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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Quashon Geteris Middleton


Quashon Geteris Middleton is currently an inmate at Lee Correctional Institution. He is supposed to be serving a 30 year sentence resulting from convictions on two counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of a firearm during a violent crime.

Middleton was out riding his moped on September 28th, 2010 (the mechanical kind, not one of his girlfriends) when he thought it would it would be a great idea to fire five to seven shots at the two occupants of a vehicle which was stopped behind a school bus while kindergarten age children were exiting the bus. The male passenger (a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan) managed to cover the female driver as he jumped into her seat and drove the vehicle out of the kill zone. As he did so, Middleton and his moped were mowed down by the car. One of Middleton’s legs were shattered as a result. Yeah, we know, too bad, huh?

Just three months prior to Middleton’s attempt to kill the two occupants of that vehicle a Colleton County jury had found him not guilty of the 2009 murder charge he had been arrested for.



ScreenHunter_3362 Mar. 28 19.06 ScreenHunter_3363 Mar. 28 19.07



Judge Perry Buckner sentenced Middleton to 30 years on each of the attempted murder charges. Unfortunately, he set them to run concurrent. Considering the statements of the 14th Circuit Solicitor about how dangerous Middleton was, we have to wonder if any circuit court judge even knows what the term “consecutive” means and how to apply it in sentencing violent offenders. The five year sentence on the firearms charge was also set to run concurrent.

The reason we bring Middleton to your attention is his continued Thugbook activity from behind prison walls. That activity stretches back to 2012. You can find Middleton using the name “Fourty Middleton“. When he initially signed up for Thugbook in 2010 he used the name “Fourtygmc”, a direct reference to the violent Colleton County gang who call themselves “Get Money Cowboys”. We have come to refer to them as “The Crappy Cowboys” in our many articles on the gang.



ScreenHunter_3345 Mar. 28 18.18 ScreenHunter_3346 Mar. 28 18.18 ScreenHunter_3347 Mar. 28 18.19



Middleton tried to appeal his sentence due to a technical error by the presiding judge. The SC Supreme Court found the judge did make a mistake in reference to one charge to the jury, but that mistake was held to be harmless and the 30 year sentence was upheld.

With such a long sentence Middleton has to have learned the errors of his ways. Right? Apparently not. Based on his disciplinary record which included administrative charges for possession of weapons, drugs, contraband and being a member of a threat group (prison speak for gang). His Thugbook page shows additional evidence of that.



ScreenHunter_3349 Mar. 28 18.20



Aw, he spent another birthday in prison. He’ll be out soon, though. If you consider 2036 “soon”.




ScreenHunter_3350 Mar. 28 18.20 ScreenHunter_3351 Mar. 28 18.20 ScreenHunter_3352 Mar. 28 18.21




Middleton laments evil women with agendas.




ScreenHunter_3353 Mar. 28 18.21



ScreenHunter_3354 Mar. 28 18.22 ScreenHunter_3355 Mar. 28 18.22




Middleton was begging for a Green Dot card just before Christmas. For those who don’t know, friends and family members buy the pre-paid cards then relay the numbers to the inmate via their illegal cell phones. Inmates then use those funds to keep the phones turned on.



ScreenHunter_3356 Mar. 28 18.22




Middleton sends out a threat to those he thinks did him dirty. Could this be directed at the veteran who smashed Middleton’s moped and leg?




ScreenHunter_3358 Mar. 28 18.24




Middleton’s prison gang name.




ScreenHunter_3359 Mar. 28 18.24




Middleton tries to minimize his criminality. “30 years for nothing.” If by “nothing” he means firing seven shots at two people in a car stopped behind a school bus full of little kids. The only reason no one actually got shot is because Middleton’s rules of engagement followed the typical thug protocol of “spray and pray” and can’t shoot worth a damn.



ScreenHunter_3360 Mar. 28 18.26




And confirmation of his membership in the Crappy Cowboys.




ScreenHunter_3361 Mar. 28 18.33



We have, of course, reported Middleton to the folks at SCDC. Unfortunately they won’t do much to punish him thanks to their recent retreat in the face of an onslaught of lefty criminal apologists upset that convicts who continue to break the law were being punished for it.





  1. Funny how people like this hate the “cracker” and blame the “system” when it comes to enforcing the law. Why don’t they stop taking welfare, food stamps, free medical and little to no cost for housing? the only person who failed this “nigga” (his choice of words) is his mother and any other family member that didn’t teach him the importance of another freebie- education! Maybe momma should pay his room and board in prison? Think she would be more concerned about her other thugs? They will join him soon!

    • How did this post about one lost individual make you respond with “they” this and “they” that? The generalizations are out of line just a bit,don’t you think?

  2. We should somehow spam text his phone with pizza and sub coupons. You know there must be a way…

    • That. Is. Brilliant. I would burn up my phone crashing his green dot time…

  3. Having been born in Savannah Georgia in 1957 I embrace the term “cracka” you can call me a cracker all day long and it just reminds me of my youth. I suppose I should call the PC police but I’m not as thin skinned as my dark skinned neighbors.

    • That word cracka is not complimentary in this young lost fellow’s rant. It’s origin being in slave times referring to the sound a slave owner’s whip makes etc….but you not only acknowledge it…you EMBRACE it..while your “brown skinned” neighbors are thin skinned. smh..wrong. Knowing better has nothing to do with being thin skinned.

    • I can only assume your young because the term “cracka’ has absolutely nothing to do with a whip. It is based on the white people being the color of a soda cracka. I was referred to as a Geargia cracka my entire life and never took it as an insult because my skin was the color of a soda cracka. Having lived that part of history in the place it originated I think I will take my fact over your urban myth. Please read some more in depth history and stop taking every ones opinions as facts. I’ll bet you think the Civil war was over slavery and Lincoln freed the slaves.

  4. In six more years, there won’t be a soul that remembers this guy, and won’t no one but his own mother post to his facebook. All his friends will have moved on and forgotten all about him while he serves out the rest of that 30 years. His life is over, he just hasn’t realized it yet. Give it a few years and he’ll be all alone.

    • The sad truth hasn’t quite set in on him yet. It’s over. He just doesn’t know it yet.

  5. Some of his “team” will join him in jail though, for sure. Others will get killed. Others, very few of them though, will get their shit together and live a normal life.

    Either way, no one on the outside will give a damn about him.

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