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Carlton Pringle - Hearing Results

The results are in for the guilty plea for Carlton Pringle, who pointed a firearm at a North Charleston police officer in March of 2012 and was shot multiple times as a result. Once again, we see a glaring failure by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

The Solicitor’s office negotiated a plea deal with Pringle that involved dismissing the charges of Unlawful Carrying of a Handgun, Unlawful Possession of a Pistol, and Resisting Arrest With a Deadly Weapon. Scarlett Wilson and her crew allowed Pringle to plead guilty to Pointing and Presenting a Firearm and agreed to a sentence of five years of probation.

Scarlett Wilson, you are a miserable failure as a prosecutor and you prove it repeatedly. Your lack of support for our law enforcement officers is now on display for all to see. Keep clearing those dockets, Scarlett. Justice be damned!

And you folks wonder why violent crime is rampant in Charleston & Berkeley counties.



  1. Actually, from what I heard, the Solicitor’s Office took no position on sentencing - which was just as bad. The Asst. Solicitor handling the case just kind of stood by and the officer had to basically plead for jail time. The defense attorneys spun tales of how much suffering the defendant has endured because of his injuries and how he has changed. Whatever!!! Can’t believe this crap. Take a stand, 9th Circuit!!!

  2. Even worse, unless you are a constant visitor to this site, you’re probably blissfully ignorant and think (as I once did) that the 9th Circuit is doing all they can to protect the general public from these predators. The last two months on this website has (sadly) opened my eyes to how pathetic our justice system continues to operate. It’s no wonder there are so many repeat offenders. Heck, if I were one of these thugs, I would gladly roll the proverbial dice and continue a life of crime if all I would receive is a slap on the wrist, if that, when finally caught.

  3. Maybe the cops should catch a case of don’t give a sh*t since no one has their backs. Maybe the state will be picking up the bill for the choir boys new penis because he’s suffered so much. Oh wait maybe that will be on the civil suit the choir boy is bringing.

  4. Let’s hope that next time the officer has better aim…

  5. The judicial system fails AGAIN.

  6. Actually, Gabriel McRasta, the officer had exception aim. He fired 8 rounds, on the run, from a pretty decent distance, and hit a running target with every shot. That’s not nearly as easy as you’d think. Not many people could accomplish that without missing a few times. If by “let’s hope that next time the officer has better aim” you mean that it’s too bad one of those shots wasn’t a head shot, amen. But unfortunately a person’s head is a relatively small target, which is why officers are taught to aim for the chest. It’s a bigger target.

  7. Jeebus Scarlett! PROBATION? Nice message to send to the community. I guess the choir boy will have to point that sidearm at a tourist from Ohio during Spoleto to get A DAY of prison..

  8. I’m sorry my comment wasn’t quite clear…when I said better aim I meant that it was too bad it wasn’t fatal. Did not mean to imply that the officer wasn’t a good shot (I go bird hunting so I know how hard it is to hit a moving target). I just wish the bullet would have hit a major organ/artery on this dirtbag. Hopefully next time it will!

  9. And I am sure this wolf PROMISED not to be bad ever again. Also i wonder who payed for this wolfs medical bills? Its time to vote Scarlet out and let her sail on to namby-pamby land(see along with her other liberal appointees. and bring in a NO DEAL conservative solicitor.

  10. I’m sure young Mr. Pringle will give LEOs more opportunities to help him get to that well ventilated status. He’s now going to think he’s invincible. I really hope his parents don’t get to hit the ghetto lottery with that lawsuit.

  11. you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so sick of Scarlett’s office I just cant stand it anymore. That piece of shit maggot deserved a maximum sentence. Great support to the cops in the area. Nice to know that all the other maggots now know for sure they can get away with anything, especially attacking & trying to murder the police officers of this city. This is absolutely ridiculous


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