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Strangely Suspicious

The strangely suspicious, on-again-off-again investigative skills of the Propaganda & Criminals was on full display again today.

In their recent story on a shooting by, and the subsequent alleged suicide of SCHP trooper in training Douglas Moses, the investigative skills of the P&C were in fine form. They posted a link to the trainee’s Facebook page and discussed the photo of the SCHP vehicle shown there. We have to wonder how they missed reporting his military service and taking a dig at that, too.

Compare that to the recent story on the arrest of Brett Alan Brown for robbing the Bank of America on Core Drive. They didn’t bother to link to his Facebook page.

The P&C would rather point out the picture of a SCHP cruiser on Moses’ page and ignore the obvious irony present in photos of confessed bank robber Brown sporting some superhero t-shirts.


ScreenHunter_5240 Apr. 26 18.32 ScreenHunter_5241 Apr. 26 18.32


And the mugshot of the guy who robbed the bank Core Drive on Friday, then confessed to also robbing the BB&T Bank in Summerville on Thursday afternoon.


ScreenHunter_5240 Apr. 26 18.20


You know, it isn’t like finding one Facebook page was easier than finding the other. Compare the profile photo from Moses’ page to the one from Brown’s page.


strangely suspicious

Brett Alan Brown’s Profile Pic

strangely suspicious

Douglas Moses’ profile picture



It took us less than 30 seconds to find both. And what about the social media feeds of all the rest of the thugs in the Lowcountry? What is the Propaganda & Criminals’ excuse for not finding and reporting on those? Oh, no excuse. Just some bias and a whole lot of intentionally selective reporting.

Still paying for that subscription?



  1. Anyone notice the bond for the Mr. Brown?? $25k are you. Are you kidding me!?! I checked Dorchester County for the charge from Summerville robbery and the magistrate’s page is not showing a charge.

    • He may not have had a bond hearing in DC yet.

  2. Nope…. i quite paying for that liberal rag long ago

  3. I quit paying for that anti-law enforcement, liberal rag, too.

  4. They’ll never see a dime of my money.

  5. P&C has sloppy, half-ass reporting. Not interested in seeing the snobs who’d drown if it rains in good old Charleston either. I use them to view online what obituaries the families can afford to have printed. I wouldn’t even wrap my fish in it. Other than that, I go to CTL for the real crime news, or as Paul Harvey used to say, “for the rest of the story”.

  6. Just clear your cookies and you can read all the crap you want. Works for most paywalls.

  7. Ya know, I understand what your saying but please remember he has kids and they are devastated and go ogling everything they can. Drugs ruin good people.

  8. Are we talking about Brett Brown? We feel bad for his kids. Unfortunately, he set his own priorities and apparently they didn’t include his kids. We didn’t really comment too much about him as he could have just been some hardworking guy who got behind on his mortgage and resorted to desperate measures. I guess that isn’t the case.

  9. For all of you who have so much to say about Doug whom you only knew for a short time. Some things he revealed me. Did you have to hear the parent of the girl you met in college and sharing your life with say to you ” you should stay with your own kind” did you have to see or experience your college buddy commit suicide or a person 11 days before his (Douglas) death commit suicide. Did you ever have an interviewer ask you because you are Black are you sure you do not have a Police Record and try to tell you to feel free to tell the truth. How humiliating— Did you have to hear some one say “did your girl friend write your resume?” Doug was very intelligent and had the best education could offer (check for yourself. He even spoke and wrote Japanese, played college sport (ruby) knew how to play the piano, violin and many others.

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