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She Said What?!?

Yesterday we received an email from a reader telling us about a quote from Dot “He dint do nuffin” Scott in which she used the no-no word during her press conference. The reader told us the quote was quickly disappeared from the Propaganda and Criminals website. We let it slide, thinking maybe that reader read it wrong.

Today we received several more emails about it. We apologize to the first reader for thinking you might have misread the text. According to the folks who are reporting seeing the statement it said something to the effect of, “It is a badge of honor for police to kill a nigger”. Really, Dot? Are you that stupid?

Yeah, she is. We heard her harping on the airwaves today about how she doesn’t want to imply anything, but police officers consider it a badge of honor to kill a black person, like they get to join a special club. Those were her words. Dot, you are truly one pathetic, racist, race-baiting bitch.

We would like to ask the Propaganda and Criminals why that story was altered. Of course, selective reporting is nothing new there. While an editorial on the P&C website called Scott out on her statement today, it also contained this telling sentence.

Even so, it is reasonable to think that a substantially less drastic response would have better achieved the ends of law enforcement.

WTF are you talking about? What exactly is this moron’s idea of a less drastic response? Does the writer have any LE experience? Has he/she been involved in such a situation? The writer seems to imply, as does the rest of the media and the National Association Advocating for Criminal People, the deputies should have just said, “Fuck this!” got in their cars and drove away. They probably wish they had at this point. Unfortunately, when a person threatens to kill themselves and others the police are now obligated to remain on-scene and do what needs to be done to resolve the situation.

It’s a no-win situation for the officers. If they leave Drayton to his own devices and he cuts his own throat or goes home and kills his sister, guess who gets sued. If they stay and end up shooting the violent suspect, they get vilified by racist black organizations, alleged witnesses on the street with extensive criminal records, and the media and they still get sued.

Does the writer understand the use of continuum? Here is a sample.

The perpetrator controls the escalation, not the officer. Drayton was armed with a knife, which means officers immediately prepare for level five. In spite of that they tried levels one and two with no effect. Level three is completely out of the question when a suspect is armed with a knife. The deputies went to level four - Tasers - even though they didn’t really have to. These deputies exhausted all of their options and were still trying to reason with Drayton when he either stabbed or threw a knife at a deputy. Boom! He sealed his fate. Game, set, match.

This just boils down to yet another thug making yet another bad decision and ending Dead Right There as a result.


  1. Dot Scott is a bigot and makes money from being a race baiter, she is a despicable human being, all she wants is to find a way to make a buck from all the race baiting like all the race baiters do. From Al and Jesse all the way down to Dot, she should be ashamed, but she has not shame in her game.

  2. Dot has become a caricature of herself. Nobody takes her seriously. If a white ‘leader’ were as racist as she is, they would be excoriated nationwide. Instead, the majority of society just rolls their eyes at her antics and categorize it as Dot doing her best comical Al Sharpton impersonation. She and Lonnie Randolph have removed any relevance from the NAACP, if it ever had any.


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