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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

New Bern, NC

Officer Alexander Thalmann of New Bern, NC died from wounds suffered when he was shot by a convicted felon on the evening of March 29th. He was shot in the face. Thalmann had been with the New Bern Police Department just seven months.

(Part two located at the bottom of the page)


Officer Alexander Thalmann

Officer Alexander Thalmann


Thalmann and Officer Justin Wester had observed suspicious activity and attempted to question Bryan Augustus Stallings. Stallings, who was armed, fled on foot. Thalmann and Wester pursued him. Stallings turned and shot Thalmann in the face. Officer Wester was also shot, but managed to return fire and kill the felon.

Officer Thalmann was a Lance Corporal in the Marine Reserves and had served two combat tours in Afghanistan.

Stallings has a criminal history in at least two states, North Carolina and Florida. That history involves resisting arrest, fighting with police, larceny and narcotics offenses. He was convicted in Florida in 2001 of Lewd and Lascivious Conduct with a victim under 16 years of age. He was convicted under the name William Ellison.

We searched the NC sex offender registry for both names with no results. We did find him listed at, a useful resource when state records are incomplete or missing. His Florida sex offender registry listing is also shown below.


New Bern ScreenHunter_4874 Apr. 07 06.59 ScreenHunter_4875 Apr. 07 06.59


In typical fashion, the media let friends of the perpetrator make all sorts of statements and presented them as facts. This is a common tactic of the media. There has also been some controversy regarding the mayor and other administrators in New Bern over the support they have shown for the killer of Officer Thalmann. That same support has not been shown for their murdered police officer.

Apparently New Bern Mayor Dana Outlaw’s experience as a real estate appraiser didn’t contribute much to his ability to properly appraise real world situations. Let’s see what the Mayor had to say about the death of one of his officers and the wounding of another. Keep in mind, he hadn’t posted to his Facebook page since February 18th. Two days after the shooting, after hearing Officer Thalmann had died from his wounds, the Mayor posted this:


ScreenHunter_4875 Apr. 07 07.13


Nice to know the weather takes priority for the Mayor, isn’t it? In addition to that serious breach of common sense the Mayor attended the funeral of the cop killer and convicted sex offender on April 3rd. And just in case his employees didn’t get the message from that, the Mayor cancelled the memorial for Officer Thalmann scheduled for later that same evening.

To be fair to the Mayor, he may have been trying to prevent a potential conflict which might have resulted from the fact that two of his aldermen had invited relatives of the cop killing convicted sex offender to the memorial. What the hell is going on with the idiot in government in New Bern?

A local attorney, Steven Long, organized and held a memorial for Officer Thalmann since the town couldn’t seem to do it. Click on over to his website and let him know how much you appreciate that gesture.

Let’s see what the New Bern Housing Authority had to say on their Facebook page.



ScreenHunter_4872 Apr. 07 06.22


As regular readers of Charleston Thug Life know, and readers of American Thug Life will soon discover, we tend to go a bit deeper than the media. Let’s take a look at some of what is being said by one segment of the community in New Bern.

Here is a video taken by a local of the funeral procession for Officer Thalmann.



And a screen capture with comments.


ScreenHunter_4872 Apr. 07 06.29


ScreenHunter_4871 Apr. 07 06.19


It seem Mayor Outlaw tends to fold under pressure.


ScreenHunter_4872 Apr. 07 06.19



We tend to think the surviving officer should probably be given the Mayor’s job.


ScreenHunter_4873 Apr. 07 06.29


At least Baraka is warning New Bern PD of what’s coming this summer. That was considerate of him.

Is Tony Milo and a complete and utter moron? Read the entry below and you decide.


ScreenHunter_4873 Apr. 07 06.36


Jackie Hall tried to inject some common sense into the situation, but Tony wasn’t having none of that. How dare she try to intrude on his grievous stupidity.

Tony wants you to know he isn’t a racist. He just hates the police, judges, DA’s, the system and white people.


ScreenHunter_4874 Apr. 07 06.36


Tony wants everyone to mourn the passing of the convicted felon and sex offender who killed a police officer who was just doing his job. Sympathy? Anyone?


ScreenHunter_4875 Apr. 07 07.59


You are correct, Tony. Crackers and everyone else do think you are ignorant.

Tony seems to forget his friend Bryan Stallings was a convicted felon POS who was carrying a firearm in violation of both federal and state law. Tony’s pal Kristopher (King Hannibal) is a (c)rapper who likes to post about his support for the militant outlaw group the Black Prancer Party.

