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Some Questions Answered


Yesterday afternoon we were heard a rumor of a possible suspect in custody in the attempted murder of BCSO Lt. Will Rogers. An hour later authorities started breaking down the perimeter. Even as Harve Jacobs reported live that the search would go on we could see officers in the background packing up the mobile command post. That possible suspect was being held in Georgetown. It was later determined he probably was not involved in this assassination attempt.

It was good that authorities looked at him, though. He is from Moncks Corner, after all. The only problem is that particular suspect is white or Hispanic. The suspect in the video at the scene appears to be black. We did notice a WCIV reporter picked up on that fact, even if they won’t actually report it until they are told to do so. After the video was released the reporter specifically asked if the suspect was wearing gloves and was given a definitive answer of “No”.

So, you citizens know what you are looking for even if those in charge at BCSO and those in the media won’t tell you. All you have to do is look at the suspects hands as you watch the video.






Others have made comments about the white car seen fleeing the scene. We have learned that car was driven by the person Lt. Rogers was talking to when he was ambushed. After shooting Rogers from behind the gunman pointed his firearm at the driver. He may have intended to take that vehicle at gunpoint. What would you have done? The driver backed away from danger, as most would, then drove off and circled back to render aid to Lt. Rogers after the gunman had carjacked another citizen.  Thanks to Moncks Corner Chief of Police Chad Caldwell’s statement to the press, we now the person in the white car was also a police officer, probably off-duty.

Let’s hope this assassin is caught soon. If he won’t hesitate in his efforts to kill a law enforcement officer, he definitely won’t hesitate to kill you.


  1. If he/she wasn’t wearing gloves..then why don’t they have the person in custody?
    If they are stupid they would leave prints..after all it was a random gas station robbery gone bad right? In the police report it says they are black? How do they know can see gloves in the video because of the contour from the hand. Black hands on a video look flat, not contoured. In the same police report the pants are black, not gray as told on the news feeds and station reports.The person on the video doesn’t appear to be black, they appear to be white with a straight hand hold on the gun and methodical in their approach of the stolen vehicle…like a white person would do with a certain background. He/she didn’t shoot other white people, just this officer. Red and white combined is unity to a killer with instructions from someone with a grudge. I would be asking who that person might be? If he/she was robbing the place and went out the back door to kill for time…who heard the alarm, who disabled it, who opened it with a key? Surely it had one of those doors didn’t it? The witness states they saw them come from the back of the store in pitch blackness with no lights and still said they were black with a full face and neck mask on? and the wooded area is how many feet behind it? Were they behind the store also or was this the friends statement he was talking to when he was shot….given to a third party once he was awake. Make sure you get the right oerson BCSO.

    • What in the world are you saying, this crap makes no sense?!?!?

  2. How in the hell can you say this person is black. What from the video tells you that he is black. Fucking racist fuckers!!

  3. I apologize CTL for calling you guys racist. Live 5 ran the picture of a black man. Just got to have a facebook to reply to them. I figured on Monday you guys will run the same picture. So for now I apologize My question is how can you tell he was black? Where in the video can you say he is black. His walk or the way he hold the gun. Lol

    • Look at his hands.

  4. Ok I read your full post, How can you take the word of people who are actually and more than likely running away from the shooting. How can they say what he had or didnt have on. From a foggy camera yeah ok guys. I guys white, hispanic, asians, or whatever else can’t kill either huh?

    • Love it when idiots leave stupid comments before they read the article. They have an agenda, and by God they are going to rant whether it fits the story or not. You just lost all credibility, Frankie.

  5. Look at his hands huh? So I can’t buy black gloves out of the store? You guys are so afraid of black people that you are stupid. Blaming a black person is a easy cop out for what is really going on. Like I stated before, he was a dirty cop. I’m from a community in this berkeley county area that was known for drugs in the 90-2000. Alot of those guys say he was a dirty SOB. As we know if you don’t get caught on camera as a cop your incident.

    • Did you miss the part of the story about a reporter specifically asking if the suspect wore gloves and being told by Butch Henerey - “No, he was not wearing gloves”. Doesn’t fit you narrative so you just ignore it, is that the way it works?

  6. Of course you guys would delete my comment.

    • Just checked the trash folder - no comments from you in there.

  7. Chief, I hate to say this, but it makes no sense that the person in the white car was also a cop,but yet they fled?? I have loads of cop friends, have most of my life in fact, i grew up with law enforcement in my family, & i have yet to know a cop that didn’t have they’re gun with them at all times, even off duty cops… does that even make sense? Most times we hear an off duty cop jumped in & saved the day, yet this one fled. What would they have done if the guy had taken someone’s car with them in it? Would they have allowed himnto take them? I don’t know, this whole story just gets stranger & stranger…

  8. CommentThis seems like a set-up,. pure and simple.
    What was he doing there?
    Did he just happen to bump into the cop that fled or was he summmoned there?
    Too much of a coincidence that he was in the race for Sherriff and then a short time later is wounded in what appears to be a set-up.
    This Caldwell guy shot downtown might have had some answers.

  9. Well I guess the guy was black. BUt hey he is dead now and we will never get the truth.

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