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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Byron Kinsey


Dorchester County authorities are searching for Byron Kinsey for the recent murder of Robert Mark Crumm at the Cedar Key Apartments on Pigeon Bay Road on March 10th.




ScreenHunter_2841 Mar. 19 07.38



We didn’t find much on Robert Crumm other than some traffic citations and a recent conviction for giving false information to a law enforcement officer in Summerville. Kinsey is a different story.


2003 Charges (Dorchester County):

Carjacking - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge Steven John to 9 years, suspended to 3 years and 5 years probation.

Armed Robbery - Reduced to Strong Arm Robbery by the 1st Circuit Solicitor. Same sentence as above, concurrent, of course.




ScreenHunter_2857 Mar. 19 07.50 ScreenHunter_2858 Mar. 19 07.50 ScreenHunter_2859 Mar. 19 07.50 ScreenHunter_2860 Mar. 19 07.51





2004 Charges (Dorchester County):

Failure to Stop for Blue Light - Dismissed by the 1st Circuit Solicitor.




ScreenHunter_2861 Mar. 19 07.51




2008 Charges (Dorchester County):

Murder - Found not guilty by a Dorchester County jury.

Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime - Not guilty.

Possession of a Stolen Firearm - Not guilty.

Kinsey was charged with the November 2008 murder of Kyle Bammann. Kinsey was arrested when he reported to his probation officer with a gunshot wound. We can only guess, but it would appear the jury bought into a self-defense argument and set Kinsey free to kill again.




ScreenHunter_2862 Mar. 19 07.51ScreenHunter_2863 Mar. 19 07.52 ScreenHunter_2864 Mar. 19 07.52




2013 Charges (Charleston County):

Trafficking Cocaine - Reduced by the 9th Circuit Solicitor to  Distribution. Sentenced by Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston to 3 years, suspended on 239 days time served and 2 years probation.


The interesting thing about this charge are the bond conditions set by Judge James “Rainbows and Unicorns” Gosnell when he lowered Kinsey’s bond. Those conditions barred Kinsey from entering the City of Charleston except to go to court. We like it, but we can’t help but wonder how constitutional that is.




ScreenHunter_2845 Mar. 19 07.46 ScreenHunter_2846 Mar. 19 07.46 ScreenHunter_2847 Mar. 19 07.47




2014 Charges (Charleston County):

3rd Degree Assault & Battery - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge David Coker to 15 days.

Possession of Cocaine - Pending - Free on a $5,000 bond.

Possession of Narcotics - Pending - Free on a $10,000 bond. Note - Kinsey picked up this charge 20 days after making bond on the above charge.

Indecent Exposure - Dismissed at the preliminary hearing due to lack of prosecution.





ScreenHunter_2848 Mar. 19 07.47 ScreenHunter_2849 Mar. 19 07.47 ScreenHunter_2850 Mar. 19 07.48 ScreenHunter_2851 Mar. 19 07.48 ScreenHunter_2853 Mar. 19 07.48 ScreenHunter_2854 Mar. 19 07.48 ScreenHunter_2855 Mar. 19 07.49




So, what does it take for prosecutors and judges to get serious about these serial offenders?

We will show you in our next story.




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