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A Few Laughs


Given the gravity of the news during the past week, combined with the continued attempts by local media and out of town racist groups to start a few riots, we thought everyone might enjoy a laugh. And where do we go when we need a laugh? That’s right, Berkeley County.


One of our members received a flyer from sheriff’s candidate Duane Lewis the other day. In big letters it said, “Berkeley County Needs a Sheriff We Can Trust”.

It went on to lay out seven reasons why Lewis should be elected. One of those reasons was listed as “A Fresh Start” and detailed:

“While some candidates have strong connections to special interest groups with deep pockets and have been hand picked by an elite group of politicians who seek to take power away from the people, Duane has no connections to the good ol’ boy network that has plagued county politics for far too long.”  Note: Lewis put that last bit in bold type, not us.

It took a while, but when we finally finished laughing our asses off and could breathe again we came to the conclusion Lewis must have written this one the same day one of our sources in Berkeley County saw him slam down four mixed drinks in an hour at LG’s By the Creek, then drive way. Kind of like his mentor and political patron H. Wayne DeWitt. Remember why he lost his job? Yeah, he was driving around drunk smashing into stuff.

So, Duane Lewis wants us to believe he is not connected to the good ol’ boy system in Berkeley County and has not been hand picked to succeed the drunken DeWitt in spite of the fact that DeWitt is basically running Lewis’ campaign and pushing hard for him. We are also supposed to ignore the huddle that Duane Lewis had with Ricky Driggers and Dan Moon a few weeks at LG’s By the Creek. Yeah, no good ol’ boy crap going on there, huh? A comparison of his campaign donors and those of DeWitt in recent years is very revealing.

The amazing thing is there are actually people out there in Berkeley County who buy this bullshit from Lewis and DeWitt. Here’s a problem for Lewis that has to do with “restoring public trust”, a “fresh start” and “safeguarding taxpayer resources”. Most folks don’t know Lewis has a brother who works for BCSO, allegedly serving civil process - like one or two summonses per day. When he is not serving those one or two summonses he is busy working on Lewis’ campaign.

It seems there was another BCSO member who pulled that same trick. Remember when Lewis’ buddy Ricky Driggers used the narcotics units to campaign for his pal Blair Jennings for solicitor a number of years back? Yeah, a fresh start. Sure, Duane.


In other news candidate Marty Housand, who is being championed by attorney Donnie Gamache, send out an interesting campaign flyer, too. Housand put a picture of himself and Tim Scott on the flyer, thereby implying Tim Scott supported Housand for sheriff. A number of folks asked Tim Scott about that, forcing him to put out the notice below.







Nice job, Marty! Or was it your champion who did that for you? Regular readers will remember Donnie Gamache as the attorney who took a statement from the officer who pursued DeWitt during his high speed drunken parade through town. Gamache, friends with DeWitt, was that officer’s family court attorney as well. When he delivered what he thought would be an exculpatory statement for his friend DeWitt, Gamache told the Hanahan Chief of Police, “Wayne really appreciates the way ya’ll are handling this.” It mattered not a whit to Gamache he had just made his client (the officer) look like an idiot since the story in the statement was completely different than the incident report he had written.


If any of our readers are experienced in writing scripts, we would suggest you come up with a show about politics in Berkeley County and pitch it to Comedy Central. That’s a winner, right there!





  1. Berkeley 911!

    • If we need common sense, and more accurately we need objective and irrefutable documented / taped backup to triple redundantly counter BCSO fraud enforcement crony coverups…


      PS: Don’t bother calling BCSO detectives on your case directly… remember the whores’ gospel of “plausible deniability”, authored by, and Fraudulently enforced by those publicly elected and corrupt leeches who prey on honest / naive / and taxpaying pissants whom said phony’s owe their personal SLUTcess to, as well as for footing their progenys’ orthodontist bill and college education.

      Clue to voters: Don’t endorse any one if their last name has been indicted by a grand jury in the last 200 years.

  2. I wish someone would make some type of graph or chart for people in Berkeley to follow to keep track of everything, it would make it so much easier. From reading CTL, hearing people talk, and doing Internet research here is how we see some things:

    Lewis is in bed with the former disgraced Sheriff and is hoping nobody realizes it while he says he is not part of any good ole boy system. He is a fairly good drinker and he thinks that makes him a qualified candidate, the current Patrol Captain has been AWOL to help him campaign, and he has a brother employed there that will probably make it up the ranks if Duane is elected.

