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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

CTL; 2014

Charleston Thug Life has seen many changes within 2014.  Some of the changes were great, some came with a huge learning curve.  What we have realized is that our dedicated readers, guests and haters alike all visit the site for the truth, the news that won’t be on Jive5 or Propaganda and Criminals, and to air out some dirty laundry.

We have realized in the year of 2014 that although a small group of people, we somehow are a target.  A target for hate and discontent.  We have sort of accepted that, although we aren’t quite sure why.  Our thinking is it’s our name “Charleston Thug Life”, our seemingly endless posts to crime in the Charleston area (and showcasing those involved) and the attitude that no one is above the law.  We learned [if not already known] that the NAACP hates CTL because they have their own racist agenda and we exploit that.  We learned that Methamphetamine is rampant and Police in the area need to crack down on it.  We learned that some Police organizations in the area bent the law if not downright break the law.  We learned that murder happens in North Charleston, and hearing the news of a shooting doesn’t shock anyone any longer.  Jive5 news application doesn’t even push a notification alert for such any longer.  At some point, the news outlets will understand that reporting this selective crime further glorify’s the ‘thug shooting thug’ persona and the thought they would be deemed a hero by their community.  We call them as we see them and make sure the following words are associated with such.  Piece of shit; Thug (and not in the 2Pac, movie style thug-life), Murderer, Rapist, Thief and many more.

Where in the world?

We learned that incorporating an engine to display multiple languages has worked out pretty decently for us.  We have readers in 2014 from 168 countries.  We had 2.7 million unique visitors from the United States with the U.K and Canada following a close second and third.  We had two unique visitors from Ethiopia, yes you heard it, ETHIOPIA!  That’s impressive.

Who was involved?

Although this type of 2014 roundup is a first for us, we want to give a line to the following people for being the most interactive on our website during the 2014 year.  Di Ba, Andy, Bob White, and Curt Lee.  Again, we appreciate your involvement and interaction into CTL (although we didn’t quite look into how you were interactive, outside of a total comment count).

2015, what’s planned?

The Charleston Thug Life group, in all it’s learning this year, is focused on getting more authors signed up and writing for the site.  Currently, they are about 5 consistent authors and many that provide information on the side.  2015 is still brand new, but we plan to further our technology grip, expand (still in discussions), and become something a little different than we are now.  We plan to speak then truth, publish what’s not and reach more people (as if 168 countries wasn’t enough) than ever before.


Thanks to everyone for making 2014 a successful year.  We will continue to be a news leader in the Charleston area and publish information frequently.  Stay tuned Charleston, it’s likely to be a good year.

Drop us a line,

Drop us a line below in the comments block.  Let us know what you think, a thumbs up or simply tell us to kick rocks.  Either way, your comment will be received and authors love the feedback and community interaction.


Good luck Charleston,


  1. Cheers CTL. Keep the good work up, keep your head down, and push forward. Thank you for the time and effort you extend on this site. Like I’ve told ya’ll in emails, I don’t always necessarily agree with each and everything published here, but, I highly respect the work you do. You aren’t afraid to push the boundaries, matter of fact; I think you make some folks, well, how you say? Downright uncomfortable? Those folks? Scarlett Wilson, Wayne DeWitt, various others….

    I’d never have taken an interest in local politics at this level had it not been for your website.

    Stay safe!

    p.s. Elections for various officials are next year, what better place to fight it out for Solicitor than CTL? Just a thought…

    Semper Fi,
    John W. Garrett

  2. You guys ROCK with YOUR SOCKS ON! I LOVE YOU GUYS! All that’s missing now is to be able to post photos directly in our comments (of course your discretion is advised!) Gotta love a website with BRASS BALLS! Keep it coming fellas. Yeah…2015 should be a year of change. Out with the good old boys and we’ll start with DumWitt! Love the way you blew his ass wide open. The TV stations WISH they were YOU!

    • Andy,
      We heard you wanted the option to add images to a comment? Your wish has been granted sir, and now you can upload images to CTL. Happy CTL’ing.

    • Hell yeah! But porn will getcha banned! Keep it clean fellas! Keep it clean!

  3. Hail to The Chief (and CTL)!,

    Thank you for facilitating this grass roots based / void of politicism / anti self serving elect social medium for those of us truth seeking patriots who are fed up with local corruption (to the point of calling in the, now, lesser of 2 evils, the Feds, to correct)!

    And thanks to the courageous citizens who voice truth here at CTL as well!

    TeaPartiers Rock!

  4. Thank you for staying true to the cause. It’s funny to watch jive5 and others try to come close to actually reporting as accurately as you. Keep it up and thanks again!!!!

  5. I love your site and read it daily. I love how through your research you tie these thugs together throughout the local gangs. You seem to have a “Bird’s Eye View” of who the players are. Would enjoy seeing and organizational chart put together through you research of the local gangs and how they tie together. Keep up the good work and keep tightening those screws on the 9th circuit and the P&C.

  6. CTL - Keep up the good work.

    Please provide visibility / focus on relevant local elections as they arise!

    I read this site a lot and would have never had any serious level of understanding of our local justice system without it. Now I am armed with facts, facts that you provide. Thank you.

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