New Bern, a relatively small town with a fairly high crime rate and a bit of a gang problem. We might have to delve into that a bit more in the near future.


New Bern Crime Stats






  1. sad to hear of another rookie cop killed doing his god damn JOB. “fuck 12″ seems to be the warcry of the basest most ignorant group of people alive today. I’d hazard a guess that Tony Milo MIGHT have actually graduated from High School, but his ramblings suggest that he might have only graduated from a Special Needs class.

  2. I’m from the area. I’d like to talk more, and follow you, Chief.

    • Nikki, use our contact page and we will get in touch that way.

  3. The cop was a human being as well as Mr. Stallings. Regardless of his past he was a human being. Why is he being referred to as the felon or the sex offender? I feel bad for both families. The cop was very young and should not have been taken so soon. Although in my opinion I am a bit confused how Mr. Stallings was running but still managed to shoot the cop in the face. I honestly don’t think we will ever know the true story. Just what everyone believes to be the truth. R.I.P to them both.

    • Ummm……because he was a convicted felon and child molester and a general drain on society. You are correct - you are confused.

    • New Bern Area I’m like you. How did Mark manage to shoot Officer Thalmann in the face while running. In my heart I believe there was someone else out there shooting also.

    • New Bern Native no one deserves to die. Your not god thats not your say. Reading these comments and how you all sit here and basically try to make the cop better than the criminal. May they both rest in peace. Nobody is better than anybody else. We breath the same. We bleed the same. Our graves are the same. Okay he had a past but what does that have to do with the fact someone who loves him lost him. Show respect to the familes. That comment pissed me off cause you a medical student speaking so ignorant.

    • He had a past. He also had a present, and in that present he was a convicted felon carrying a firearm and shooting at the police. That automatically puts you a step below everyone else in the eyes of those who don’t try to make excuses for criminals.

    • Mellia, you my dear are apart of the problem.

  4. “New Bern Area”…. you are an idiot.

  5. No you are an idiot. Everyone who is a felon is not a bad person. I’ve helped people pike this everyday and some of them are now managers of major companies making over $100,000/year. Being judgemental is not Christian like. Maybe you worship or serve a different God than I dobut he was human. I’ve helped many different types of people with a criminal history. Can they all be saved? No! But calling them other than their name does not help either. I’m sure you have done something in your past that you are not proud of. If you were referred to as that would it be fair to you? No. This is the most bias post I’ve ever seen and I’m sharing with as many people on Facebook as I can so they can see how you are calling this guy everything but his God given name.

    • Ya know, one mistake does not a person make. Repeated offenses have a lot to say about you. Your attempt to coddle the memory of a repeat felon tells folks all they need to know about you.

    • It sounds like Mr Stallings also had a problem rememberng his “God given name” since he was convicted under a diffent name in another state. I dare say that he was more well known by his street name, Flute, than any other. Money nor a good job makes you a good human being or even a decent citizen. The story as I heard it was this model citizen jumped off his bike and ran when he was approached by the police. This is a good sign that at least he thought he was doing something that might not be in his best intersted if it was discovered. He hid behind a structure and ambushed the young office as he approached. Mr Stallings was probably doing his best to survive the only way he knew, but his actions, past and present, speak for themselves. His fate was entirely predictable. Mr Jones comments are general mantra for poorly socialzed antisocial bigots who get a charge from seeing how much they can “shock” people. I dare say a similar fate awaits him if this is truely how he lives his life. How many children do you have Mr Jones. Who pays for their healthcare, grocercies or basic living expences? Do you walk around with your oversized pants strapped to your thighs with your bloomers displayed? If you truely want to break the pattern of poverty and social stigma you have to, on some level, conform. This is less about black and white, though that is an easy place to go, than it is about moral character, motivation, and mutual respect. You might garner some respect since I see some misguided folks liked your posts and comments, I thought your willingness to post such a disrespectful commentary was a telling indication about your lack of integrity and moral character. All it really did was confirm what the very folks you seem hate already think of you.

  6. Its funny how the repeated offenses aren’t posted. Only the sex offender part. Oh and him not complying with the laws of what a registered sex offender is suppose to do when they move. This happened in 2001?? Its 2013… Are you kidding me???

    • Maybe you should do some additional research before talking trash. That just makes you look downright stupid. We are to busy to help you get your facts straight.

  7. I’m only referring to what was posted on this site. There’s postings showing sex offenses but nothing else. Maybe you should post all of the facts when you are referring to someone who you are repeatedly calling them everything but their name.

    • A piece of crap is a piece of crap. Nothing changes simply because you are too lazy to support your position with facts. All it does is show your argument is weak.

