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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Exposing the True Racists - Again

Another veteran of the special needs crew over at the Propaganda & Criminals has weighed in on the issue of the Drayton shooting. We love how those folks try to hide their true agenda with platitudes which are geared to make you think they are trying to be “fair”. Their other declaratory statements prove otherwise.

Brian Hicks wonders why Dot Scott’s rant hasn’t gone national. You know, this statement - “That’s the mindset of some of these officers. It’s a badge of honor to kill a nigger.” Hicks knows full well why that hasn’t gone national. It has something to do with the lack of honest reporting in his chosen profession. Would it be all over the national news for the next few months if Sheriff Cannon had responded to Scott with, “Look, Dot, my deputies didn’t want to have kill that nigger or any nigger, for that matter.” You betcha! The media will twist themselves into knots to avoid reporting Scott’s rant. The only reason the local folks are reporting on it is because citizens were enraged by the obvious racism and social media lit up over it.

Hicks titles his piece, “A complicated issue behind a simple inflammatory statement“. There is nothing complicated about a racist, who has grown desperate in her quest for funding, making statements designed to stir up her base and get the donations flowing in. The fact that Scott is resorting to that sort of language in public tells us the National Association Advocating for Criminal People is in serious trouble and is resorting to drastic measures in an effort to stop their steep descent into irrelevance.

Hicks excuses Scott by saying it takes such inflammatory language to get her message about racial profiling out. That is an interesting leap. We go from questioning the actions of deputies who shot an armed thug who was threatening to kill others, kill himself, fought with them, ran from them and wounded one of them to racial profiling. “Racial profiling is very common and very deadly for black men,” is the message Dot “he dint do nuffin” Scott, Brian Hicks and the Propaganda & Criminals want you to get. This is actually a typical tactic of the left - appear to take a stand on one issue then muddy the waters with several other issues which don’t apply one iota to the situation at hand.

Let’s review some facts that are not in dispute. Drayton was an unstable crack-head according to his sister. The sister, out of fear for her own safety and the safety of her ailing parents, called police and asked for help because Drayton was threatening to kill her. She was so afraid of him she locked the doors.

Of course, we all know that when black people call the police for help and the police respond it is considered racial profiling when the suspect is also black and the police agree to respond. Black communities in general are the source of a significant portion of the violent crime in this state and throughout the country. According to Scott and the rest of the racists that fact shouldn’t matter when it comes to allocation of police resources. She wants you to believe police departments are racist for putting more officers in areas like Ardmore or Dorchester Waylyn than they assign to areas like Coosaw Creek or Brickyard Plantation.

Deputies tried to arrest Drayton who fought with them, then ran away. Scott contradicts herself with regard to this. “Tell me how they let him get away and couldn’t catch up to him,” Scott demanded. Maybe Dot Scott can start teaching her special ninja tactics to the local police so this situation can be avoided in the future.

Well, Dumb-ass Dot, let’s see - crack-head, under the influence or desperate to get that way, fighting with officers, then running away into the darkness. Apparently Scott thinks handcuffs are magical items that suddenly appear on the wrists whenever an officer wishes it. Had these deputies used overwhelming force to get Drayton cuffed, Scott and her crew of racists would be up in arms and calling for investigations about that. Oh, and Dot, even we know you don’t chase a suspect into the darkness unless you keep him in your line of sight the whole time. We could explain the reasons for that, but your head would probably explode.

Why doesn’t the media set up a little demonstration? Call in Dot Scott and one or two of her racist comrades. Take a middle aged man, or woman for that matter, and instruct them to fiercely resist as Scott and her fellow racists try to handcuff them. Prior to the beginning of the exercise make sure to inform the racist “police” they cannot blacken an eye, break a bone or cause any bruising to the “suspect” no matter what that “suspect” does to avoid being restrained. Feel free to end the exercise after fifteen or thirty minutes of making Scott look even more stupid than she does on a normal day. We are sure there would be plenty of citizen volunteers willing to participate in this demonstration.

