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And Another


And another serial violent offender was jailed last night. Ronald Michael Pye took a trip to the SACDC on charges of Attempted Murder, 2nd Degree Assault & Battery and Possession of a Weapon (knife) During a Violent Crime. No bond was set on the attempted murder charge. A total bond of $100,000 was set on the other two charges.




ScreenHunter_2544 Mar. 09 18.35



Pye is said to have held his girlfriend close to or in a fire, thereby causing serious burns. When the woman’s son intervened he was stabbed in the chest by Pye.

We thought his post from Sunday afternoon was interesting.



ScreenHunter_2564 Mar. 09 18.50




Some of the “news” outlets attempted to give you background on Pye, but it was woefully insufficient. We will give you more information.


1992 Charges:

Receiving Stolen Goods - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge Luke Brown to a YOA term “provided by law”. Um….what?





ScreenHunter_2554 Mar. 09 18.39 ScreenHunter_2555 Mar. 09 18.39




1993 Charges:

Assault & Battery With Intent to Kill - Reduced to Assault & Battery of a High & Aggravated Nature. Sentenced by Judge Luke Brown to a YOA term of unknown length, suspended in favor of 2 years probation.




ScreenHunter_2542 Mar. 09 18.34 ScreenHunter_2543 Mar. 09 18.34




1997 Charges:

Parole Violation - No status listed.

ABWIK - Found guilty by a jury at trial. Sentenced by Judge Costa Pliecones to 9 years, suspended after 27 months and 5 years probation.




ScreenHunter_2546 Mar. 09 18.35 ScreenHunter_2556 Mar. 09 18.40 ScreenHunter_2557 Mar. 09 18.40




2005 Charges (Dorchester County):

Armed Robbery - Dismissed by the 1st Circuit Solicitor.




ScreenHunter_2563 Mar. 09 18.44




2006 Charges:

Attempted Escape - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.





ScreenHunter_2558 Mar. 09 18.41





2009 Charges:

Possession of Cocaine - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge Roger Young to 1 year, suspended in favor of 1 year of probation.





ScreenHunter_2547 Mar. 09 18.36 ScreenHunter_2548 Mar. 09 18.37




2012 Charges (Berkeley County):

1st Degree Assault & Battery - Reduced to Simple Assault and found guilty at trial. Sentenced by Judge W. Jeffrey Young to 30 days of weekend jail time.




ScreenHunter_2559 Mar. 09 18.42 ScreenHunter_2560 Mar. 09 18.42




2014 Charges (Berkeley County):

Failure to Stop for Blue Lights - Pending. Was free on a $6,000 bond set by Judge James Polk.




ScreenHunter_2561 Mar. 09 18.43 ScreenHunter_2562 Mar. 09 18.43




As you can see, there is quite a bit more violence in that criminal history than the “news” outlets would have you believe. Anyone else smell some more probation coming down the pike?




  1. Do you have the address where this incident occurred?

    • Police say it happened on Hilt Street.

    • I saw that. I was hoping for a specific address. I think I already know.

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