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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Early Start


Getting an early start and practicing for Black Bike Week?

(H/T SC Militia - God & Guns)









  1. There has been nothing from you about the issue surrounding Brian Adams and Duane Lewis and abouttheir college degree or lack there of. Very interesting but the college Duane Lewis claims he had degree from is NOT a college. I pulled it from a list of non accredited sites and is more of a certification and not a college degree. Also not to mention the total lack of class to show up at a Brian Adams press event. Lewis then leaves his minion to video the whole event. .. or what about the BCSO driving them around. ..hmmm. the list of Lewis’ s endorsers keep sounding more and more like DeWitt s. Strange that if you check Lewis’ s money contributors are the same. . Wow. . But Lewis professes change. … What’s your opinion?

    • Debra. This site has stopped posting negative comments about Lewis because all the bashing of other candidates from this CTL and all of mr Adams supporters have cost him this election. Any support he had from other candidates was lost due to his supporters posting negative comments about other candidates on this site and on FaceBook. You must not of got the message from mr Adams to stop posting the negative comments about his opponent. He can thank people like you when he loses at the polls on Tuesday. Maybe he can try again in 2018.

  2. It still amazes me how much “black lives matter.” If the culture truly embraced the mantra, you would see more mothers, like the one in Baltimore that was immediately correcting her child for acting like an animal. We all know what the real agenda is behind “black lives matter.” It doesn’t have the same feel or punch when a black life is taken by another black (only to lose his life to years of incarceration or retaliation), ironically leading to the loss of 2 black lives. I guess I’m just too simple to understand why they only matter when taken by a white man.

    • Elder Johnson,
      Black Life’s Matter is nothing more than a hate group that is trying it’s best to drive a wedge between the members of the black and white races. Instead of all people doing their best to get along w/ each other and learning how to live together and help one another, this group won’t be satisfied until Charlie Manson’s prediction of a race war comes true.
      The big problem we have here is that blacks want to be treated as equal to everyone else, but they also want to be separate and different from the rest of society. Thus the term” African-American” instead of just “AMERICAN” like the majority of us here in the USA think of ourselves.
      Until we stop using such dual terms to define who we are, there will always be conflict among the people of this nation.
      Too many blacks believe that the law does not apply to them and they should be allowed to do as they please since the “white man” has presumably kept them down for the last few hundred years or so.
      Little do these people know that it wasn’t the “white man” that went hunting in the jungle to capture and enslave these people… was their own race that did that, and then sold them into slavery to whoever would pay for them. The black race has been conquering and enslaving the members of other tribes in their native land for centuries. It still goes on today.
      Unfortunately, for the miss-informed and uneducated portion of the black community that fall into the racial hate trap that Black Life’s Matter is promoting, white people and the police are NOT the problem in this country. The social problems of the black community has largely been brought on by their own actions. Fathers who are absent in the home and child rearing process is a major problem. Mothers who have six children by five different fathers is another. The role models the children have to look up to can’t write a complete sentence or use proper English, even though they were educated in the same public school system that most of us attended. The children grow up looking at the temporary wealth of the local drug dealer and see that it’s easier to make money as a criminal as opposed to getting an education or learning a honest trade.
      The Black Life’s Matter organization doesn’t give a damn about “black-life’s.” It’s pure underlining goal is to peak racial tension. What better way to do that than to blame white people and cops for everything they bring upon themselves ?

  3. Yes, BBW @ Myrtle will be even more of a disgusting spectacle than normal this year, the publicity of which shall decimate 10 years of PR Tourism work on behalf of the State.

    I am certain that the rent-a-mobs are eagerly anticipating raiding of all those t-shirt and souvenir shops and seafood buffet lines.

    A question: When those pants that already hang off the hindquarters become an anchor around their ankles on one of those parachute boat rides, will the insurance settlement set their Momma up with some sweet rims for their 1995 Ford CVPI?

    • HAH HA!….


  5. Tribal savagery, nothing more.

  6. In complete agreement with The Watcher’s comment on May 2nd. Adams was my top choice a de things happened.
    First, I noticed this site’s articles bashed every candidate except Brian Adams and secondly that most of his supporters joined all the candidates pages (I joined them all too, but to keep informed and an open mind) not to bash every candidate comment after comment after comment.
    Adams wrote me directly in the beginning of the campaign and I was more than impressed with his qualifications, his ethics and him in general. He was my choice in the first election but lost my vote the second round due to his supports being so down right nasty.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way.

    • First - we reported the dirt available on the candidates. We also did not report anything bad about Jerry Merrithew, Danny Isgett, Anthony Smalls or Will Rogers (except that his father was indicted) because it wasn’t there. So singling out Adams shows you have an agenda. Second - the fact you ignore the vitriol spread by supporters of almost every other candidate verifies that agenda. Would you like to see the screen caps from the website run by the Ollic supporter who is a lieutenant at BCSO? We have them, as well as plenty of others. So, according to you, Adams’ supporters should have just shut the hell up and taken the abuse. Good to know.

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