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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

DHEC Roundup


We noticed DHEC was pretty busy on March 3rd. They rounded up at least three people in Charleston County for prescription fraud. It’s nice to know they are working on it as you prepare for the inconvenience of having to visit and pay for a doctor to give you a prescription for cold and sinus pills you could once buy right off the shelf. Be sure to thank a meth mope for that.


Florence Heyward-Davis graduated nursing school in 2007. Guess she never wants to work in that field again. She was given a personal recognizance bond on her two charges.




ScreenHunter_2305 Mar. 04 07.09




Lisa Smith Churchwell received the same personal recognizance bond on her two charges of obtaining prescription drugs by fraud. She claims on her Facebook page to work for an animal hospital.




ScreenHunter_2307 Mar. 04 07.14





Christopher Clay Olson is a local attorney. He was reprimanded by SC Supreme Court in 2013. He was also given personal recognizance bonds for his prescription fraud charges. For an attorney, he sure gets sued a lot, too.






ScreenHunter_2313 Mar. 04 07.21




None of these three have any prior criminal history, but we thought this would be demonstrative of just how pervasive the problem is. Violation of drug laws doesn’t just occur on street corners in the hood and pharmacy robberies are not the only way to get those prescription drugs.





  1. No deaths attributed to marijuana use, still illegal in the state of South Carolina and fines (sometimes not much at all) with jail time. Thousands of deaths attributed to doctor-prescribed medicines, legal to get a prescription for them, big fines and possible jail time if obtained illegaly. When they realize that if they legalize marijuana and you get a prescription for that marijuana and then someone goes and obtains that prescription by fraud that the state makes more money in fines, then they’ll legalize marijuana. That, my friends, is the sad truth.

  2. It’s funny, these aren’t even bad people. These people actually worked hard to do something with their lives. Your looking at an attorney a vet and a nurse. However, these are spiritually sick people. They are not ok on the inside so they use drugs to change the way they feel. They are powerless over their addiction and need help. I doubt an attorney would do something like this out of greed. Way better scams to make money. Yes these people broke the law. Are they criminals? No, they made a mistake. I bet they feel guilt which is something a crook does not. Anyways the creator of this website has no sympathy for people who struggle with addiction. It’s not a matter of will power, so please learn to care about others. Hope your making a lot off this site bc I know that’s all you really care about. No your not a criminal your just an immoral person who exploits others mistakes. Grow up!

    • We don’t make a dime, thank you very much.

      Obviously you missed the point. Let us reiterate it for you:

      “…..we thought this would be demonstrative of just how pervasive the problem is.”

      Good to know you think the problem should be covered up due to who the players in the game happen to be.

    • Adam, referring to people as “bad” or “good” are value judgements. Being a criminal isn’t a value judgement, it’s a factual point - e.g., these people ARE criminals.

      There are plenty of people who comment on these pages who excuse the miscreance of the criminals highlighted therein. Whether it’s because they share the same warped value system whereas they see nothing wrong with the activity (because ther is no honor among thieves), or they feel society has left them behind (I am allowed to steal because THE MAN put me down), or they just didnt get that Red Ryder BB gun they wanted when they were 10…

      We collectively need to stop proffering excuses for criminal behavior. No matter what the pseudo motivation is that drives it, it is CRIMINAL (notice, I didn’t say good or bad or right or wrong?)

      I frankly think the CTL folks do a darn good job of bringing all types of criminal behavior to light - if only to expose how far we have allowed ourselves to drop to the lowest common denominator in offering these folks a pass…

      It doesn’t matter if you are a nurse, lawyer or gang-banger. A criminal is a criminal is a criminal. Let’s stop making excuses.

  3. Adam, *you’re, hypocrite. You think religion comes into play on everything. Well, explain this to me all high and mighty, “Judge not lest ye be judged”. How about those gays, huh Adam?

    • Sam you are seriously reaching and you are way off base. It seems like you were almost foaming at the mouth to take a shot at religion. The funny thing is though, he didn’t say anything about religion. He said these people are “spiritually” sick. Like I said, you are seriously reaching to feel like that post was one you could use to reply with your childlike response that you obviously couldn’t wait to use. What makes you look like even more of an idiot though Is you are judging “religious” people by assuming they all judge anyone who is gay. You went way off point and showed yourself to be a hypocrite just to be a good liberal follower.

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