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The Intrigue Continues


The Berkeley County intrigue continues as election day draws nearer and the incestuous relationships play out. We learned today department mouthpiece Dan Moon was recently shown the door by interim sheriff Butch Henerey. Moon was allegedly given the choice to resign or be fired under the pretense that Henerey was eliminating the PIO position for the department.

You have to be aware of the connections out there in Berkeley County. Moon was recently seen getting cozy in public with Ricky Driggers. This would have naturally upset Henerey who has always protected Ollic. Another complication for Henerey with regard to Dan Moon was the fact that his now disgraced former boss, Wayne DeWitt, is pushing Duane Lewis for sheriff. We are told Lewis also has a brother working there at BCSO and assisting with his campaign. Kind of sounds like DeWitt might still be pulling some strings out there, huh?

An interesting aspect of Dan Moon’s departure is the interim sheriff handing over press release duties to the county PIO under the supervision of County Supervisor William Peagler. If you remember the last Berkeley County election you will know Peagler was the candidate for supervisor pushed by Wayne DeWitt. If you thought getting information out of Berkeley County was going to get any  easier, you are sadly mistaken.

Of course, there is always the possibility Henerey decided to remove that PIO position to save the county and the sheriff’s office some money. That’s believable. Right?


Ollic was supposed to take a leave of absence beginning last month so he could run for sheriff and not violate any county policies or election laws. Strangely enough, he told the folks at the debate the other night he was still running the day to day operations for the department. Did anyone tell Henerey that?


A while back a number of citizens and BCSO tipsters pointed us to an Ollic campaign website and the BCSO employee who ran it. That site had all kinds of information which could only have come from someone with inside information. Within hours of our article on the site pointing out the very real possibility of that particular employee being fired if his candidate did not win, all of that information was removed from the site. Don’t worry, though, we have screen caps of all of it.

Now, we don’t have a problem with a BCSO employee using his own time and equipment to campaign for his guy, but there is a state law that regulates the use of that inside information.



ScreenHunter_3450 Apr. 04 14.48



In other election news we are told even the Democrat candidate showed up at the function at Harbour Lake the other night. Conspicuously absent was candidate Ricky Driggers. The word we got was someone’s husband has promised to attend all future campaign functions and Driggers chose to bow out for “personal” reasons.


We are a bit disturbed at the treatment of the mother of Ariel Morgan at some of the functions. She is a hard working woman who tries to show up as often as she can and ask a few questions just like any other voter. Unfortunately, no one seems to want to let her ask any questions. If some of the candidates and their handlers are afraid of questions from the mother of a child murdered on their watch, it makes you wonder what tough questions they will avoid answering if elected to run the sheriff’s office.

The murder of Ariel Morgan is still unsolved, by the way.



ScreenHunter_3473 Apr. 04 15.49






  1. I can assure you that at the Harbour Lake function there was no intentional exclusion of Mrs. Morgan’s question, as the selection of questions could not have been aimed at any specific candidate. I was not involved in that selection of questions, but it was by the luck of the draw as to which bank of candidates answered what question.

    The Goose Creek 912 is a Conservative impartial group, which also invited the lone Democrat as well as the Petition candidate to the Forum.

    The Forum can be viewed on Youtube at this link:

  2. The debates get more and more muscle flexing each time. The Harbor Lake one was so interesting.

    First, it appears someone told Fuda, he was really showing his arrogance and he appeared to calm down a bit. Still not a chance FUDA

    But lets get to the good points. Our 28 year officer Ollic, couldn’t even turn on a microphone..LOL. OOPS. He is still bragging about his 28 years of service, and how many departments he has supervised. Sorry Ollic, with all those years, you still have done nothing except follow your ex-leader, even to the point you used his quoted the other night. “The Sheriff office does not belong to me,it belongs to you, the citizens” COME ON!! stop hiding under your EX SHERIFF coat tail.

    Isgett, gives a great speech, but why not…he has campaigned for many SPOT LIGHTS during his career. Now in his speech you will hear how GREAT his current employer is, the Charleston Co. Sheriff Office. He praises the CCSO many many times during his speech. When in reality, they suck just as bad as BCSO with their political butt kissing, and their little groupies.

    Adams, remained steadfast and on track with his answers, just lacked the stern confident speech like the others, or could it be his lack of arrogance?

