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Sentencing Update - Joseph Hough


Regular readers will remember Joseph Randall Hough, aka “Trayoz Tol Santoz“. Hough claims affiliation with the gang known as Town of Lincolnville. He also claims to be a Crip. Hough has been featured here on CTL a number of times as we pointed out his gang affiliations, his criminal history, his probation status and how none of the stuff he posted on his Thugbook page seemed to affect that status.







Yeah, well, given Hough’s current status we can’t help but wonder exactly what he might be sucking right now.

The last time we checked in on Hough in September of 2014 he had been arrested by CCSO on a magistrate level charge. He decided to play tough guy and threaten to kill the arresting deputy. Hough sat in jail until February 2015 (despite a bond reduction by Judge James “Rainbows an Unicorns” Gosnell) when he plead guilty to the charge of Threatening the Life of a Public Official. Judge Roger Young sentenced him to 30 days time served on that count. Unfortunately for Hough he also threatened the life of another public official on September 19th. He plead guilty to that one and Judge Young sentenced him to 4 years.








Hough also picked up a charge of Indecent Exposure while he was locked up in the SACDC. That charge is still pending, but given the way things go in the 9th Circuit it will probably be dismissed because Hough was sent to prison for a short stay on the other charge. Gotta clear that docket, don’t ya know!








Hough’s probation on his Dorchester County burglary conviction was also revoked (finally) as a result of the above conviction and he was sentenced to serve 4 years on that. Concurrent, of course.







As you can see from Hough’s prison records, 4 years never means 4 years. Can’t keep felons in prison, you know. That looks bad.






We expect to be writing about this one again in a couple of years.



  1. Haha another bathroom picture in his mom’s house true gangsta.This guy probably uses powdered soap cause it takes long to pick up.

  2. Please don’t let him be gone for the entire sentence. This is one of the few who actually has funny posts. He brings new meaning to the term ‘white trash.’

  3. 2 is better than none, I suppose. Should’ve been 15, with possible probation after 7 1/2 served.

  4. It ends 1 of 2 ways. He eventually kills somebody or somebody eventually kills him. Hope it’s not another innocent person but based on what we all know it probably will be.

  5. The way he’s holding those guns is making me twitch. What a moron.

  6. At what age do you finally put this stupid gang shit behind and try to become a real citizen to your community? Better yet, what kind of woman would want to date a guy like this who thinks he’s a badass with that gun. I bet he’s never been in a real fight and will pull that gun out immediately if threatened. I’d wipe the floor with this piece of dog shit.

  7. The “at what age” thing is a good question. I mean, at age 30 it would seem pretty stupid to be dressed like a teenage moron. At age 40 it would be positively idiotic, truly indicative of a mental weakness.

    Add in the “wigga in his mom’s house” factor here, and it’s compounded even more.

    • When this guy gets out of prison, I’d like to hire him as a target-holder at my rifle range.
      Let’s face it….. some people should NOT be allowed to breed.

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