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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Missing - Ashley Pegram


Ashley Pegram, 28, of Summerville has been missing for more than a week after going on a date with Edward Primo Bonilla, 30. Bonilla is now in custody on obstruction charges with a $400,000 bond after he lied to investigators looking into Pegram’s disappearance. He apparently told investigators he put a drunk Pegram out of his car at a gas station in Berkeley County because he couldn’t handle her. Investigators found video of her getting out of the car, then back into the car, indicating Bonilla lied. Common sense tells us there is only one reason for him to lie about that.



Missing - Ashley Pegram



Edward Primo Bonilla




Bonilla has one prior general sessions charge from 2003 in Dorchester County. He was charged with Lewd Act on a Child Under 16. That charge was dismissed by the 1st Circuit Solicitor in 2006 for unknown reasons.






We hope this case doesn’t turn out like we suspect it will.


  1. So much to say…and can’t say it.

    • Andy, if you know something about this, then you need to speak up. Please.

    • Brigid, I’m sorry if I am misleading in my comment. I know nothing more than you probably do. So very sorry.

  2. wow, she went out with that peddy looking dude.. . what is the world coming to! lets learn something ladies; when meeting some dude on tinder you post the time and where you are going on facebook, text a family member his name and phone number and tell them to call the police if they do not hear from you by XX:xx. Make sure this is in text so the parent brother or sister may show the police right away and they will act accordingly with the texts as evidence to track him down via cell that instant! just advice I actually make sure chicks tell someone when i meet them the first time and i do the same to avoid the 1/xxxxxx chance she is trying to set me up for something !

  3. …so much to say …and can’t say it ???? Then why did you bother to post ?

    • That’s all that’s botherin’ ya?

  4. Andy, the nature of post suggests you have something to say or some information about this case, but can’t or won’t reveal it. That being said, if you have information you should be cooperating w/ the police to find this young woman. That’s what’s bothering me.

    • correction)….the nature of your post…..

    • I no nothing more than anyone else does. I wish I did.

  5. Thanks to Obama, I can rape and kill! I cannot be deported, only released! Hahahha, Gringos, I will continue my crimes assisted by Hold ’em and Bath House Barry!

  6. Edward Sr. was a p.o.s. too

    • Unbelievable. The nut didn’t fall far from the tree. Wonder where else there are charges? And if he raped and wasn’t caught? And did his son pick up any of the old man’s behaviours towards women? I would think the father might be worth a visit regarding this situation. Ladies, there are men everywhere-NEVER agree to meet someone you ‘meet’ online! There was a professor at USC, a lovely young woman just starting her career, until she met a scumbag online, got into a relationship, and ended up DEAD. This can happen to anyone-anyone who dates online. They’ve connected dozens of murders to Craigslist alone. The companies who advertise heavily on TV, showing normal young hip looking people-those are paid actors. There are people, both male and female, who are on there for no other purpose but to prey on the trusting souls who think they’ll find the love of their life. Anyone can lie and front to be something they are not, arrange to meet you for a date, and boom, no one ever sees you again. How could the risk ever be worth it.

  7. I DO know Bonilla… We use to be friends, but I don’t know what to do…

  8. Karlie what do you mean you don’t know what to do? Do you know something?

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