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Fugitives Get Bond?


Do fugitives get bond after they are arrested for failure appear and a litany of new offenses? In Charleston County they certainly do.

A task force consisting of U.S. Marshals, CPD, CCSO and MPPD raided the taxpayer funded apartment of Jasmin Palmer Wednesday and rounded up two fugitives. Palmer was arrested on a number of charges. A search warrant was executed and authorities found two stolen firearms and some marijuana.

Palmer was charged with two counts of Possession of a Stolen Firearm and two counts of Neglect of a Child. Here total bond was set at $100,000. She has no other general sessions court history.



fugitives get bond



One of the males round up was Dominique Horry. In January of 2014 Horry was charged with three (3) counts of Attempted Murder after he and two co-defendants fired shots into a home on Rifle Range Road. He sat in jail until March when Judge “Rainbows and Unicorns” Gosnell gave him a total bond of $25,000 on the three charges and set it so Horry only had to come up with $2,500.

As you can see from the record there was motion for bond revocation filed on 3 December, 2014.



ScreenHunter_478 Jan. 08 18.01



ScreenHunter_479 Jan. 08 18.02 ScreenHunter_480 Jan. 08 18.02 ScreenHunter_481 Jan. 08 18.02 ScreenHunter_482 Jan. 08 18.03 ScreenHunter_483 Jan. 08 18.03 ScreenHunter_484 Jan. 08 18.03 ScreenHunter_485 Jan. 08 18.03



The probable reason for that bond revocation motion was the September arrest of Horry by CCSO on charges of Distribution of Crack Cocaine and PWID Marijuana. He was released on 5 September on a total bond of $20,000.



ScreenHunter_486 Jan. 08 18.04 ScreenHunter_487 Jan. 08 18.04 ScreenHunter_488 Jan. 08 18.04 ScreenHunter_489 Jan. 08 18.04



It looks like Horry was also served with warrants from MPPD on additional 2014 charges. Those consist of of Distribution of Crack Cocaine and PWID Marijuana. In spite of the pending bond revocation motion and the repeat offenses, Horry was given a total bond of $100,000 on those charges by Juge Priscilla Baldwin.



ScreenHunter_490 Jan. 08 18.05 ScreenHunter_491 Jan. 08 18.05 ScreenHunter_492 Jan. 08 18.05 ScreenHunter_493 Jan. 08 18.05



Horry picked up a new charge of PWID Marijuana when he claimed ownership of a pair of pants and cops found weed in the pockets. Judge Baldwin gave him another $50,000 bond on that charge.



ScreenHunter_494 Jan. 08 18.06ScreenHunter_495 Jan. 08 18.06



Eric Martin Scott, Jr. was also arrested. He was wanted for failure to appear on a litany of charges from 2014.




ScreenHunter_443 Jan. 08 17.48



In May of 2014 Scott was charged with Trafficking Crack Cocaine and 2nd Offense Criminal Domestic Violence. He was released on a total bond of $85,000 with the bond condition that he “Keep the peace”. Seriously? That stipulation is about as effective as “house arrest”.



ScreenHunter_451 Jan. 08 17.52 ScreenHunter_452 Jan. 08 17.52 ScreenHunter_453 Jan. 08 17.53 ScreenHunter_454 Jan. 08 17.53



In September of 2014 Scott was charged with Failure to Stop for Blue Light, Reckless Driving, PWID Marijuana, and Distribution of Crack Cocaine. His total bond on those charges was set at $30,445 and he bonded out of jail on 5 September.



ScreenHunter_444 Jan. 08 17.50ScreenHunter_445 Jan. 08 17.50 ScreenHunter_447 Jan. 08 17.51 ScreenHunter_448 Jan. 08 17.51 ScreenHunter_449 Jan. 08 17.52 ScreenHunter_450 Jan. 08 17.52 ScreenHunter_459 Jan. 08 17.55 ScreenHunter_460 Jan. 08 17.55



A month later, in October, Scott was charged with another count of Failure to Stop for Blue Light. He was given a $20,000 bond on that charge and released on 23 October.



ScreenHunter_455 Jan. 08 17.53 ScreenHunter_456 Jan. 08 17.54



As you can see, a motion for bond revocation was filed on 3 December. While that motion was pending, Scott failed to show up for a scheduled court date (roll call) on 19 December. Bench warrants for the charges from September were issued on 23 December.



ScreenHunter_446 Jan. 08 17.50



Scott was lodged in jail on 7 January on charges of Distribution of Crack, PWID Marijuana,  Two (2) counts of Failure to Stop for Blue Lights, and 2nd Offense Possession of Marijuana. All of these charges have case numbers from 2014 indicating these may be the bench warrants for the September charges. Or maybe not.



ScreenHunter_457 Jan. 08 17.54 ScreenHunter_458 Jan. 08 17.54 ScreenHunter_461 Jan. 08 17.55 ScreenHunter_462 Jan. 08 17.55 ScreenHunter_463 Jan. 08 17.56 ScreenHunter_464 Jan. 08 17.56 ScreenHunter_465 Jan. 08 17.56 ScreenHunter_466 Jan. 08 17.56 ScreenHunter_467 Jan. 08 17.57 ScreenHunter_468 Jan. 08 17.57



Scott was also hit with new 2015 charges of two (2) counts of Possession of a Stolen Pistol and two (2) counts of Unlawful Neglect of a Child.



ScreenHunter_469 Jan. 08 17.57 ScreenHunter_470 Jan. 08 17.57 ScreenHunter_471 Jan. 08 17.58 ScreenHunter_472 Jan. 08 17.58 ScreenHunter_473 Jan. 08 17.58 ScreenHunter_474 Jan. 08 17.58 ScreenHunter_475 Jan. 08 17.58 ScreenHunter_476 Jan. 08 17.59



Scott was given a total bond of $335,000 on all of these charges.

Some might ask why a bond was set at all for a serial offender who has already demonstrated to the court he does not take the bond process seriously and does not intend to show up for scheduled court appearances as required under the conditions of the bond.

No one in authority wants to discuss that issue, however. It is too uncomfortable for them.



The gun charges in this case bring our 2015 gun charge survey tally to:

14 charges     6 dismissed     2 guilty pleas     6 pending




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