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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Protest Photos


A group of citizens protested outside of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday. As cold as it was, these dedicated citizens stuck it out for hours demanding equal justice in the case of the drunken Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne DeWitt. These same citizens had plans to be at the Hanahan Police Department today demanding a charge of failure to stop for blue lights based on the video evidence.




Wayne wasn’t happy with the protestors



The citizens tell us they received a ton of support from law enforcement officers and citizens, with the exception of Chief Deputy Ollic who was said to be looking none too happy as he passed by.

These photos were provided to us by those involved.



ScreenHunter_507 Jan. 09 08.10



We busted a gut this afternoon when a reader hit us with a newsflash. “Breaking News! Waldo has been located, but we have lost Bennie. Where (or who) in the world is Bennie?”




ScreenHunter_539 Jan. 09 16.24 ScreenHunter_540 Jan. 09 16.24 ScreenHunter_541 Jan. 09 16.24 ScreenHunter_543 Jan. 09 16.25 ScreenHunter_544 Jan. 09 16.25 ScreenHunter_545 Jan. 09 16.25 ScreenHunter_546 Jan. 09 16.26 ScreenHunter_547 Jan. 09 16.26



Other citizens are taking notice. Keep up the good work.





  1. If I could have breathed in that cold air I would have been sitting in a chair on the sidewalk with my own sign! My kudos to those who braved the elements to let their disgust be known. We’re tired of this Good Old Boy crap, tired of the threats, tired of the favoritism.

    “Oh Bennie, she’s really keen
    She’s got electric boots
    A mohair suit ” …. maybe his girlfriend made him feel young and alive again! Hahahahaa. Oh middle-aged (well he’s a tad older than middle age, but you get the picture) men and their mid-life crisis, thinking younger women are their answer to their aging gut. Maybe DeWitt needs a prostate exam!

    Ahh, the saga continues.

    • I couldn’t match up the name in a song, but how about something close?

      Benny, I got your number
      I got a D.U.I.
      Benny, don’t change your number

  2. Americans exercising their right to free speech. Great to see. And, no violence or threats or looting or disorder!

  3. When I asked my very smart phone for the slang meaning of a bennie, it came up with “any amphetamine tablet.”


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