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A Molehill

So now the murder of a police officer and a U.S. Marine is a “molehill” to the Mayor of New Bern, NC. Dana Outlaw had this to say about the outrage of citizens because he attended the funeral of the convicted sex offender and felon who killed Officer Alex Thalmann:

When death occurs, it is not a good time to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Outlaw also deigned to speak for Officer Thalmann when he told folks, “He would want us to move on.”

He really likes the taste of that foot, doesn’t he?



Dana Outlaw, Mayor, Real Estate Appraiser


Outlaw stands by his decision. Well, except for all the critical comments he deleted from his Facebook page - prior to deactivating it entirely - because he couldn’t take the heat for his decision. He calls the criticism “cyberbullying”. We call it justified.

Heck, even a reformed former felon stood up at a council meeting and told Outlaw he was a clod. Steven Long, the defense attorney who organized a memorial for Officer Thalmann pointed out that the Mayor and the alderman failed to even visit the officer’s bedside while he fought the battle to stay alive which was ultimately lost.

No matter. The weather is great, though, isn’t it Mayor!

The two alderman who wanted to include the killer of Officer Thalmann in the memorial scheduled in his honor are Victor Taylor and Bernard White. Both are members of the NAACP and/or the SCLC. Figures. And don’t forget the comment by Bernard White that “…the law would look after the law and no one else.” Sorry folks, these guys are unfeeling and apparently racist pieces of garbage.

You folks in New Bern have some politicians with severe lack of perception.

We just love the folks commenting here and on various news articles about the importance of “forgiveness” in one breath, then turn around and go on a racist rant about the killing of a hoodie wearing thug in Florida and condemning the “white Hispanic” who shot him. Apparently forgiveness is a one way street.

The typical thug supporters we always see on our stories are claiming the cops in New Bern are racist, Stallings was shot because he was black, Stallings was a great guy and a choirboy and someone else had to shoot that officer in the face because Stallings was running away and couldn’t possibly have done it.


  1. Twilight Zone government in action. Hopefully the law abiding citizens will enact a reality check at the next few elections.

  2. As a citizen of New Bern all my life and a resident of the area where the incident took place I find your outsiders opinion to be biased and short-sighted. First of all there is no correlation between this and the Treyvon Marton case. His killer is not only still alive but free.
    Secondly, both the mayor and the aldermen in reaching out to the suspect’s family realize that two families lost someone. And regardless of the circumstances of that loss two families are grieving. Could it be that the aldermen invited family members of the accused because they had talked to them and that family wanted to offer condolences and apologies to the officer’s family? Of course not, because it doesn’t fit your smear campaign. The vigil was cancelled because the Mayor learned of possible retaliation and conflict by outraged members of the community that support Stallings. In order to maintain the integrity and solemnity and focus of the ocassion, he cancelled it instead of allowing it to turn into a circus for the 6:00 news. I, for one, commend Mayor Outlaw for showing compassion to the suspect’s family since he was being vilified in every forum. I understand that he was wrong to kill an officer. I don’t in any way condone his actions. But I don’t see the problem with reaching out to his family to make peace in a volatile situation. He wasn’t given a processional through the streets, he didn’t get unlimited news coverage, nor did local stations interrupt television to show his entire funeral. In other words he did not get the respect and honor that was afforded the officer. As he shouldn’t have. So why is everyone in an uproar like he was afforded the same treatment as the officer? There are alot of questions regarding that night that will never be truly answered such as ‘what constitutes suspicious activity’ and why didn’t the police shoot him to incapacitate instead of to kill’? The ultimate punishment (which had he lived he would’ve gotten for killing a cop) was served anyway. Justice was served in that respect. I am sorry for the loss of such a young officer. But I am also sorry for the loss of a young man that may have meant nothing to most but to someone he was everything; I grieve for that person and so did the Mayor. Kudos, Mayor and Aldermen. True Christian values at work.

    • hehe…outsiders opinion. Good one. We didn’t make the connection between this case and the Treyvon Martin case - the hoodrats whining about the cops shooting dead their convicted felon friend did. You might want to take a remedial course in reading comprehension.

