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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Tyheem Henry Update

Tyheem Henry’s Thugbook page is no more. We aren’t sure if it was removed by Facebook due to citizen complaints or if he got wind he was featured on CTL and deactivated it himself Either way, it doesn’t matter. All of the necessary evidence is on that post and the Thugbook photos and posts are time and date stamped by Facebook. They are also time and date stamped in the file name when we capture them.

We have been advised that our recent postings have made their way to certain offices in Columbia. Now we wait to see what happens. Still no official contact from SCDC.

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  1. hate to say it but my prediction is that jack shit happens from all of your hard work. maybe the new guy at scdc will prove me wrong, and i hope he does, but my gut says otherwise.

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