    Housand has a shyster attorney backing him because the shyster attorney has delusions of grandeur with his own agenda. Housand says on Facebook that he “plans” on donating $10,000 of his salary for body cameras if elected but he knows that won’t be allowed so he’ll say “oh well, I planned on doing it”. He has a brother employed there that will probably make it up the ranks if Marty is elected.

    The current Deputy Chief over there has a brother employed at the sheriffs office and that brother miraculously got promoted to a specialized unit shortly after the Deputy Chief got promoted to Major last year. The Deputy Chief told the news on February 19 that he was humbled to have already received $25,000 in donations for his campaign but when he filed on February 19 he only disclosed a little over $15,000 in donations. He and candidate Driggers are in constant contact with each other, and we’re guessing the same shyster lawyers you can view through the Ethics Commission donated to both their campaigns to hedge their bets on being able to help their criminal clients out if either is elected.

    Fuda met his wife while employed at the Sheriff Office, unfortunately she was married to another Deputy at the time that he began the affair with her. Guess that’s all the honor and integrity he learned while in the military.

    Merrithew worked there from what we understand, don’t know much about him, but as we look over the candidates we are looking at what they have as a vision. Obviously every candidate has their own team in mind to help them WHEN elected, but it’s a bit of a turn off to see the wife on Facebook saying “we will have Captains in districts” and “we have a plan for the detention center” but then only a quick few words from the actual candidate. We want to hear what the candidate has in store, not what the significant others vision is.

    Time is running out quickly, and we will keep our ears open, but it just seems kind of sad that every candidate associated or previously associated with Berkeley is turning this into a casting call for Jerry Springer instead of an election of competent candidates.

    • Should someone ask Caldwell’s ex-wife about the trust and integrity he brought to the marriage? Is that the same trust and integrity he plans to bring to BCSO?

    • .. to status BCSO sheriff candidates is a


  3. Looks like the mud-slinging is in full swing since Fuda has gone to petty picking with his latest shenanigan! He’s really pitiful.

  4. yes I even received a wonderful loving call from Ollic’s wife Cathy. Stating how he was a wonderful husband (she forgot he run around? no..she just wants that pay increase so she can go shopping!!) what a wonderful father! How he worked interim sheriff. LOL for how long? okay Cathy.. thanks for the wonderful scripted bull crap!

  5. “We must have riots and racial killings for my Pogrom to proceed.”
    —Bath House Barry

  6. if one does their research, looking at the “SC Ethics” site, for the most part, the very same people that contributed to Dewitt have also contributed to Lewis, but this morning he more or less denied any ties to Dewitt, Driggers, Islgett and said he has promised no jobs to anyone but we all know that not how it works in BC, do we need to remind everyone about the Supervisors election with Peagler and how he promised nobody a job but when he took office, he placed someone in charge of the county check book that can’t live within his own means in his personal check book! Just saying……..

  7. …Trying to stop laughing so I can type… lol

    Anyway, lemme set aside my “tin foil helmet” which 1 of the BCSO complicit intimidators (in violation of multiple Fed codes) reminded me that I’m wearing cuz I posted facts that threatened his status quo corruption clique of (“wrong turn - B Movie cast of cronies) liars thugs n thieves running BC…I suppose his assertion was meant to further intimidate me from exercising my civil and constitutional rights (again…and again…and again…these whores really need to get a new bullying strategy going, cuz we victims whose lunch money, candy bars, retirement savings, and reputations have been thieved away by this countys “above the law criminal club” will continue to defend ourselves from these scum, and videotape their tyranny in support of true public safety. If these (puke) public servants had a thread of AbraHams DNA in their blood, I’d pray for their repentance. However, my experience suggests that the predatory vows they’ve Heretic-ally sworn up to conceal each others crimes, prevents same redemption. The treasonous and domestic enemies of this republics’ Constitution roll the “Karma” dice every time they F*@K a voter (and / or Christian) over, and always reap snake eyes as a result. :)

    Signed, “sportin tin foil helmet underwear beneath the - whole armor of God”!

    He Reigns (Berkeley County now too)!

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