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Selective Reporting


Last weekend provided us with yet another example of selective reporting from the media and police. After a birthday party at the YWCA ended Saturday night a group of about sixty black “youth” decided to rampage through downtown Charleston damaging cars, assaulting and robbing people. When the story initially broke the local news was reporting that police had told them there were no assaults.

The arrest of 17 year old Jordan Hall on two counts of 2nd Degree Assault & Battery by Mob belies that claim. Hall was given bonds of $100,000 on each charge.




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Only one media outlet is currently reporting the fact all but one of the victims of these crimes were white. None of the local media is reporting the claims of victims and witnesses that the group of black “teens” were yelling things like, “Fuck white people,” as they perpetrated their crimes. Those same epithets were yelled at firefighters responding to treat some of the victims of this mob. Reporting that sort of information would not be politically correct. It isn’t like any of those black “children” would be charged with a “hate crime” anyway. Everyone knows those charges are reserved solely for white people.

It is a good thing none of those white folks defended themselves and hurt one of those poor, deprived black “children”. The cries of racism would be trumpeted in the media for weeks.

Judge Lombard mentioned Hall’s extensive criminal history at his bond hearing. Given the fact he is just 17 that history has to be on a juvenile rap sheet which won’t come into play. We have been told Hall is on probation, but that does not show up on the probation and parole database. Comment sections are also abuzz with the fact that Hall is 17 years old and still in the 9th grade. That is not all that unusual, folks.





  1. He was in an altercation earlier in the day with the police and a market business owner. He was selling goods illegally in front of a store. He was asked to leave and responded with a fornicate you and threatened the owner. He threw his ID at the cop and ran off. The owner took a picture of the ID. The responding cops did not attempt to catch him. If they had we may not be reading about his tirade nor would two people and property be damaged. I believe Live 5 has contacted the owner for his story. Let’s see if they report it.

  2. Which media outlet reported the “fuck the white people” statement?

    • None. The Post & Courier was the only one to report all victims but one were white.

  3. Everyone needs to get ready the war is coming and white folk, sorry to say, we are way outnumbered. Your President the Muslim, is fueling the “brown community” sentiment the Christianity and European values are NOT what will save them. Only Islam will. Then what? Holy war? Too late. We Anglo Saxons are outnumbered. But it makes me so proud to see these liberal white sacks of nanny walking along the streets of NYC, San Diego and Boston, supporting “Black Lives Matter” If Black Lives Matter than the Black Fathers of all these knuckle dragging useless sacks of nanny would be around. These wonderful “mommas” of 6, 7, 8 , 9 kids just trying to get by would realize her problem ain’t nothing but she cant close her GD legs. But she don’t care she getting EBT for all them youngins. Better find a plan folks, for the rebellion is upon us.

  4. If the cops had caught him and he skinned his knee, they would have likely been crucified. Omg! You tackled a choir boy after he gave you his ID?!
    I mean can you blame them? The bed has been made..better protect yourself.


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