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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Examples Keep on Coming


The examples of the failures of our system keep right on coming. The latest example of those continued failures is Antonio Jammal Fields. He was busy being a DUI habitual traffic offender with marijuana when he decided to run from CCSO deputies attempting to stop Fields’ vehicle. The pursuit ended when Fields crashed into a school bus.

Fields was charged with Failure To Stop for Blue Light, Habitual Traffic Offender, Possession of Marijuana and DUI. No bond has been set as of yet.




ScreenHunter_2565 Mar. 09 19.19



Let’s examine how the system facilitated the most recent carnage cause by Fields.


2007 Charges:

Failure to Stop for Blue Light - Dismissed at the preliminary hearing because the officer did not show up.

Resisting Arrest - Dismissed at preliminary hearing. Officer not present.

Failure to Stop for Blue Light - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston to a YOA term not to exceed 1 to 6 years, suspended in favor of 2 years of probation.

Resisting Arrest - Plead guilty. Same sentence as above, concurrent.

Trafficking Crack - Reduced to PWID Cocaine by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Same sentence as above, concurrent.

PWID Crack Near a School - Plead guilty. Same sentence as above, concurrent.






ScreenHunter_2567 Mar. 09 19.21 ScreenHunter_2568 Mar. 09 19.21 ScreenHunter_2573 Mar. 09 19.23 ScreenHunter_2569 Mar. 09 19.22 ScreenHunter_2570 Mar. 09 19.22 ScreenHunter_2571 Mar. 09 19.22 ScreenHunter_2572 Mar. 09 19.22 ScreenHunter_2574 Mar. 09 19.23 ScreenHunter_2575 Mar. 09 19.23 ScreenHunter_2576 Mar. 09 19.24 ScreenHunter_2577 Mar. 09 19.24




2009 Charges:

PWID Marijuana - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

PWID Marijuana Near a School - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.





ScreenHunter_2578 Mar. 09 19.24 ScreenHunter_2579 Mar. 09 19.25




2011 Charges:

Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge Stephanie McDonald to 1 year suspended in favor of 2 years of probation.

PWID Marijuana - Reduced to Possession of Marijuana. Sentenced to the few hours he served before making bond.


Note: That is conviction #1 for marijuana. The most recent should be the general sessions level charge.




ScreenHunter_2598 Mar. 09 19.31 ScreenHunter_2599 Mar. 09 19.31 ScreenHunter_2600 Mar. 09 19.32 ScreenHunter_2601 Mar. 09 19.32 ScreenHunter_2602 Mar. 09 19.32



2012 Charges:

Habitual Traffic Offender - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.




ScreenHunter_2596 Mar. 09 19.30 ScreenHunter_2597 Mar. 09 19.30




2013 Charges:

Possession of Ecstasy (15 doses or more) - Reduced to basic Possession of Ecstasy by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Sentenced by Judge James “Rainbows and Unicorns” Gosnell to 1 day time served.




ScreenHunter_2580 Mar. 09 19.25 ScreenHunter_2581 Mar. 09 19.26




Would it surprise you to discover Fields was free on multiple bonds for multiple charges he picked up in 2014 when he rammed that school bus this morning? We though not.


In June of 2014 Fields was charged with 2nd Offense Criminal Domestic Violence. That charge is still pending. Fields was released on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond.





ScreenHunter_2582 Mar. 09 19.26 ScreenHunter_2583 Mar. 09 19.26




In September 2014 Fields was charged with 1st Possession of Marijuana (should be 2nd, at least), Failure to Stop for Blue Light, and Habitual Traffic Offender. He was released on a total bond of $40,000.




ScreenHunter_2584 Mar. 09 19.27 ScreenHunter_2585 Mar. 09 19.27 ScreenHunter_2586 Mar. 09 19.28 ScreenHunter_2587 Mar. 09 19.28 ScreenHunter_2588 Mar. 09 19.28 ScreenHunter_2589 Mar. 09 19.28




On October 7th, 2014, Fields was arrested again on a charge of PWID Marijuana. He was released on another $40,000 bond.




ScreenHunter_2590 Mar. 09 19.29 ScreenHunter_2591 Mar. 09 19.29





Fields was arrested yet again on 29 October and charged with two (2) more counts of PWID Marijuana. This time Judge Linda Lombard gave him two $10,000 personal recognizance bonds. She must have figured she was seeing Fields so frequently he was sure to in court when required.





ScreenHunter_2592 Mar. 09 19.29 ScreenHunter_2593 Mar. 09 19.29 ScreenHunter_2594 Mar. 09 19.30 ScreenHunter_2595 Mar. 09 19.30




All of those 2014 charges are still pending, by the way.

Now, we are no experts, but we think we have detected a bit of a pattern here that seems to have been missed by some bond judges, sentencing judges and prosecutors. It certainly is a good thing that school bus was not filled with students this morning when Fields followed that pattern. We suppose all those prosecutors and judges are correct - you never can see what might happen in the future when you release a serial offender. Don’t you agree?

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  1. Note only are these thugs a menace to society, but so are the circuit court judges and prosecutors!

    SC has not built a new prison in almost two decades. But the population in SC has increased by almost 2 million.

    On every level, South Carolina is run by worthless skanks not worthy of any respect whatsoever. No wonder there is no hope for anything improving in SC. Crime is spiraling out of control in Chucktown already. And the legal system, those in it … all they care about is getting paid.

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