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Meth - What a Blast


Two married meth mopes are now behind bars in Charleston County after their hotel lab detonated Wednesday night. Joshua Lantz and Jamie Lynn Lantz were each charged with two counts of Unlawful Conduct Toward a Child (manufacturing meth in the presence of a child), two counts of Unlawful Neglect of a Child and one count of Manufacturing Methamphetamine. They had their two kids in the hotel room while they were cooking their poison. Each was given a total bond of $500,000.



ScreenHunter_3277 Mar. 27 14.34 ScreenHunter_3275 Mar. 27 14.34



Joshua Lantz has a pending charge in Charleston County from a December arrest for Distribution of Methamphetamine. He was free on a $20,000 bond when his latest attempt to cook up a batch went awry and exploded. Jamie Lantz was injured as a result of the detonation.




ScreenHunter_3279 Mar. 27 14.36 ScreenHunter_3280 Mar. 27 14.36



The couple is originally from Indiana. A check of court records there shows an active misdemeanor warrant for Jamie Lantz for failure to appear on a theft charge from 2013.

Joshua Lantz has prior criminal history in several counties there that include charges like burglary, criminal mischief, criminal recklessness involving a deadly weapon and battery with a deadly weapon.

Should we start a pool to guess how soon those bonds will be reduced?





  1. And there was another lab busted in Berkeley co. Brian Rourke….check it out

    • Not showing anything in Berkeley County under that name.

  2. “Small kitchen fire” aka meth lab at coopers ridge apts in ladson 4 weeks ago. along with chazz brown hiding out in his girlfriends apartment on site a week before getting locked up for the murder off avenue of oaks. You should check out all the shenanigans going on in that community.

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