The sad part of this whole thing is that Scott’s organization of racists are largely to blame. The one way to win a fight is to respond with immediate and overwhelming force. Unfortunately, you racists tend to come out and blast every incident in which officers have to fight a black suspect and that suspect gets injured. Police departments even filed complaints filed because some citizen thinks it is racist use of excessive force to have more more than one officer attempting to restrain a resistant suspect. What effect do you think that has on our officers? We will tell you. It tends to make them hold back from doing what needs to be done. Someday it will get one of them killed.

Hicks says, “Scott is right to call for an investigation because we need answers.” There is an investigation under way, although Hicks only mentions it as an aside. Of course, that independent SLED investigation means nothing. The Justice Department is run by Savior Obama and will come in and get things done because he and Holder are black, right Dot? Hicks goes on to say, “It is true, however, that police shootings more often involve black suspects.” That may or may not be true, but apparently no one at the Propaganda & Criminals has bothered to do any real research into the reason behind it. They also don’t bother to read the “news” they selectively report.

How about a comprehensive review of violent crime in the Low Country? The racists and the media would call what we report here at CTL “anecdotal evidence”, even though we back it up with facts. But seriously, let’s see a complete, unbiased investigation and report into just who in the Tri-county area (or in the state) is committing the bulk of the violent crime, committing the vast majority of major assaults and murders, and who is carrying and using weapons unlawfully. We all know why no such investigation and report will ever be done - because the results would be extremely politically incorrect and would not fit the agenda of the criminal apologists who want to disarm decent citizens and re-distribute their wealth.

Now we have to call out Sheriff Cannon for something he said and should be ashamed of. Cannon said it was “unfortunate” that a deputy said “Good job” to his fellow officers. What was so unfortunate about it, Sheriff? Maybe the deputy should have told his troops, “Shitty job. You guys suck.” Would that have been as unfortunate, Sheriff? You started out as a street cop, Sheriff, and you are well respected as a result of that. Then you go and say something like this about one of your deputies who did nothing wrong and said nothing wrong. That’s no way to make him feel like he has your support.

The goal of every law enforcement officer is supposed to be going home to his or her family at the end of the shift. These deputies accomplished that. Unfortunately, in spite of their best efforts to achieve a different outcome, the suspect set the tone for a deadly encounter. The deputies survived with minimal injuries.

Good Job!!


  1. Why didn’t Dot Scott and the rest of her flunkies go to the media for the white dude that got the crap beat out of him while in custody? She claims to fight for ALL races…. Lying ass bitch!!!

    So sick and tired of the same old bullshit from those racist ass people……

  2. Why does the media continually pander to these people? Do they not see the real picture themselves? Blinded once again by the belief that the plight of blacks everywhere is whitey’s fault.
    The plight of blacks is their own doing. Most are thugs who seem to think their chosen lifestyle is what every child should aspire to.
    My questions to you, CTL, are you sure that Sheriff Cannon’s comments regarding the “good job” spoken by officers on scene were meant as an affront to the officers or that he was apologizing in some way?
    I was sure Cannon said that “…it was an unfortunate choice of words for the circumstances….”
    Perhaps that is strictly what he meant and nothing more?

  3. Either scenario you describe doesn’t give the impression of being supportive. Don’t get us wrong - we like Al Cannon a lot. We just think he screwed the pooch with this statement.

  4. Hicks goes out of his way to be inflammatory and twist every situation imaginable into a platform for liberal Democrats. I don’t even read his crap anymore. If he was any good he wouldn’t still be ‘writing’ for P&C. He can cozy up to Dot all he wants to. It’s not going to make her agenda any less irrational and racist, and it’s not going to make his column any less slanted.

  5. i agree with 19 and might i add that brian hicks is an enormous bag of douche. he’s one of the reasons we ended our subscription.

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