others are tired of this corruption and the down right lies coming out of the county we proudly call home. We are also damn tired of having Tim Callahan and his cronies censor our opinions and comments on the BCRP page on facebook. No group of people will ever totally agree. Open to debate my ass….only if you totally agree for everything they stand for….. I know YOU Tim Callahan will see this, and you sir are part of the problem and a coward!

  2. Doggone, it’s like they are democrats. What the heck is going on, dirty politics at it’s best

  3. These bastards just won’t quit. They have their claws so entrenched in the BCSO and the BCRP that it is next to impossible to stand against the wrong they do. They are criminals of the worst kind. Akin to the mafia.

  4. Just a note. .. funny that when Lt. Will Rogers was shot there was someone of “interest” was found but BCSO did not want them or to even question them? Hmm.. then then police chaplain from another agency was questioned on Lt. Rogers status the chaplain stated that he was turned away and told by BCSO They didn’t want any help. .. What’s up with that?

  5. Debra Zimmer please call SLED with whatever you know!!!!!

  6. Tired of being silenced. Make your voice and your vote count. Join us at the Facebook page concerned voters of Berkeley county. We shall not be silenced!

    • Even though I voted for Brian Adams in both elections I was asked not to comment on this “concerned voters of Berkeley county” page after I tagged Derrick Burbage as my choice for write in. While also supporting Brian Adams decision to withdraw his endorsement of lewis.
      So be careful this page turned out to be and I quote “our page for our candidate” as I was told in a PM after I was invited to like the page. I wouldn’t put your page on a pedestal when the same hypocrisy is in play on this page. The administrator of the sight silenced me real quick. If that’s the reason for the page “concerned voters for BerKelly county” call it what it is. Brian Adams ONLY for write in candidate.Good thing I’m not shallow enough to let one persons hypocrisy sway my vote for Brian. They know not what they do.

  7. “Burned” by Berkeley County Fraudsters again! Damn! I was hoping his fraudulent fire science degree would finally get my arson evidence considered by BCSO. To date, “conflicts of interest” have prevented same JUSTICE. For you newcomers to Berkeley County, ARSON IS A PUBLIC SERVANT PERK. No one will investigate it because the perps hold public orifices and their privileged cronies aren’t talking… Shhhhh… Secret Society vows rule in BC.

  8. Irish: Great point! In my experience with freemason politico’s, corruption and organized crime hath no party delineation.

    Greeneyedgirl: I thought SLED was the answer to my being stonewalled due to “conflicts of interest” in local scumvernment. I learned quickly that without our having video of BCSO criminals holding a smoking gun, SLED won’t investigate.. at least that’s what 9th Circuit Solicitor deputy Alfaro told me.

    BCSO Whores: We’re watching you. Break more of my windows, burn more of my property, defame me more to meet your “glass house” criteria…and rest assured witch…karma is coming your way. ShhH… It’s a secret.

  9. Here is another reason why the citizens of Berkeley County should be worried about their safety. The Sheriff’s Department cannot even be trusted to investigate the shooting of one of their own deputies without screwing up the most basic task.

    I now know what new SC State Troopers must think when first assigned to Berkeley County - they have now entered the Twilight Zone.

    SLED: Suspect in Berkeley County deputy shooting was questioned and let go before standoff

    May 22 2015 10:56 am May 22 5:31 pm

    The suspect in the shooting of a Berkeley County deputy was questioned and let go several days before he was killed after a 10-hour standoff Thursday, according to the State Law Enforcement Division.

    Deputies spotted Jerome Thomas Caldwell on a road about 3 miles from the crime scene shortly after a search for the gunman was called off, according to an affidavit released Friday. Caldwell was trying to flag down drivers and told deputies he had spent the night in the woods. He gave them his name and address on Venning Road in Mount Pleasant.

    When asked why deputies let Caldwell go, a Sheriff’s Office spokesman referred questions to SLED. SLED spokesman Thom Berry said he didn’t have an immediate answer.

    • In defense of the agency, at that particular moment it did not appear there was sufficient probably cause to arrest him.

  10. Mirrors on the ceiling,
    The pink champagne on ice
    And she said “We are all just prisoners here, of our own device”
    And in the master’s chambers,
    They gathered for the feast
    They stab it with their steely knives,
    But they just can’t kill the beast

    …Is it just me, or is it completely inappropriate for a Freemason lodge to be perched on top of a (Berkeley) County Courthouse? Any social club / elitist fraternity whose vows include perjury, favoritism, and paganism should BE BANNED W/IN A 20 MILE RADIUS OF AN AMERICAN JUDICIAL INSTITUTION!

    ..I know.. I know.. I’m a retard wearing a tin foil helmet (as all good BC Fez wearing, Mohammeds God / Allah worshipping liars will tell you).

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