    The excuses were hitting the wall as to why some of the candidates didn’t run against DeWitt. So unbelievable. Fact is, none of the had the guts to put the money up to go up against the “Good Ole Boy” DeWitt.

    Don’t let your guard down, keep watch. You will see your elected officials still wanting the same ole same ole for the county. Those that will bow down to what the Good Ole Boys say to do.

    Yes, be sure to watch and see…Your Supervisor, Coroner, Assistant Coroner, your S.C. representative all standing behind the Good Ole Boys not wanting a change..they want their chia pet Ollic in office. For what? oh to make sure they have control
    REMEMBER this, at your next election and lets take them out one by one.

    • You are so right about Charleston County. Isgett is full of it. He is just as dissatisfied with how that agency is being run as everybody else. The Duece is running the place into the ground and we all know it.

    • Joe,
      I am the gentleman who ran up to assist Ollic in turning on the mic. It wasn’t his fault. The mic had been accidentally muted by Mr. Bates at the end of his comments. In fact, the mic was not working for Will Rogers either. I noticed it as soon as Mr. Rogers began speaking, but was upstairs and did not get down to turn it on until Mr. Ollic started speaking.

      Having said that, I feel as though I need to say that I am not an Ollic supporter here to defend him. In fact, I do not know yet who will receive my vote.

      I just wanted to clarify your remark.

  3. Butch Henerey said when he took over that neither him nor the BCSO would get involved in the election. Well obviously he lied about that. He has showed up to work more since being appointed sheriff then he did the whole last 2 years he was chief. Must be nice to collect a fat check and not have to show up to work. Since he wants to get involved in this election maybe someone should ask him who he used to work his and his wife’s yearly fish fry at his house.

    • Damn Donnie why are you worried about it anyways? You know you still want to continue on with that good ole boy crap and of course the corruption? I’m surprised you acting like you care….hmmm must be another ploy!! Who did work his fish frys? Was it the same people who confiscated the hog cookers that were supposed to be auctioned off but never were because Driggers and the Sherrif needed them for personal use? The same cookers they kept behind the narc office until Christmas time rolled around and it was time to cook a hog or use at the FOP?

  4. Damn jimmy C here you go again with more stupid comments. I don’t know about a hog cooker but you keep ranting about good ole boys. That’s all I hear from Adams people. You sure your not in Adams camp. I know you don’t care who wins. Yeah right. Maybe they should have kept the cooker on the side of road or the parking lot. No I know take it apart and keep it inside. You are an idiot jimmy C or should I say B Adams.

    • Lmfao you truly are an idiot man….you have no idea who the hell I am! I have never met Adams in my life and I don’t care who the hell wins the election. I’m on here just hoping and praying that the individuals who have been dirty and corrupt for so long get what they deserve in a court of law. Hopefully they will get to enjoy a life filled with sweet dreams and a big man named Jerome or bubba! As far as your idiotic posts and your obvious connections with this department, it really doesn’t bother me, you don’t know me and you obviously don’t have the brains to make an informed decision or you don’t want to because you are part of the problem….now run along now little Donna!

  5. Chief, in light of what has happen in north charleston I feel my comment accusing the dept of racial profiling is inappropriate at this time and should not be posted.

    • It was approved before receiving this comment. Either way, it’s good for law enforcement officers to know what their fellow officers think about them, no matter where they work.

    • Donnie, you are a complete pussy and coward. I don’t know if it got put somewhere else or if it wasn’t posted, but you’ve just admitted that you sent something accusing the whole department at North Charleston of racial profiling. Are you that worried about your job that you, as an officer of Berkeley County, would accuse another Agency of that so the mud would stick to a candidate that just happens to work there, and is running against your end all, be all Ollic ( that’s right, he’s not a dick anymore, right?) Was the interim Sheriff involved with you sending that, or does he simply need to apologize to the Police Chief on behalf of his computer guy? I wish that I was there, because I would bitch slap you in the hallway like you deserve. But never fear, I may be there soon enough.

  6. As a non LE observer, BCSO bus victim, voter, and tax paying job creator,I must admit that I’m now highly concerned that my tax dollars are paying for a lack of professionalism and supporting trash talking little girls. Consider this a call for respectable action to real men to counter the whores running Berkeley County.

    Ps: If ya’all can’t handle this responsibility, then your squatting when you pee good ole boy ass, is part of the problem.

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