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New Details


New details are available in the Saturday morning officer involved shooting in North Charleston. The deceased has been identified by the P&C as 50 year old Walter Lamar Scott. The shooting occurred after Scott fled from a traffic stop at Remount Road and Craig Street. Authorities tell us a fight ensued between Scott and the officer. Scott is said to have gained control of the officer’s Taser, a weapon designed to incapacitate a person. We are told when Scott attempted to use that Taser on the officer he was shot. SLED is investigating the shooting.

We find it interesting that the P&C and other local news outlets who routinely refuse to give descriptive information having to do with race when they do stories on outstanding suspects, made it a point to tell their readers Walter Scott was black. They also eagerly included comments from family members to lead their readers to believe Scott was probably only picked out of traffic and stopped due to racial profiling because of the rims he had on his Mercedes.

Isn’t it strange how media outlets who accuse bloggers of irresponsibly publishing things with no evidence don’t mind doing just that when it suits their liberal agenda? Our pages are full of evidence. Let’s see the evidence the P&C has to back up the irresponsible claims they published in this case or dozens of others. Go ahead, we will wait.

After calling out the P&C on their usual tactics of trying to stir the pot we have to actually commend someone we have criticized in these pages on multiple occasions. James Johnson, who has a history of stirring the racial pot, actually did the sane and reasonable thing for a change when he encouraged folks to wait for the results of the SLED investigation into the shooting “before protesting”.

Our research on Walter Scott, who once served in the U.S. Coast Guard, revealed he is not the typical criminal type we see involved in these situations. He has no major arrests in the tri-county area. Scott has a number of arrests in recent years for Driving Under Suspension and Failure to Pay Child Support and one charge of Providing False Info to Police.

For those who are not aware, failure to pay child support often leads to the suspension of a drivers license. Once you start down that failure to pay road the full force of state government comes down on a man, making it even more difficult to pay that child support. We can leave that discussion for another day, though.

All of this begs the question, why would Walter Scott attempt to run from and then fight a police officer? Since we can’t ask him we can only speculate. Common sense tells us he may have had outstanding warrants for contempt of court for failure to pay child support or his license may have been suspended, or both.

If we are to understand Scott’s behavior we will have to wait for the final report to find out what his passenger had to say about Scott’s reason for fleeing and fighting the police.

For the idiots on social media we would like to point out one fact. When an unarmed man arms himself with a weapon forcibly taken from a police officer he is no longer unarmed. Using a Taser on a police officer can incapacitate that officer long enough for a suspect to gain control of the officer’s firearm. We pay our law enforcement officers to do what they can to keep the streets safe. We don’t pay them to give up and die.






  1. My problem with tasers… Yes, they afford a non-lethal alternative for LEO. But they also provide a perp with a ready access weapon.

    Most LEO are right handed. They holster their service weapon on their right hip. The taser, therefore, is usually situated for a cross-draw on their left hip. This presents an opportunity for a combatant to seize an officer’s taser with their (statistically speaking) dominant right hand and use it against the officer.

    Funny, when I was growing up, cops didn’t have tasers and body cameras and managed to keep the peace just fine without having to shoot everyone/anyone. We have placed so much burden on them via criminal litigation and protecting the rights of criminals we have weighed them down like pack mules literally and figuratively.

    • The cops I see carrying tasers do not wear them on their right or left hip but right in front - where the belt buckle is. The taser is yet another step before having to use a firearm on a violent suspect (when the taser can be used).

      Your last paragraph is spot on - 100%.

    • Some of the other differences was that back then, Cops were not necessarily hired for their diplomacy, but rather their brawn. Additionally, parents were disciplinarians rather than their best friends or excusers and children were not “birthed” as money makers in an apparent attempt at delayed reparations for something they themselves didn’t suffer from. Parents didn’t give their kids things they didn’t earn to gain status in their community, rather kids worked and saved to buy their own. Neighbors were given permission to discipline each others kids, and people had respect for each other. Church attendance was nearly a societal norm and people who didn’t attend church were questionable. The Law was the Law, and we didn’t have political correctness eroding what the meaning of the word “is” is.

  2. Another stellar job by Charleston’s very own P&C (Pricks & Cunts) “news”paper. It was just a nice and hazy Saturday morning when another officer decided to go out and shoot somebody. Obviously not exactly what was written, but the inference was there for the people they are targeting that still buy into their crap. And let’s not put “initial reports indicate”, let’s use that more polarizing word “allegedly” so we can make it sound like the Agency is trying to hide something. Keep writing for those potential awards throughout the year P&C, your slanted stories always seem to net you a pretty good haul.

    • Well don’t you feel dumb.

  3. Maybe he should pay his child support instead of buy a Mercedes with gangsta rims!

  4. I guess LEOs should be required to carry two Tasers. That way when an unarmed perpetrator arms himself with one of the officer’s Taser while resisting arrest, the officer can then deploy the 2nd Taser.

    Just to keep things fair. This policy should only apply to perpetrators whose lives matter.

    End sarcasm mode.

  5. Shut up already!! If you want a job working for post and courier, be my guest and apply. It clearly shows in the video that he didn’t have the police taser and clearly I see the officer dropping the taser by the decease VICTIM..its always a jackass with a negative opinion. Be blessed and have a nice day

    • You need to look a little closer.

    • Sorry, Chief. You’re wrong on this one. Tiffany is spot on, as are the charges of murder against the officer.

    • Proving malice aforethought in this case will be downright difficult, if not impossible. The 9th Circuit Solicitor routinely pleads murder charges down to manslaughter for that very reason. Well, for drug dealers shooting at one another, anyway.

    • Seriously, do you have anything else better to do with your time? I can careless about color, I’m on the defense of anyone getting mistreated!! You can be black, blue, green or white and it wouldn’t matter. I think you need to place your energy into somethings that matter. Writing blogs all day to me is very boring unless you get a kick out of trying to tear down someone’s character. I don’t visit this site I only came because I was interested of what nonsense you were going to write about on this particular situation. You’re very contradictive though…by the way I’d rather buy post and courier than read your mess

    • We don’t tear down character - the criminals in these pages do quite well at that on their own. You would rather buy the P&C because they cater to your particular low information thought process. You don’t mind letting them tell you what to think via their slanted articles. Thinking for yourself can be painful at times. This a perfect example. We tell you the officer was wrong. If that was all we told you, you would be happy. When we point out other facts that don’t exactly mesh with your skewed world view, you get angry.


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