    • The fact that the cop didn’t have numerous past convictions and he was a military vet makes him a much more worthwhile person then the thug that achieved DRT (dead right there) status. I hate to tell you, when you choose to do wrong not just once but repeatedly, you are considered a POS. And no, not everyone has arrests and convictions in their past. Please don’t try to compare getting a traffic ticket once in a ten year period with sex offenses. It IS possible for the dead thug to have shot the officer in the face while running. Just point the damned gun behind him and pull the damned trigger. The mayor of New Bern is a sickening excuse for a human being. Sucking up for votes. If I was part of the officer’s family, in no way would we approve a combined memorial. What a stomach turning story.

  8. All you have as far as facts is sex offenses from his criminal record. Don’t get upset with me. You guys posted this. Not me. I’m done entertaining this situation. You all have a blessed day!

  9. All you have as far as facts is sex offenses from his criminal record. Don’t get upset with me. You guys posted this. Not me! I’m done entertaining this situation. You all have a blessed day!

    • You posited a theory. When asked to back it up you showed you are so lazy you won’t even do the research in an effort to prove your point. That pretty much says it all.

  10. So he is a convicted sex offender, a probation breaker, illegal carrier of a gun, and runs from the police but we are supposed to give him the benefit of the doubt? Even if he didn’t shoot the cop why was he running? I do not break into a sprint randomly from cops…then again I’m not a criminal. I think George W. said it best “Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, well…if you fool me once you aren’t going to fool me again”.

  11. They both were human, they both have family n loved ones, n they both will have the same size grave, n they both r six feet under…. cause he was a cop they try to make him seem that much more important… but had they shot him and he not had any weapon, even tho its wrong… nobody wouldve made a peep… its sad that they both lost their lives but talking down on one cause he has a past is wrong… n i personally dont care on your opinion about what i say… it is what it is… the same things yu said about this guy will probably be said about yu or worse…. or nobody would actually care if yu died… i agree with NEWBERN AREA tho!

    • Considering we have never raped a child, been convicted of a crime, much less a felony, or shot a cop in the face - we doubt anyone will say the same thing about us they are saying about this poor excuse for a human being.

    • Idiot, the law does not state that he raped a child. It says that he took indecent liberties with a child under 16. i happen to have a 16 yo that looks 20. If she decided to lie about her age she could fool many. Not saying that this is what happened in his case, just saying that it is a possible scenario. and as for y he was running from the cops, I have a clean criminal record and i live less than a block from where this happened. I get nervous when I see the police because they do profile and stereo-type. My 13 yo son was in a predominantly white neighborhood with group of all white kids at invitation of one of them and the patrolman on duty slowed down and mean-mugged him because of his color. that is all, he wasnt doing anything but walking with his friends and he was singled out because of his skin. call it what you want but racism is alive and well. I know a few good cops here; coincidentally all of them happen to be black. The white ones I see patrolling even walk with a swagger of superiority. so yes we are taught to be afraid of police because nine times out of ten they hurt more than they help.

    • Hey, fucktard - Taking indecent liberties with a child under 16 actually is “rape”. Maybe you should familiarize yourself with the law and it’s concepts prior to spouting off.

      Ooh, your kid got “mean mugged”? Wow! Maybe you should ring up Eric Holder and have him trot down here with his DOJ flunkies to investigate that extremely obvious bit of racist behavior. Seriously, mean mugging should be a capital offense.

      The fact you are so quick to scream racism and defend the a convicted felon and sex offender, armed with a handgun, who decided to run from an officer who apparently was just talking to him, and then shoot that officer in the face for no reason tells us a lot about your racist world view. The only good cops are black, huh? Okay. If you weren’t so racist you wouldn’t have to be afraid so much.

