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Not a Peep Is Heard

You know, we get accused of being racist so often we don’t even bother to counter it anymore. We were even told last week by the national media, Jesse Jackson and the National Association Advocating for Criminal People that calling black people “happy” and “godly” was racist. The term has been beaten to death by the black and liberal race baiters who try to make a dollar from it that it no longer has any stigma attached to it.

However, when confronted with obvious bias and racial hatred from the other side, we like to point it out. The beauty of this country is we even believe in giving idiots a voice. Below you will see comments from the WCSC comments section relative to the story of the violence in the past 48 hours.

As usual, these folks make unsubstantiated and unfounded comments accusing police of racism and selectively investigating crimes based on race and perceived wealth. We have lived in the Lowcountry for a long, long time. One thing we can definitely say is the North Charleston Police Department, with particular emphasis on their investigative division, consistently has one of the best solve rates in the country when it comes to violent crime. If they decided they weren’t going to investigate crimes involving black victims the department would have the most abysmal solve rate in the country. Why? Well, if you pay attention to what passes as “news” outlets around here you would know the vast majority of violent crime here is committed by, and perpetrated upon, black folks.

Yes, it is always easier to blame the police, who this person mischaracterizes as “the justice system”. Apparently she is not aware of the dismal failure that is the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s Office and the cavalier, “make ‘em feel good” attitude held by Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston when it comes to sentencing these criminals. The former is more concerned with “clearing the docket” than protecting the community and the latter just enjoys poking citizens in the eye by returning violent felons to the communities they have victimized. Law enforcement is just a small part of the “justice system”, albeit the most visible. When the other parts of the system fail to do their jobs the system breaks down and the thugs reign supreme.

No, this woman isn’t prejudiced at all.

Another point she fails to address, probably because it is highly inconvenient to her “police are racist and I’m not” argument, is the true reason it takes so much extra effort and due diligence to solve crimes in the black community. That would be lack of cooperation from the community itself. If four people were standing in the yard and watched the shooter blast one of these women, they would either be gone by the time police arrived or would give the officers the standard response of, “I didn’t see nothing!”

Want to know why your young men believe they can indiscriminately kill one another while blasting innocent bystanders or target and visit violence upon the mothers of their rivals? It is because people like this non-racist racist in these communities consent to those activities through their silence. Oh, sure, we will be graced with yet another candle-light vigil or “stop the violence” march, but when those are done everyone will leave and go back to being silent. Not a peep will be heard. Not a fuck will be given. Until it happens to their mother.  Then they will rage in front of the cameras at the next candle light vigil, wearing their RIP t-shirts and blaming the police because the cops were too racist to guard their mama 24/7. Oh, and they will neglect to tell those media personnel, who wouldn’t report it anyway, that their “G”, their baby brother, is a gang member who was selling dope out of the house.

Another group that is conspicuously absent from the events of New Year’s Day is the National Association Advocating for Criminal People. They should have been out in front of this thing, calling all their media pals and fellow race baiters in for an early morning press conference to address the murder of black mothers. Not a peep has been heard. Not a fuck has been given by the NAACP. Why?

Because addressing black on black violence doesn’t make the cash flow into the organization’s coffers. Had these women been shot by narcotics or SWAT officers executing search warrants due to the criminal activity of their sons and husbands the NAACP would have been on-scene with television cameras and lawyers in tow before the detectives could even get there. Even better if those officers happened to be evil white cops. Then Dot Scott could tell the media once again how “it’s a badge of honor for police to kill a nigger.Her words - not ours, folks.

Instead, the NAACP, via their continued silence on the issue of violent crime in the black community, tacitly condones the activity, encourages the thugs to continue in their violent pursuits and let’s all the folks know that they, too, should shut up. And the example set forth by these alleged “community leaders” is followed. And not a peep is heard. Not a fuck is given.


  1. amen to what mike s said!

  2. If they put as much effort into battling these thugs as they do made up racism, there wouldn’t be many crimes to solve…

  3. This serial killing has been going on for, oh, decades now? This sort of crime would not be tolerated in any “normal” neighborhood. People would be on the lookout, watching out for their neighbors, ready to act if needed and definitely calling and giving full info to the police.

  4. This is a good website/blog. How long you guys been around?

  5. How is that writer assuming the victims were single mothers? That is racists if anything!

    • Hehehehehe…must be a newbie. Maybe if there was a “man” in the house he probably would be answering a knock on the door in the middle of the night, not the mommy?


  7. What, she’s pissed because this wasn’t solved in 24hrs? Cops don’t care? And I guess all those murdering thugs in prison, are there for murdering white people? And those convictions are considered racist. But what difference does it make? Before the thug is issued prison clothes. A free the thug movement is started. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

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