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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

And Another Female


Another female has been charged with Obstruction of Justice for lying to police about the shooters who killed Kedena Brown on May 10th. Charmani Keperiche Aaliyah Shark-McDonald, aka “Mani K. Porter“, of Alabama Drive was given a $100,000 bond on the charge. Other than the shoplifting conviction from 2013 we found no prior general sessions history for her.






Based on what we have seen in the past few years with the murder of innocents and mothers and the willingness of other mothers and girlfriends to cover for the killers, is it any wonder the shooting of BCSO Lt. Will Rogers and the murder of Ariel Morgan are unsolved?





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  1. Only a shoplifting charge. How many do YOU have? I have none, and don’t know anyone that has any or anything other than traffic interactions with police.

    But, I get the point. By lowlife standards, she’s positively an angel and beacon of good behavior.

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