    • Hey dumbbitch!!!
      number one I am a paralegal so I do know the law. If they were the same thing then there wouldn’t be two different crimes for the same thing! and I brought up my child’s incident because guess what (probably) dumb white guy who’s never been profiled or been stopped for dwb (driving while black; yeah it happened to me), racism does happen on the nbpd and everywhere. I did not condone the behavior of the accused which if you had read both of my posts you would have seen. I do not know (nor do I care) who Eric Holder is so ur reference fell on deaf ears as does your stupid post. And u would have us believe that because he was a felon he deserved to be stopped for no reason. Tell me, what does a felon look like? Did the cops know he was a felon when they saw him riding a bike? No he was stopped anyway just because and it’s being excused under the blanket reason ‘suspicious behavior’. That’s code for because we felt like it. No the officer shouldn’t have died and he was just doing his job but answer this, what happened to shooting a suspect to incapacitate not to kill? This man was shot in the face as well. That was at least in part revenge. Do I condone or excuse Stallings actions? No by no means. Do I recognize that he was human and sympathize with his family? Yes. Because they didn’t commit any crimes and they too were hurt by the loss of a person they love. Why do they deserve any less compassion because of who he was? If he was related to you would you feel the same? (well you’re an idiot so probably so. but people of normal intellect wouldn’t) And I said the good cops I, personally know, happen to be black. And the white cops I personally observe walking through the neighborhood have an air of superiority about them. I did not say nor imply that all black cops are good and all white cops are bad. I’m sure there are exceptions to every rule. You seem to be an exception to the humans are compassionate rule. Read what I said not what you saw, special ed! Maybe you should stay in SC where you belong.
      Oh and my son said screw you!

    • Thanks, shit-stain, for confirming your racist bent. It’s always too easy to expose you folks for what you really are. No challenge.

    • I don’t for a second believe you’re a paralegal. If you actually were, and knew anything about the law, you would at least know who Eric Holder is. It’s a shame an adult in this country doesn’t even know who one of the most talked about people (I really didn’t want to use the word important) in our government is and what they do. Especially one who claims to work in the law profession. Lastly, what an utter shame that you are proud of your son telling someone to “screw you” and you seem to have encouraged it. Parenting like that almost guarantees that we’ll read about him here in the not too distant future. Shame on you!

  12. The “Bern City” and “New Bern Area” folks are encouraging me that the Public School System in their area is anything but decent.

    I don’t mind speaking to ignorant, blind folks; but damn, do me the decency and spell stop spelling “yu”. There is another damn vowel there.

    “…. cause he was a cop they try to make him seem that much more important.” Just what type of person is “more important” to you sir? The rock dealers, the street walkers, the fast food workers, the car salesman, the stereo shop workers, the pawn shop employees, or maybe the gas station attendants that sell you your King Cobra’s and blunt wrappers?

    Give us a break guy. We understand by that one sentence alone that “yu” are a thug supporter. Don’t try to sugarcoat the truth with bad spelling and run on sentences.

  13. i can spell you how ever i please…. and at the end of the day he’s not more important than anyone else…. so what he was a cop… they r as crooked as they come around here… so what cause they have on a uniform they are supposed to make us feel safe?? hell no!!! a title doesnt mean a damn thing!!! oh and yu yu yu yu yu yu yu!!!

    • New Bern is full of retards.

    • Thug City…. Thug Thug, Thug City! Curious, what’s your title? And, if you confess that your a school teacher, I’m going to giggle a little.

  14. Stallings, the criminal, deserved to die after he shot two officers, fatally wounding one. He obviously had criminal intentions when he, a convicted felon, was in possession of a firearm. He had sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 16, which happens to be a very lewd action on his behalf as well as the child. ‘Bern City and New Bern Area’, you’re only here to talk badly of the cops, perhaps this being a coping method, or even conveying your anger towards officers of the law, because you two have experienced the long arm of the law as well. If that is so, you should follow my path. I am a convicted felon, 2 breaking and entering convictions when I was 18, but that is in my past. I am now a medical student in New York, have received permission to obtain a state license for practice, and have turned my life around. You too can do the same if I am correct with with my previously mentions theory.

    • We applaud you and congratulate you on the rest of your life adventures. We aren’t here to say everyone that has wronged is bad. But repeat offenders are the makeup of Charleston Thug Life.

  15. Its not making an excuse. Im saying if you read my statement He is not god so his role is not to say that man deserved to die. Have some respect for his loved ones. Im sorry for both their deaths. But ignorance is not needed

  16. *to say

  17. He took a life. He took a WORTHWHILE person’s life. He WAS NOT a contributing member of society. He was a drain on society. Have you ever heard the saying “an eye for an eye”? You mellia, are a large part of what is wrong with society. Many years ago it was WRONG to commit crimes. When you did, you’re family was embarrassed and they DID NOT try to make excuses for you. They were ASHAMED. Sadly, not anymore.

  18. All I can do is pray for Officer Thalmanns family. Stallings didn’t care about his life or the people around him or he wouldn’t have taken off running through a housing complex shooting! What if someone’s child would have gotten hit with a bullet I mean seriously y’all are so quick to make this a race issue when it is clearly something that could have been avoided. The police were doing their job just trying to protect and serve and this man decided to act ignorantly and cause this big mess. Yes I feel terrible for his family but ultimately he decided his own fate just so sad he took such a young officer with him! I don’t agree I think those projects need to be torn down and the people that want to act ignorantly in them should be relocated to Clark’s so they can be near the jail where they belong! All others that want decent housing should be offered an alternative but the people that live over there now are truly giving all of us black people a bad name.

