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Jhamien Robinson Again


Quite frequently we end up writing about the same thugs over and over. Let’s talk about Jhamien Robinson again.

We last discussed Jhamien Askia Robinson when he was on the run from NCPD in August of 2014. He was wanted for shooting another guy during a robbery while at the Midland Park Grocery on the 28th of August. Now Robinson has been charged in the death of Barrett Kinlock on September 14th at the problem club known as The Big Rock off of Midland Park Road. According to news reports, Kinlock had provided police with a statement implicating Robinson in the armed robbery and shooting at the grocery store. Robinson apparently killed Kinlock in retaliation.

Robinson was charged today with Murder and Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime in the killing of Kinlock. He had been in jail September 17th, the day after he killed Kinlock, on charges of Attempted Murder, Armed Robbery and Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime.

We have to give recognition to a judge we normally have to ding. Judge James Gosnell held a bond reconsideration hearing for Robinson in late October. Gosnell set a total bond of $1,000,000 on the three charges stemming from the armed robbery. Nice job, Judge!




ScreenHunter_2536 Mar. 09 17.17





Maybe we should review Robinson’s history again. The last time we checked on his record he was supposedly assigned to “high supervision” probation.




ScreenHunter_7621 Aug. 29 20.02




Since his arrest in September that has changed to “unknown”.



ScreenHunter_2538 Mar. 09 18.01





2011 Charges:

Attempted Murder - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

1st Degree Assault & Battery - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge R. Markley Dennis to 9 years, suspend after 18 months and 5 years probation. Robinson was given credit for 325 days time served even though he only spent 36 days in jail before Judge Gosnell reduced his bond on these charges and set him free.




ScreenHunter_7618 Aug. 29 19.59 ScreenHunter_7619 Aug. 29 19.59 ScreenHunter_7619 Aug. 29 20.00ScreenHunter_2539 Mar. 09 18.11




2012 Charges:

Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge Dennis to 90 days.

Stalking - Plead guilt to 1st Degree Harassment. Sentenced to 90 days.




ScreenHunter_7619 Aug. 29 20.00 ScreenHunter_7620 Aug. 29 20.00 ScreenHunter_7620 Aug. 29 20.01 ScreenHunter_7621 Aug. 29 20.01




2013 Charges:

Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston to 1 year. The Felon’s Friend gave Robinson credit for 58 days time served even though he bonded out of jail after only one day.

Probation Violation - Revoked in part, whatever that means.





ScreenHunter_2528 Mar. 09 17.11 ScreenHunter_2529 Mar. 09 17.11 ScreenHunter_2530 Mar. 09 17.11 ScreenHunter_7621 Aug. 29 20.01




2014 Charges:

Attempted Murder

Attempted Armed Robbery

Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime





ScreenHunter_2524 Mar. 09 17.09 ScreenHunter_2525 Mar. 09 17.09 ScreenHunter_2526 Mar. 09 17.09 ScreenHunter_2527 Mar. 09 17.09 ScreenHunter_2531 Mar. 09 17.11 ScreenHunter_2532 Mar. 09 17.12 ScreenHunter_2533 Mar. 09 17.12 ScreenHunter_2534 Mar. 09 17.14 ScreenHunter_2535 Mar. 09 17.15



As we mentioned in the beginning, Robinson had a one-million dollar bond set on those charges. He has had a $100,000 bond set for the pending Probation Violation.


Our last few stories bring our 9th Circuit gun crime tally to:


70 charges     26 dismissed     15 guilty pleas     29 pending




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