      There is quite a difference in making a phone call in an attempt to keep the usual suspects from blowing up your town over this and actually attending the funeral of a convicted felon and sex offender who killed one of your police officers, aka one of your employees. Your alderman and your Mayor, in their rush to cater to the killer’s family did not show one iota of concern for the co-workers or family of the murdered officer. The family wanted to express their condolences? That’s great. Ever heard the term “too soon”?

      Once again, your reading comprehension, or lack thereof, comes into play. We actually gave the Mayor credit for cancelling the memorial so as to avoid the problems which most assuredly would have arisen.

      “Shoot to incapacitate”?? Hehehe….nothing like displaying your complete and utter ignorance for the world to see. Seems to us the cops did just that, though. Stalling is permanently incapacitated now. Of course, it’s a damn shame they didn’t “incapacitate” him before he fired that round into Officer Thalmann’s face. You probably meant “shoot to wound”, which is the common refrain every time a hoodrat is shot by police. Cops don’t shoot to wound, they shoot to stop the threat. That means - as many rounds as it takes, usually center mass. They don’t shoot guns out of hands, kneecaps or pinky toes when they are being actively fired upon.

    • Are you real?

    • First of all Anonymousaswell I will actually put a name on this post unlike the first one simply because I didn’t think i would be back to this ludicrous site. I will sign myself High IQ. I am a paralegal and law-abiding citizen that happened to go to school with family members of the person who was also killed (which people seem to keep forgetting). While they don’t condone his behavior and I’m sure they tried to talk him into a different lifestyle are nonetheless hurting from the loss of someone they loved. You can teach your child better but when they grow up their choices are there own. You never stop praying for them, never stop loving them, and miss them no less when and if that lifestyle ends prematurely. Mayor Outlaw understood this. He understood that losing someone is losing someone and blame doesn’t negate the pain. The family knows what he did and of course they have questions as anyone would in situation where someone loses their life unexpectedly. I’m sure they wonder not only why he was stopped in the first place, but why he ran and why he shot. They have to live on with this in a town that only sees the officer and not the suspect. FYI apparently the officer had a past as a juvenile as well as was alluded to at his funeral. Does that mean he deserved his fate? No. No one deserved this. And I was just wondering as others have what happened to other methods of stopping him. Maybe not shooting the gun out of his hand but definitely shooting him in the leg. I’m just saying it could have been an option. But he would have been killed anyway (death penalty) so yes justice was served in that respect. As you can see by my vernacular remedial classes aren’t needed. They obviously didn’t help you much.

    • You sounded somewhat reasonable until the last five sentences or so. Once again, Stallings set the course for what was going to happen that night. He was killed after shooting one officer in the face and another in the leg. He didn’t deserve that? Really. Go on back to your fantasy world of butterflies and rainbows.

    • Ask the mayor how many times he visited the hospital while Officer Thalmann fought for his life!

    • This will be my last post because I refuse to continue a battle of wits with those so obviously unarmed. Number one, johnny ray is illiterate (u misspelled his name). sounds a lot like racism to me. Hmmm. Interesting. And as for your idea that these places need to be demolished. I see that you are also a money grubbing leech. There is always a cry to demolish these projects because the powers that be (read: white) want to profit from the waterfront property. And uninformed one, Craven Terrace is nowhere near the waterfront. And those closest to the water have to also deal that same wonderful water that y’all crave so much coming into their homes and causing mildew. These places were meant for people that have limited income. Are u suggesting that we don’t deserve to live on the water because of our socioeconomic status? So much bias one hardly knows where to begin.
      And chief, this may come as a shock to you, but in my opinion there are very few people that DESERVE to die. Society as a whole feels that was as well hence the desperate attempt to preserve life at all costs. Stallings was wrong in his actions, and thank you for being clear that they were HIS actions not those of his family, and they were the cause of his death. But I still contend that he didn’t deserve to die just as much as the officer didn’t deserve to die. All human life is precious regardless of past behavior. I will leave you with this question: If you were to be judged right now on the actions of your past (not just the criminal ones that you did or did not get caught doing but the ones that are immoral stupid or just plain wrong), what would your verdict be? Would you require mercy and compassion? Would you feel your mother didn’t deserve anyone to acknowledge her grief because you made mistakes? I don’t think so. It is for his mother, and his family that I speak not for him. Let them grieve because ultimately, he’s out of it at this point. Good luck and God Bless (and forgive) You all.

