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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years



Doing the right thing was once considered a just reward. Now families have to raise funds so they can have money to offer to incentivize others to do the right thing. Unfortunately, it does not always work.

The family of BCSO Lt. Will Rogers has announced a reward of $11,000 for whoever comes forward with information leading to the arrest of the maggot who shot him in a cowardly fashion. It is a damn shame his kids have to stand front of news cameras and plead for someone to step up. Someone out there knows something. Let’s hope they need a few dollars.


We don’t have much confidence in that reward bringing in any real tips. We hope it does, but given the results in other cases we have our doubts.


Take the still unsolved case of Ariel Morgan, murdered at a party last June. Another innocent gunned down by callous thugs. Her family has managed to raise a reward fund of approximately $9,000, yet that has failed to elicit any response or actionable information from our local community of thugs and thug supporters.







It seems Berkeley County has a problem with cowards who shoot and kill innocents, ambush law enforcement officers and those who cover for those cowards.





  1. It’s the Ghetto Code…


    Stand up, decent folks of color, CrimeStoppers does in fact work. When thugs can no longer disappear into the anonymity provided by their neighborhoods because the decent folks there no longer allow it, life will change. If you know something, do the right thing.

  2. Local prayers abound from the churches whose media systems He has placed in my care in loving support of Lt. Rogers, his family, Berkeley County, and the honorable men and women whose LE service reflects His Justice. His will be done. Be blessed folks.

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