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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Stunning Developments


In a stunning development, we were advised at about 5:oo p.m. that the North Charleston officer who shot Walter Scott is being charged with murder.

As you know, we tend to give officers the benefit of the doubt in these situations. It appears we were wrong in this case. We still don’t believe the case is race based.

The worst part of this entire thing is all of our law enforcement will be painted with this brush.


  1. I do not believe the shooting is race related either. But I stand by what the departments have announced that the officer was wrong and will be charged accordingly. It’s sad for all families involved in any shooting, whether the officer is in the right, or in the wrong. It’s just fucked up when a community shows it’s ass by rioting and killing others because they won’t take a professional police decision. And of course there won’t be any repercussions for this one, or will there?

    • If the video shows what it is said to show, you can expect this officer to go to prison.

  2. Wrong is wrong, blue or not. I had hoped for a better outcome for the officer, but as Chief stated, from what has been told, the video is damning. I pray for all my Lowcountry LE family for safe and uneventful days ahead!!

    • I was hoping it was clean too. But when I heard he stopped talking I knew something was up.

  3. I side with the LEOs as a rule, but not when they break the rules. Let the justice system do its job.

    Sure would like to see the video. Hope it started early enough to tell the whole story.

  4. Thank God for the video. Does anyone actually think something like this is the first time? Some seem surprised, and others don’t seem surprised at all. Because of these video capabilities that everyone seems to have, these types of things will slow down a lot. Because people now know that if you run from the MAN, never ever run where they are no people (woods). KEEP THE VIDEOS RUNNING, EVERYONE … INCLUDING LAW ENFORCEMENT … KEEP YOUR VIDEOS RUNNING … KEEP PRAYING PEOPLE

    • ^ THERE ^ is the brush. Paint much?

  5. I’ve seen the video which is very damning…Now let’s see if the solicitor can win a conviction.

  6. Chief, what I meant with my comment about no repercussions…I meant with the community. I do realize the officer is facing prison time. If he is guilty as charged…in which the video is living proof he is in the wrong, he deserves no less than prison. At the rate of the victims running, I’d say the officer could have outrun and tackled him with ease. It was a senseless killing.

  7. Fuck the police and CTL..

    • How eloquent. Do you realize that you have ZERO credibility when this is all you’re capable of posting and/or spelling? Usually when this is all you’ve got you’re either a criminal yourself, or the baby mama of one or more.

  8. Andy, it would not be safe to go hands on with one person still in the car. I’ll wait for the video. Splint seconds to decide who goes home at the end of shift.

  9. Just saw the video. He is probably going to jail.

  10. This is so horrible to hear and to see the video, it is damning. I hope and pray that the community sees that the department and SLED are fully cooperating and that this is not reflection on the many, many great police and deputies that do good every day. There was no excuse at all to shoot him. I know many officers and they are all shocked at such actions

  11. This is why all police officers need body cameras. For their safety and ours!

  12. Very disturbing video. James Elder did the right thing to commend the north charleston police department and sled for their quick response to the video and to also ask for no retaliation from the community. Feel very bad for both families.

  13. I don’t believe it is race based, either. But some… many… will attempt to make it so.

    This is bad. Really bad.

  14. I don’t know? When I was a child growing up in the sixties. The phrase was “HALT POLICE or we will shoot” You froze and permitted the officer to conduct his business with you.

  15. Thank god I checked one more….

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