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Senseless Killing


A senseless killing occurred on Bacon’s Bridge Road in Summerville earlier today. 57 year old Lynn Michelle Harrison was killed by a bullet fired by Jimi Carl Redman, Jr. of Fort Worth, Texas.



ScreenHunter_3443 Apr. 02 18.55



You can find Redman’s social media pages HERE and HERE. He claims to be a welder and a former member of the U.S. Army. We can’t verify any of that, but we can verify Redman seems to be an habitual drunkard. He was released from the Denton County Jail on March 3rd after posting a $5,000 bond for a repeat offense of Driving Under the Influence.




ScreenHunter_3440 Apr. 02 18.48

ScreenHunter_3441 Apr. 02 18.51




Redman was jailed 11 days later in Denton County, Texas on a charge of public intoxication.





ScreenHunter_3439 Apr. 02 18.48

ScreenHunter_3442 Apr. 02 18.53



Here we are now, 18 days and 1200 miles later and Redman has killed a citizen of Summerville. Citizens tell us police were initially called for a maniac in the road waving a firearm. Before they could get there Redman had changed his location and fired a shot. That shot killed Lynn Harrison. Redman was rounded up by police a short distance away.

Who wants to bet we will be hearing a ton about this poor maggot having some “PTSD”? Don’t buy into it. A lot of people actually do have it and don’t run around shooting innocent women.





  1. According to SCRA website, he served only a year and a half in the army reserve.

    • Thanks, that is good to know. Maybe won’t see the claims of PTSD to excuse the behavior and detract from those with genuine issues.

  2. Worthless white trash.

    Why was SC cursed with this imbecile?

  3. Yep. “His younger brother, speaking from Texas by phone with ABC News 4, said Redman was suffering from PTSD and a traumatic brain injury he received while station in Iraq from 2005 to 2007.”

  4. That is the only time he served. Its lists June 2005 to February 2007 and that is on the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act website. I checked mine through it and it came up legit. But if you complete basic and AIT and whatever other schools and training is left. That doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Now I didn’t request a complete military check which would show all of his schools, deployments, medals, awards, and type of discharge. But all of that information is supplied by the DOD.
    On a side note, there is a large trend of people claiming PTSD to put blame on their actions. And these people may or may not have in fact have it. Which makes it worse for those that do have it and are diagnosed with it and are being treated properly.

  5. In court, the husband of the murdered woman said something like “I was in Vietnam, I didn’t come back and shoot people’s wives!”. Very cutting.

    His brother also blamed the VA for not helping him. Nothing is anyone’s fault anymore, of course

    • Thank you Rick. My dad is a Vietnam vet. My mom was his world. She was the kindest woman you could ever meet. True southern lady. The whole family is devastated.

  6. TBI is not an excuse. I suffered a TBI in 2013, but I have never felt the need to leave the state and randomly shoot some innocent citizen. The migraines suck and can put you in a pretty fowl mood, however that is absolutely not an excuse for his actions. His brother attempting to attribute his actions to an injury seriously give those of us with the same injury a bad rep. How about instead of blaming it on a thing, we just hold the person accountable??

    • This is his aunt
      This man HAS BEEN trying to get the help he needs THE ARMY which he PROUDLY served WILL NOT help because THE ARMY can’t find his discharge papers,
      We’ve been trying for seven yrs.
      So before you run your MAGOT MOUTH GET THE WHOLE TRUTH
      Two familes are effected.
      Our family does not have the words to say how much we feel sorrow for them
      And wish we could turn back time.

  7. Delia, you are not helping your nephew any by calling ppl “maggots” which you spelled wrong btw. Shut your pie hole and let the Court decide what your nephew is, or is not, repsonsible for. My family is Navy btw. So I’m not unschooled in Military F ups & red tape. As for your nephew, I believe 4 DUIs for drunkeness speaks more for why this happened than anything else. He is a habitual Drunkard & either by running someone down or being a mean Drunk, shooting someone, he was inevitably going to end up making some unfortunate innocent family pay the price for his alcoholism. And he did just that.

    • This is a tragic time for all envolved. I have to ask why this man was allowed to drive a car given his “mental” condition and his DUI record ? Who’s vechicle was this man driving, his own or someone else’s?Why…considering his “mental” condition… was he allowed to own/pocess a firearm ?
      It’s a shame that bad things happen to good people.
      I just wonder if something could have been done to minimize the risk of this man hurting someone ?

  8. FREE JIMI REDMAN!!!! He didnt do it!

  9. Hey “Cameron”, I know you have to be making an attempt at a sarcastic joke with that comment but please, stop, if you knew the family of his victim you would know they would not be at all amused. It’s offensive, not funny.

    • Freedom of speech. It was not intended to offend anyone I just personally believe this man didnt do it. Sorry our opinions are different

    • Several Eye witness accounts and a CONFESSION with the proven weapon found in his vehicle matching the hole in her head, with multiple eye witnesses getting his tag number & calling 911 AND YOU BELIEVE HES INNOCENT?? You must believe CASEY Anthony & OJ were innocent too them. I pray to God your never called to Jury duty!!

  10. First, thank you for the positive comments on here. My mom was an amazing woman who loved deeply. She never once had an enemy and everyone who knew her loved and respected her. Not only am I devastated, but so is my brother, my dad, my husband and our boys. Our boys are 13 and 8 and never went more than a few days without seeing her. She was like a second mom to them and hearing their horrible cries from missing her only adds to the horrendous pain our family is feeling. We only ask for prayers. Our world has been shattered and will never be the same again!

  11. Corrected message. Although the above one also holds true.

  12. Thank you for the kind words expressed by some on here. My mom was our world. She was my best friend. My dad loves her more than I’ve ever seen a man love a woman. My brother is devastated. My boys were even close to her. They didn’t go more than a few days without seeing her. They are 8 and 13. Hearing them cry because they miss her so much only adds to the horrendous pain my family is feeling. I can’t put into words how much she meant to all of us.

  13. I am so very sorry Shanna, we will keep our prayers coming for you all. This has been a horrible shock I know.

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