    • I’m an angry black woman also and it pisses me off that our people want to make it a race issue. Race had nothing to do with this. Bryan was acting suspicious to Officers Wester and Thalmann so he took off running. He already had his gun out while running from them. The officers didn’t have their guns out while they were chasing him. I guess they never thought about the fact that he might have had a gun. Bryan caused all of this, not those officers. They only wanted to talk to him. He was guilty of something so he took off running.

  19. Seriously how can a man being chased by police in the pouring down rain stop and shoot the RIP officer in the face the manage to shoot the other officer in the leg something do not add up but in the end the truth will prevail and it might be a different song sung by the choir. IJ S

    • Here’s the thing Jack, he was shooting, that is a fact that even the typical thug supporters aren’t discounting. The usual thug supporter line is…. “he was a good kid”, or “he’s gone now and his past shouldn’t have anything to do with what people are saying about him.”

      How it happened exactly, that might be in question, possibly. Crazy things happen on the street, we know, but do not even try to make anyone on this website believe he wasn’t shooting because it just doesn’t make sense. If you know more, please do share… and head to your local Police department to let them know you were on scene and wish to provide a statement.

  20. A police parade, no that’s called giving honor to a fallen hero. You’re already overheated, get a fan and cool down. Fuck12, for doing the job and reporting the facts facts that you all seem to want to forget. Shooting in a residential area, the cop had to protect everyone else in the neighborhood they had a maniac running around shooting with a gun. All of these men are a special kind of stupid.

    • Officer Thalmann was only doing his job. He didn’t deserve to die like that by someone that didn’t care whether he himself lived. He ran because he was a convicted and he didn’t want to get caught with that gun. He didn’t want to go back to prison because of the thngs he had to endure in prison. Well, if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime. Bryan Stallings caused his own death. He had some cousins that was out there shooting at the police at the same time, orr so it’s been said. Also one of his friends has been making threats to people tat witnessed the shootings, that if they know or saw anything they had better keep their mouths closed. All thes people hating on the police and talking shit is because they are criminals themselves. Why else would they have to dislike the people that are here to protect and serve us.

  21. It’s all so sad on both parts. Rip to both families! But I can tell you this from experience…coming home to visit my family and been harassed on numerous occasions by the police. Just followed around and stopped just for what I was driving. Sometimes I hate even coming home. I just hope & pray It all get better & no more violence happen!

    • From experience, those that have been harassed by the police have given the police a reason for harassing them. More then likely, and I would bet money, that there was someone in the home that wasn’t exactly a choir boy. Stopped for what you were driving? More then likely stopped because of illegal tint (or something to the effect) driving in a neighborhood that is a known high crime area. If the police stopped you in a neighborhood that is known for high crime and/or drug dealing you should maybe THANK them for trying to make it SAFER for the residents. Try saying “Thank you officer for trying to make this neighborhood better. I really appreciate your efforts”. Instead, the police are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

  22. I suppose Bryan ( the POS who IS rotting in hell) is going to be Obamas’ OTHER son , if he had any comments about this situation. The Mayor is sure trying to disgrace a Vet and a Officer of the Law

  23. Why we can not all just let God deal with the situation because as people we all set judgement where our beliefs rest? May both of the deceased rest in peace and let the SBI make their determination and let the healing begin. It has been so much said and alot out of anger but we must rely on our Christian beliefs and remember what our God said: Vengenace is mines I shall repay.

    • You’re right. Let’s let law enforcement do their job and let’s let the healing begin. R.I.P Officer Thalmann and Brian Stallings. Praying that Officer Wester gets well soon.

    • We should all let God deal with whatever these thugs do, whoever they kill, gun down, etc.? How’s that theory worked for us so far? My anger comes from the parents that have produced children they have no intention of turning into productive members of society. My anger comes from listening to people like you that want us to “not judge them”, chant the usual “you don’t know what they’ve been through”, and to turn a blind eye to their horrendous crimes. . How can anyone say in the same sentence R.I.P. both Officer Thalmann and the murderer Stallings? How insulting to the officer and his family.

  24. You can spell it any way you’d like, but it will be wrong.

  25. You can spell it any way you’d like, but it will be wrong.

  26. We see a lot of your coming from the North Carolina area. What Facebook page are you coming from?

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