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Officer Down Update


A Berkeley County deputy was shot several times last night at a gas station at Highway 52 and Cypress Gardens Road. The last word on Lt. Will Rogers is that he was out of surgery.He is said to be critical, but stable.

We were initially getting information that Rogers may have walked into an armed robbery in progress. Current accounts released by Interim Sheriff Butch Henerey indicate Rogers was talking with a citizen when a masked gunman came from behind the building and opened up on him. The gunman then carjacked a citizen’s vehicle and fled. That vehicle was found at the boat landing on Cypress Gardens Road.

The suspect is described as being between 5’10” and 6’4″, 200 to 225 pounds, thin build, wearing a black mask, grey sweatpants with a white stripe, a white long sleeve shirt and carrying a red in color silk bag. That physical description seems to be all over the place. At this time there is no definitive information on the race of the suspect, although WCIV is reporting citizens received automated calls from Berkeley County government in which the suspect was described as black.


  1. We at Black Lives Matter Charleston send out our prayers to the family of the victim. We are supportive of the legitimate law enforcement efforts of those who serve and protect our community with dignity, integrity and honor. Please feel free to watch us voice our concerns at the North Charleston City Hall meeting last night. We are striving to build more trust between the community and the police. Please disregard Mayor Summey’s claim that we threaten him in this video. As you can see, it was only stated that Mayor Summey’s time is up. I guess he felt threatened that we came and advised him that it’s almost over for his time in office.

  2. F.Y.I, we start at about 1:31:00 in this video. Please enjoy and feel free to give feedback on black lives matter charleston. We are the wave of the future!!!

  3. Where in the hell are “Black Lives Matter” and the rest of the gang that get so upset when a criminal resisting arrest are shot by a police officer trying to do a thankless job? I just don’t understand the black mentality! If he were an officer of color would they be marching? NO they only March when a good man does his job and has to use his weapon ” legal weapon” to protect himself and law abiding citizen so he can go home to his family! God bless all police but a special prayer by all should be said for this officer who some thug attempted to assinate! Shame on anyone who marched in prior instances but sit on their rear while tax payers pay their rent! This man was working to support a family and I dare bet the suspect slings dope and couldn’t file a tax return without his “baby momma” making a deal so they can get “mo money from da man” shameful! I pray this man gets home to his family and I think we are at the brink of a nation wide epidemic if ALL law abiding people don’t stand up and say “black lives, not thugs, matter!

  4. WTF? Are these idiots taking overdoses of their “Stupid Pills? I’ve seen the video surveillance….looks like the shooter pointed his weapon at the driver of the vehicle he choose to carjack. Do you think there really is going to be a rash of police killings? I remember seeing some sleezeball thuggette suggest it in her posts on FB when someone reposted her hate. People are insane. Cops don’t get paid enough for this crap. God be with them all.

  5. Well BLACK LIVES MATTER only formed when a white cop shot a black man. Where the hell were they when all the BLACK ON BLACK CRIMES were ruling the news? Hmmm guess it was ok for that ish, huh? Look at the RECENT Murder, INNOCENT BLACK WOMAN dies from BLACK THUGS. Where’s the damn protests for this? Oh wait, it wasn’t WHITE THUGS that shot her!!!!

    • Mel, very well put!

  6. So much more to this story… One officer standing outside the car, second one sitting inside car? MR. ROGERS IS THE ONLY ONE SHOT? He was the intended target if you ask me. Someone knew him and knew he was there, thinking this was all a set up.

  7. Point blank this was a hit. And to say the suspect is black is a point-blank sterotype. The info that I am hearing is that Rogers was definitely a dirty cop. Does that mean he deserves to get shot, HELL NO!! But like you guys dead right there columns, karma is a bitch. You guys should start looking at what happen in Decatur GA 9 years ago instead just blaming a black man.

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