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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Joanna Mangano


Joanna Mangano has been charged with lying to Mt. Pleasant police about a robbery she claims occurred Thursday near Coleman Boulevard and McGrath Darby. According to reports, Mangano picked the two “suspects” out of a line-up.

On March 20th we reported on the arrests for Derryl Deveaux and Xavier Able for a Thursday robbery at that same location. We just checked and both of those fellows are still in the SACDC on their robbery charges, so we can’t say yet if the two cases are related or not.




ScreenHunter_3131 Mar. 24 05.28



You gotta love how the local media is referring to Mangano as a “Columbia” woman when in fact she has used addresses in Ladson and downtown Charleston for most of the last eight years. She does have pending bench warrants out of Richland County for two magistrate level offenses of Pedestrian in Roadway (failure to pay fine) and Trespassing On Enclosed Spaces. She was tried in her absence on that trespassing charge and sentenced to 5 days in jail. The bench warrant was issued on February 9th.

Let’s check the rest of Mangano’s history.


2008 Charges (Berkeley County):

Criminal Domestic Violence - Guilty. Sentenced to a fine or jail time.




ScreenHunter_3145 Mar. 24 05.34 ScreenHunter_3146 Mar. 24 05.34




The fact that Mangano was picking up felony property crime enhancement charges as early as 2008 tells us she has a more extensive criminal history than we found. That history could be in other counties or under another name.


2008 Charges (Charleston County):

Property Crime Enhancement - Reduced from a felony to a magistrate level misdemeanor at the preliminary hearing and sent to North Charleston municipal court.




ScreenHunter_3141 Mar. 24 05.32 ScreenHunter_3142 Mar. 24 05.33




2009 Charges (Berkeley County):

2nd Degree Burglary - Reduced to 3rd Degree Burglary by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Sentenced to 2 years, suspended in favor of 2 years probation.




ScreenHunter_3143 Mar. 24 05.33 ScreenHunter_3144 Mar. 24 05.34



2009 Charges (Charleston County):

2nd Degree Burglary - Reduced to misdemeanor Trespassing by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Sentenced to 30 days.




ScreenHunter_3139 Mar. 24 05.32 ScreenHunter_3140 Mar. 24 05.32




2011 Charges (Charleston County):

Petit Larceny - Plead guilty. Sentenced to 30 days time served.

Note: The original charge  (probably grand larceny) is missing from the record. The jail record below shows the original charges. The 9th Circuit Solicitor worked her “felony to misdemeanor” magic on this case, too.

From 2nd Degree Burglary to Petit Larceny. That’s quite a drop.




ScreenHunter_3153 Mar. 24 06.01

ScreenHunter_3136 Mar. 24 05.31 ScreenHunter_3137 Mar. 24 05.31 ScreenHunter_3138 Mar. 24 05.31




2012 Charges (Charleston County):

Property Crime Enhancement (felony) - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston to 103 days time served.




ScreenHunter_3134 Mar. 24 05.30 ScreenHunter_3135 Mar. 24 05.30



Another felony charge of Property Crime Enhancement from 2012 was reduced to Petit Larceny by the 9th Circuit Solicitor and removed from the public database. A civil judgement for $1600 was also recorded against Mangano for the victim of the theft.




ScreenHunter_3154 Mar. 24 06.05




Just another serial offender given repeated breaks who continues to offend. Everything is hunky-dory until she steals from you, right?




  1. WOW! I cannot believe my eyes! I hope she responds to me after she gets my letter! I am officially in love!

    • There is a chance she will eat it before she reads it.

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