    • Sorry High IQ, but I hate to burst your bubble. Not everyone has a “past” that they need to hide. Anyone can look into mine and all they would find is two traffic tickets (both under 10) and a divorce. Nothing that my mother would be ashamed of. I have two sisters. Nothing there, either. All three of us have an education, none of us have ever been arrested, none of us have had our children outside of marriage by multiple fathers, we are self supporting, and our children are being raised the same way. And guess what? My mother raised us as a single mother (my father left when I was in my early teens).
      We do believe Stallings was responsible for his actions, but here’s the problem. Why do we need to honor the death of a criminal, and to be more specific a murderer? I don’t understand, that in the past few years, why families of dead criminals (either by other criminals or by police while committing a crime) feel the need to publicly “honor” someone that personally had no honor. Like I said in a previous comment, in the past, families used to be ashamed (and rightfully so) of other family members that are lowlife drains of society. You know, CRIMINALS. And now they feel like the rest of us need to feel sorry for them because they’re dead. That their criminal past should not come into play and we should send them off to heaven, too. Wrong. We, the contributing members of society, are tired of working so that others, the non-contributing members of society, can have EIGHT children and never work a day in their lives. They live in homes they don’t pay for and destroy them. I don’t think that low income housing complexes need to be bulldozed. I DO think they need to be cleaned out. I feel that they should house the handicapped and elderly first. Then, what dwellings are left, can TEMPORARILY house those that need some help. If you commit crimes while living in the housing, you need to be evicted. (this is actually supposed to happen, but never does).
      Something needs to change, IQ. These parents having children for the government money and not raising them are doing nothing but filling court dockets, prisons, and cemeteries. They are not educated enough to see that they are being used for votes and political gain. Just like Mayor Outlaw just did. With you “High IQ” I would imagine you’d been able to see that a mile away.

    • As for your comment, not really shocked, about eviction not occurring after criminal activity, I can assure you that in some communities, it does.

    • Not very often, mm. Not very often at all.

  3. Ahh c’mon dana, you don’t have to post anonymously

  4. If he “was everything” to someone he would have been taught to be a much better person then he was. I’m sorry someone that shot a police officer in cold blood isn’t going to get respect and honor. Justice wasn’t served and never will be. Ask the officer’s family if they think justice has been served. What constitute suspicious activity? A criminal with a gun that runs when they see a police officer. I see police officers all the time. I don’t feel the need to run. You can’t play the race card with me, either. You don’t have any idea who or “what” I am. The police aren’t trained to “incapacitate” a criminal with a gun. Do you want them to shoot the gun out of his hand? Yes, the suspect has been vilified in just about every forum. He should be. We have see these young, hardened criminal’s families make excuses and even CONDONE their crimes. Even murder. Maybe if the communities stop trying not to hurt their feelings and say that we’ve had ENOUGH of their criminal children and we are going to put a stop to it, they’ll get the message.

  5. Seriously, he is. He won because his district is black.

  6. Officer Thalmann’s mother finally released a statement online. Guess what it said.

    It said that she neither wanted the mayor nor the board to have anything to do with the funeral of her son.

    She also said that politicians are just that, politicians, and they’re always out for the vote.

    I’m pretty sure if she wasn’t a lady with class she would say what I’m about to say in that Kinsey and White’ invitations and comments were asinine. Oh yeah and please city employees (we know who you are) stop coming up here trying to kiss ass for Dana. Ticks me off for people to talk one way in real life then get online and pander to “Massa Dana’s” family like the good little “boy” you are.

  7. Trent Court and Craven Terrace need to be demolished. Who thought it was a good idea to build a ghetto on prime waterfront property, right beside Tyron Palace.

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